Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CAS CS 48533

July 31, 2017
Not all algorithms require a processing item.
Most programmers prefer to use posttest loops.
Both constant and variable memory locations make your code more self-documenting
and easier to understand.
You can use a structure to group together related items.
Because control names typically are more concise than variable names, using control
names in an expression makes the expression much shorter and easier to understand.
Like the condition in the If"Then"Else statement, the condition in the Do"Loop
statement must evaluate to a Boolean value.
Unlike the variables declared at the beginning of a procedure, variables declared within
a statement block in a selection structure remain in memory until the procedure ends.
You use a problem's solutionin other words, its output, processing, and input
information and its algorithmto determine the variables to use when coding an
In most applications, the values stored in an array come from a file on the computer's
disk and are assigned to the array after it is declared.
You can use the Exists method to avoid the run time error that occurs when the
computer cannot locate the file you want opened for input.
In the posttest syntax, the condition is evaluated before the loop instructions are
When you declare a variable in the For clause, the variable stays in the computer's
internal memory when the loop ends.
For a text argument in the Val function to be converted to a number, it must contain
only numbers and an optional period.
When only a copy of the contents of a variable are passed, the receiving procedure can
change the value stored inside the variable.
You declare class-level variables in the form's Declarations section.
If you are sorting records in ascending order, you need to include the keyword
Ascending in the Order By clause.
When the Copy to Output Directory property is set to its default setting, Copy always,
the file is copied from the project folder to the project folder's bin\Project folder each
time you start the application.

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