Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

CAS 69377

December 8, 2016
Messages that contain good news should be written in the indirect order.
Poor communication negatively affects big businesses, not small businesses.
Which of the following is true about social bookmarking websites?
A. They are primarily used for blogging.
B. They allow users to develop shared vocabularies.
C. They are used for primary research and not for secondary research.
D. They are the same as listservs.
E. They increase users' blog ratings.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed when granting an adjustment?
A. You should avoid using reader-centered language.
B. You should reiterate that it was not your company's fault.
C. You should use negative words if the reader has accused you or your company.
D. You should avoid language that makes the customer's complaint the focus of your
E. You should use the we-viewpoint in writing your message.
Which of the following is the most appropriate opening for a letter of transmittal?
A. It is my pleasure to inform you that the report has finally been completed.
B. Thank you for permitting me to work on this report.
C. Here is the report on water pollution that you requested on January 3.
D. On January 3, you gave me the task of studying the effects of water pollution.
E. The effects of water pollution are serious and deserve our attention.
Which of the following is true about a routine inquiry that seeks only one piece of
A. The message can be concluded immediately after asking for the information.
B. Such a message restricts the sender from adding any extra explanation related to the
C. The length of the message must be kept to a minimum by excluding explanatory
D. Such a message makes it mandatory for the writer to use the indirect approach.
E. The message requires that the writer use the we-viewpoint in addressing the reader.
Which of the following is true about proposals?
A. They should describe the product or service and let the readers decide how it will
benefit them.
B. Proposals can be in oral form.
C. A solicited proposal is one that you submit without an official invitation to do so.
D. They have the same basic goal as reports: to inform or solve problems.
E. They are not similar to sales messages.
The conventional outlining system typically uses _____ to show the lesser headings in a
A. Roman numerals
B. whole numbers
C. Arabic numbers
D. rational numbers
E. irrational numbers
Which of the following is NOT a guideline that you should follow when writing a claim
A. Your closing should indicate that you are trying to maintain a positive relationship.
B. Because you expect resistance from your reader, you must write your message in
active voice.
C. Your message should give just enough information to allow the reader to make a
D. If there were consequences to what happened, include them.
E. Present your case using facts and logic and avoid focusing on your emotions.
Which of the following is true about emotional appeals?
A. Emotional appeals are best suited for selling useful products.
B. Emotional appeals should be avoided when selling to male readers.
C. Emotional appeals typically engage our senses.
D. It is best to avoid using emotional appeal when advertising products that do not
perform any discernible practical function.
E. Emotional appeals are mainly based on logic.
Which of the following best exemplifies a personal context influencing
A. Because of Medpace Inc.'s hierarchical structure, employees are expected to use a
formal style when communicating with high-ranking executives.
B. Jose, a freelance software trainer, prefers to use technical jargon when
communicating with vendors.
C. Paula, a fashion designer, writes a fashion blog.
D. Jason, stressed because of a tight deadline, writes a rude email to a coworker.
E. Gemini Inc.'s employees use social media in their communication at work.
Which of the following is true about primary research?
A. It uses material that someone else has published.
B. It primarily involves compiling information from periodicals, brochures, and books.
C. It uncovers secondhand information.
D. It is typically conducted before one engages in secondary research.
E. It produces new information through the use of experiments.
Which of the following sentences avoids the use of cluttering phrases?
A. This account was created for the purpose of contacting the client.
B. We are talking about something in the neighborhood of $40 million for donations.
C. With reference to the article written yesterday, there was a huge outcry demanding
its retraction.
D. They agreed to abide by the rules in accordance with the treaty.
E. Please fill out the forms and provide all relevant documents to speed up the
application process.
Which of the following is true of an extemporaneous presentation?
A. An extemporaneous presentation is the least effective method of presenting a
B. An extemporaneous presentation is the product of careful planning and practice.
C. You do not prepare notes when preparing for an extraneous presentation.
D. You memorize a long succession of words when preparing for an extemporaneous
E. You read the entire speech from a carefully prepared report in an extemporaneous
Which of the following is a current challenge for business communicators?
A. Increased popularity of hierarchical structures in organizations
B. Decreased diversity of employees at the workplace
C. Increased focus on corporate social responsibility
D. Increased rejection of new media in family-owned businesses
E. Decreased usage of electronic correspondence by business writers
Which of the following sentences is appropriate to be used in a claim message?
A. It was highly disappointing that we received a broken product.
B. I have been a long-standing customer, and I'm not happy with your service.
C. I expect your company to be more professional in handling my orders.
D. Please send us a replacement by January 1.
E. I am not satisfied with the goods I've received and want them to be replaced ASAP.
Which of the following is true of employment agencies?
A. Employment agencies offer their services free of charge.
B. Employment agencies are companies that specialize in finding internships for
college students.
C. Employment agencies do not help job seekers gain temporary employment.
D. Employers, not job seekers, have to pay for the services of employment agencies.
E. Employers sometimes pay for the services of employment agencies, usually if
qualified applicants are scarce.
The closing in a negative announcement should _____.
A. recall the main message of the announcement
B. justify why it is not your fault
C. express your grievances surrounding the negative situation
D. focus on your emotions
E. cement your effort to cover the matter positively
Which of the following sentences is an example of a discriminatory sentence?
