Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

CAS 71119

December 8, 2016
When _____ a proposal, one should consider urging or suggesting the desired action.
A. presenting cost of
B. describing the plan of
C. providing evidence of ability to deliver
D. developing the conclusion of
E. stating the benefits of
The following job-search message is an example of a _____.
"Dear Mr. Hwang: Thank you for your generous job offer at your firm. However, as I
mentioned during the course of my interview, I am keen on pursuing a career in
nanotechnology. After much thought, I have decided to accept a job at a firm that offers
extensive opportunities in the field. I appreciate the time and the courteous treatment
you gave me. Sincerely"
A. thank-you message following an interview
B. follow-up to an application
C. letter of resignation
D. job acceptance message
E. rejection of a job offer
Which of the following approaches will be most effective for solving business
communication problems?
A. Use trial and error.
B. Treat all situations involving communication as well-defined problems.
C. Use what has worked for other companies.
D. Consider the likely effects of a number of different solutions, and choose the
solution with the best likely effect.
E. Use a formula that works for solving well-defined problems.
_____ are measures of central tendency, dispersion, ratios, and probability.
A. Inferential statistics
B. Nonnumerical statistics
C. Spreadsheet statistics
D. Descriptive statistics
E. Sample statistics
Which of the following sentences is the best example of the use of familiar words?
A. We are buying new computers this week.
B. We have a platonic relationship.
C. Karen was livid with anger because Rob was late for the meeting.
D. Please try to expedite the process.
E. He wore an immaculate suit to office.
Primary research produces new information through the use of _____.
A. surveys
B. periodicals
C. brochures
D. digital publications
E. websites
Which of the following words is dissimilar from the other expressions in terms of the
type of transition it makes?
A. On the other hand
B. In spite of
C. In contrast
D. Also
E. On the contrary
Which of the following would be the least effective closing subject matter for the
refusal of a request?
A. A friendly remark about the subject of the request
B. Some helpful comments or suggestions
C. An expression of interest in the reader's activities
D. An apology for not being able to help
E. A detailed counterproposal
When preparing yourself to speak, talking in strong, clear tones is a technique that
projects the appealing personal trait of _____.
A. competence
B. mediocrity
C. sincerity
D. confidence
E. friendliness
Technorati assigns each blog a level of authority ranging from _____.
A. 100-2000
B. 0-1000
C. 500-2500
D. 200-2200
E. 1000-3000
Which of the following is true about letter reports?
A. Letter reports are always written in the indirect order.
B. Letter reports are rarely written personally using "I," "you," and "we" references.
C. Letter reports are usually not more than three to four pages in length.
D. Letter reports are used primarily to present information to people inside an
E. Letter reports are usually written in the third-person narrative style.
Which of the following is a primary reason why references must not be included unless
asked for in a résumé?
A. It is extremely difficult for a person to find someone who will refer him or her.
B. It takes up space that a person could use to sell his or her skills.
C. It is unethical for a person to be selected for a job based on someone's reference.
D. It can always be given at a later point in time by putting "references available upon
request" at the bottom of a résumé.
E. It is against the law to hire an individual based on his or her references.
Which of the following sentences presents the bad news most effectively?
A. To keep our costs low and our prices competitive, we only give refunds for unused
merchandise returned within 30 days with a receipt.
B. Without a receipt there is no way we can refund your purchase.
C. You obviously used the product, which means that you cannot receive a refund.
D. Many customers lose their receipts, but we still cannot refund your purchase.
E. We understand that you threw away the receipt because you planned to use the
product, but that does not mean we can refund your money.
Which of the following statements is true about organizational culture?
A. The concept of organizational or corporate culture was popularized in the early
B. A company's organizational culture can be determined by management.
C. The focus on organizational culture by management consultants and theorists has
drastically decreased over time.
D. The official organizational culture of a company is exactly the same as its actual
organizational culture.
E. Organizational culture refers to an organization's customary, but often unstated,
ways of perceiving and doing things.
Kayla needs to write an internal-operational message explaining a policy change for the
completion of travel reimbursement forms. The most appropriate way of presenting this
information is _____.
A. in a casual internal-operational message
B. in a moderately formal internal-operational message
C. in a formal internal-operational message
D. either in a casual or an informal internal-operational message
E. either in a casual or a moderately formal external-operational message
Which of the following is most appropriate when denying credit to a customer?
A. Because your credit score is 550 (700 is required), a credit payment is not an option;
however, you may pay with cash.
B. A good credit score is important if you don't want to pay with cash.
C. Because of your bad credit rating, you will not be allowed to pay by credit.
D. We are denying your request to pay by credit.
E. You must pay with cash, as it is against company policy to give credit to people with
a poor credit rating.
The most appropriate way to end a message refusing a request is to _____.
A. repeat the main reason for the refusal
B. give a sincere expression of regret
C. promise that you will consider granting the request in the future
D. give an adapted goodwill comment
E. apologize for causing inconvenience to the reader
Wikipedia is usually not used as a main resource for research because it _____.
