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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CAS CS 74451

July 31, 2017
A program should be tested with a set of sample data that includes both valid and
invalid data.
The ____ function temporarily converts one or more characters to a number, and then
returns the number.
A simple variable, also called a ____ variable, is one that is unrelated to any other
variable in memory.
You can unlock a control by changing its ____ property to False.
a. Safe
b. Protected
c. Locked
d. Set Position
You can use the ____ statement to handle exceptions that occur while an application is
A radio button's ____ property contains either the Boolean value True or the Boolean
value False.
____ arrays are two or more arrays whose elements are related by their position in the
Programmers refer to the length of time a variable remains in memory as its ____.
In the Code Editor window, the ____ alert you that three lines of code contain a syntax
If the user clicks either the Cancel button in the dialog box or the Close button on the
dialog box's title bar, the InputBox function returns ____.
a. an empty string
b. the value contained in the input area of the dialog box
c. CancelValue
d. nothing
____ store the information passed to a procedure when it is invoked.
When invoking a function, the number of arguments should agree with the number of
parameters listed in the function's ____.
At times, you may not know the precise number of array elements needed to store an
application's data.
Programmers refer to a sequence of characters as a(n) ____.
The ____ loop condition is evaluated after the instructions within the loop are
In the method call string.Trim, string typically is either the Text property of a control or
In the pretest syntax for a Do"Loop statement, the {While | Until} condition section is
part of the ____ clause.
The empty string is represented by the ____ constant in Visual Basic.
The ZIP code 60137 should be stored as a ____ data type.
You should assign a ____ name to each of the controls in a program, because doing so
will help you keep track of the various objects included in the interface.
a. meaningful
b. common
c. long
d. short
The ____ property determine the way the column widths are sized in the DataGridView
When a beta tester finds a bug in the application, she submits a(n) ____ to the
You can specify a range of values in a Case clause's ____, such as the values 1 through
8 or values greater than 10.
If the function returns a string, you enter ____ at the end of the header.
The code to create a String variable is ____.
An array whose number of elements changes while an application is running is referred
to as a(n) ____ array.
In the GetUpperBound syntax, ____ is an integer that specifies the dimension whose
upper or lower bound you want to retrieve.
The tab order is determined by the number stored in each control's ____ property.
Class-level variables are declared using the ____ keyword.
A ____ is a document whose purpose is merely to display information to the viewer.
When writing a clock application, the minute hand on a clock is controlled by the ____
The ____ structure in a computer program directs the computer to process the program
instructions, one after another, in the order listed in the program.
The elements in a parallel array are related by their ____.
The ____ section of the toolbox provides validator tools for validating the user input on
a Web page.
a. Validation
b. SummaryValidation
c. CustomValidation
d. Summation
During run time, you can determine whether a check box is selected or unselected by
looking at the value in its Checked property.
After creating a function, you can invoke it from one or more places in an application's
When a posttest loop is placed in a selection structure, the loop will be processed only
when the selection structure's condition evaluates to True.
Superscripts are assigned by the computer when an array is created in internal memory.
Comments make the code less readable but easier to understand by anyone viewing it.
In addition to getting data from the keyboard and sending data to the computer screen,
an application can also get data from and send data to a file on a disk.
Items in square brackets are required in the syntax of an algorithm.
When designing an interface for a problem, you should only examine its output items.
After defining a class, you can use it to instantiate a maximum of one object.
When you are satisfied that an application is functioning correctly, you can release it to
the beta engineers.
The first character in a string has an index of 1.
If an application expects the user to enter a seven-digit phone number or a five-digit ZIP
code, the application's code should verify that the user entered the required number of
The CompareValidator tool verifies that an entry passes the specified validation logic.
In addition to assigning access keys for an interface, you also should set the interface's
tab order.
Most programmers use the Structure statement to create data types that contain
The field used to link a child table to a parent table is called the Foreign key.
The For...Next statement provides the most convenient way to code a posttest counter
It is not customary in Windows applications to have one of the radio buttons in a group
already selected when the interface first appears.

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