Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CAS CS 16422

August 6, 2017
Data in a descending alphanumeric sort appears as 123 or ABC.
A hyperlink can be text or graphics.
A(n) ____________________ slot is a socket on the motherboard into which you can
plug a small circuit board.
Software that prepares payroll and facilitates W2 forms is an example of
____________________ market software.
CMOS memory is stored on a chip and powered by a small ____________________.
In Windows Explorer, clicking a plus sign next to an icon displays the item's contents in
the right pane.
Bitmap graphics are resolution ____________________.
Job-hunting experts agree that spending most of your time researching jobs online is
List three features of a well-written problem statement.
A printer's duty cycle is the number of pages per minute it can output.
GIF file format is a public domain format without restrictions, and is used for Web
The Windows XP Backup Utility creates a set of discs called a recovery CD.
A(n) ____________________ system shell is a software tool that contains an inference
engine and a user interface used to enter facts and rules.
To close a pop-up ad, click its Close button.
If you are typing too fast for the computer, the data you type is stored in an area called
the ____________________.
Action, simulations, and strategy are subcategories of video editing software.
A tag that includes the ending symbol "/" is called a(n) ____________________ tag.

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