A. Firefighters were immediately called after noticing a fire in the office lobby.
B. A repair technician was called to fix a broken machine.
C. The lawyers asked their clients to accept the deal.
D. The Hispanic manager at Arcadia Stores is always neatly dressed.
E. The secretary stops people from barging into the chairperson's chamber.
Your company manufactures electric toasters. One of your customers, Jason Holmes,
writes a claim, demanding a compensation for his faulty toaster. On examining the
faulty product, a service executive in your company discovers that someone dismantled
the toaster and attempted to fix it. Which of the following statements is the best way to
phrase your refusal of Jason's claim for adjustment?
A. Our contract, which you signed, clearly absolves us of any liability in this case.
B. If you read our contract, you would know that we are not liable to pay compensation
in such cases.
C. Paragraph 2 of our contract clearly shows that your claim is without foundation.
D. As stated in our contract, we are liable to pay compensation only when our
personnel repair the equipment.
E. Your attempt to repair the toaster on your own has rendered the product warranty
Which of the following is the first step you should take when searching for a job or an
A. You should analyze the job market.
B. You should analyze yourself.
C. You should analyze your potential employers.
D. You should analyze the job counselor.
E. You should analyze the industry.
Which of the following reports is the best example of an unsolicited problem-solving
A. A report recommending a change in policy or procedure
B. A report appraising the performance of a subordinate
C. A report describing the details of an assigned project
D. A report explaining the causes for the failure of a product
E. A report analyzing the core strengths of competitors
A good place for general explanatory material in a routine inquiry with multiple
questions is _____.
A. just after or along with the salutation in the message
B. before the prefatory material in the message
C. in the goodwill ending of the message
D. in an attachment as extra information
E. in the body of the message along with the questions
Which of the following is an example of an external proposal?
A. An employee's email persuading his superiors to choose his team over an external
agency for a particular project
B. An email from the head of one company to another proposing to share resources on
similar projects
C. An email from an employee to his manager stressing the need for additional team
members for a project
D. An email from the HR manager of technology firm to their finance department
containing the pay structure of new employees
E. A memo from an employee to her manager requesting for Six Sigma training
The purpose of an introduction in a cover letter is to _____.
A. provide a brief summary of the job seeker's interest and qualifications
B. match the qualifications of the job seeker to the reader's needs
C. request action for an interview
D. provide contact information for further communication
E. display information with the intention of persuading the reader
Computational thinking is best defined as the ability to _____.
A. interact with data, see patterns in data, make data-based decisions, and use data to
design for desired outcomes
B. understand and adapt to other people's preference for individualism or collectivism,
political environment and ideas about social hierarchy of different countries
C. quickly assess the emotions of those around and adapt one's words, tone, and
gestures accordingly
D. create visuals and determine the deeper, underlying meaning or significance of
E. manipulate people into accepting one's viewpoint regarding ethics and social
Being extremely knowledgeable about the topic you're presenting, gathering necessary
information, and making a presentation well designed and well written, with no
grammatical errors, are techniques that project the personal trait of _____.
A. competence
B. mediocrity
C. friendliness
D. sincerity
E. compassion
Josiah has just been hired by a large investment firm. His boss informs him that Fridays
are "casual." When Friday comes, Josiah comes to work in jeans and a golf shirt, but all
the other males are wearing dress shirts and slacks. This problem in communication is
an example of _____.
A. masking
B. bypassing
C. exaggeration
D. heckling
E. brainstorming
In which of the following situations is it prudent to conduct a feasibility study?
A. When asked to appraise the performance of a non-performing employee
B. When asked to create an inventory report for the previous quarter
C. When asked to present the sales reports of previous years
D. When asked to determine the cause of failure of a newly launched product
E. When asked to determine if the company should replace its five-day, 40-hour work
week with a different schedule
The first step in writing a sales message is to _____.
A. choose the appropriate medium of transmission
B. determine the makeup of the mailing
C. choose the most persuasive channel for the message
D. determine the central appeal for the message
E. make a careful study of the product or service
_____ primarily measures a person's experience when interacting with a product.
A. Metasearch tool
B. Simple random sampling
C. Stratified random sampling
D. Systematic sampling
E. Usability testing
In an adjustment refusal message, the best place to state the refusal is _____.
A. in the subject line of the message
B. after the explanation since it is the logical result of the explanation
C. at the end of the message, after the goodwill closing
D. before the paragraph that states the reasoning behind your decision
E. before you call to attention the facts of the case
When leaving a voice mail message, which of the following must you do if you want
the call to be returned?
A. You should request that the call be returned, and mention when you can be reached.
B. You can assume that the person will automatically call back.
C. You should not leave your phone number in the message.
D. You can assume that the person receiving your voice mail message knows where to
reach you.
E. You can assume that the person receiving your voice mail message knows when to
reach you.
In terms of the nature of listening, a person's ability to sense words is dependent on
A. the dominant wavelength of his or her brain waves
B. how well his or her ears can pick up sounds
C. his or her ability to remember details after a few hours
D. his or her interpretation of the words
E. the paralanguage used by the speaker
Which of the following parts of the prefatory pages are sometimes combined in a
A. The table of contents and the title fly
B. The executive summary and the letter of transmittal
C. The table of contents and the letter of transmittal
D. The title page and table of contents
E. The executive summary and the title page