A. can only be used for primary research
B. is written by and maintained by volunteers
C. gives only an interpretive approach to a research
D. utilizes electronic personal agents
E. cannot be used to learn about a new subject
Employment agencies are _____.
A. companies that only specialize in finding internships for college students
B. agencies that provide financial support to unemployed citizens
C. companies that train students seeking employment
D. companies that specialize in finding jobs for employees
E. the regulatory authorities for employment
Which of the following headings from a report violates parallelism of construction?
A. Assessment of production facilities
B. Consumer demands are high
C. Postal receipts remain unchanged
D. Necessary finances are absent
E. The product design is competitive
In the context of writing a cover message, which of the following sentences is the best
way to present your work experience?
A. I held a position as sales manager for three years.
B. As a sales manager for three years, I supervised the work of 12 representatives
covering a four-state area.
C. You will be pleased to know that I held the title of sales manager for three years.
D. I have had three years of experience as a sales manager during which I fulfilled
various other duties.
E. From 2003-2006, over a period of three years, I was employed as a sales manager
by the same employer.
When two search terms are linked with the Boolean operator OR, it _____.
A. narrows a search
B. eliminates citations with a particular term
C. performs bibliographic management
D. retrieves only those citations that contain both terms
E. adds variations to the basic search term
Which of the following is most likely to be true about collaborative writing projects?
A. The specialized knowledge of different people can degrade the quality of the work.
B. The combined talents of the members in a group are likely to produce a document
better than any one of the members could produce alone.
C. Dividing the work will increase the time needed for the project.
D. There are not many software tools available that allow groups to collaborate easily.
E. It's best to start work without a plan and then decide on a plan once the group
members have brought in their preliminary findings.
Which of the following is an ideal opening for a direct claim?
A. Unfortunately, you shipped only three laptops instead of the five we ordered.
B. Please adjust invoice 3459 to show that we ordered six office chairs, not seven.
C. Imagine our disappointment when we received our order and discovered three
broken glasses.
D. On November 1, our team met and decided it was time to upgrade the phones for
our field representatives.
E. You shipped us three iPads that didn't work, and you shipped them later than you
Meetings of such groups as formal committees, boards of directors, and professional
organizations usually follow generally accepted rules of conduct known as _____.
A. a structural coherence plan
B. heuristics
C. standard operating procedure
D. paralanguage
E. parliamentary procedure
Short reports differ from long reports in that short reports _____.
A. tend to use a more impersonal style of writing
B. generally require a more elaborate coherence plan
C. are less likely to use the personal pronouns "I," "we," and "you"
D. have less need for introductory material
E. are more likely to be written in the indirect order
Which of the following is true about contexts for communication?
A. Communication can be influenced by the communicators' professional roles.
B. The communicators' personal contexts do not influence their communication.
C. The largest context in which business communication takes place is the
organizational context.
D. The organizational context does not influence either external communication or the
E. Customs and cultures have no effect on business communication.
Presenters who use supporting visuals in electronic form begin their talk with a(n)
_____ that conveys the point of the talk, the speaker's name, and the name and logo of
the sponsoring company.
A. outline slide
B. closing slide
C. body slide
D. title slide
E. topic slide
When you are considering using information on a website in your own research, which
of the following factors would be most important to consider?
A. Purpose
B. Visual elements
C. Validity
D. Structure
E. Format
Harry wants a response from a certain client on the same day he sends a message.
Which of the following closing statements should he use in his message to the client?
A. Thank you! I will be expecting a response from you today.
B. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to ask me.
C. Please contact me as soon as possible.
D. Please send me these details at your convenience.
E. Please reply by 4 p.m. to ensure that your order ships today.
In the context of finding an employer, which of the following is true of career centers?
A. Career centers tend to charge for their services.
B. Very few schools have career centers.
C. Career centers primarily attract employers who are looking for experienced
applicants for executive positions.
D. Career centers do not maintain databases on registrants' school records, résumés,
and recommendations.
E. Most career centers have directories listing major companies with contact names
and addresses.
Consider the following statement which is a part of a proposal:
"By accepting the proposal, you will not only have saved $3000 off the standard price
but will also have taken the first step toward a more efficient, productive organization."
This statement primarily focuses on the _____.
A. background of the proposal
B. features of the product
C. description of the plan of the proposal
D. terms and conditions related to the proposal
E. benefits of the proposal
Identify the statement that is most applicable to a structured coherence plan.
A. It enables the reader to understand each section's importance relative to the report's
overall goal.
B. It allows the writer to present the report in a personal, informal manner of
C. It reduces the length of the report.
D. It enables the writer to present information directly without the use of summaries or
E. It avoids the use of such transitional devices as 'second," "next," and references to
previous points.
Instead of using a structured coherence plan to guide readers through a short report, the
writer can _____.
A. give a preview of the report in an executive summary or transmittal message
B. give a preview of the report, informally, in an email or orally
C. depend on an impersonal style of writing that utilizes such personal pronouns as "I,"
"we," and "you"
D. give the reader a detailed reminder of what he or she just read
E. use a report introduction, clear headings, and brief transitional devices
Describe how a strategy is developed when writing adjustment refusals.