Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

CAS 51232

July 4, 2017
The interactive view of emotions rests on three key concepts: framing rules, feeling
rules, and emotion work
This is a predictive generalization applied to a person or situation. Based on the
category in which we place someone or something and how that person or thing
measures up against the personal constructs we apply, we predict what he, she, or it will
a prototype
b script
c personal construct
d stereotype
e attribution
Gerda is really upset and she feels like throwing a temper tantrum, even though she's
twenty years old. Disregarding the social inappropriateness of her behavior, Gerda beats
a door and then kicks it while in a public area. In this instance, Gerda's behavior was
motivated by which aspect of herself?
a. Me
b. I
c. symbolic self
d. true self
e. affective self
Janet believes that nobody can win when conflict erupts. From her perspective,
everyone is hurt by conflicts. Janet's orientation to conflict is best described as:
a hit-miss
b win-win
c win-lose
d tie-tie
e lose-lose
According to a recent study, college students reported that the ____ of them have had
sex with a friend of the other sex at least once
a 70%
b 33%
c 62%
d 51%
e 22%
In some face-to-face business meetings, employees are typically instructed to raise their
hands if they would like to make a point. This requirement is a(n) ____ rule.
a. intuitive
b. constitutive
c. comparative
d. regulative
e. constructive
On the continuum of interpersonal climates, the middle between confirming and
disconfirming climates is known as ____
a open climate
b free climate
c coordinated climate
d mixed climate
e definite climate
During this stage, children decrease the amount of couple time and change the focus of
a couple's communication
a establishing a family
b enlarging a family
c encouraging independence
d launching children
e adapting to children
Partners in these relationships don't dislike each other, but they are bored with each
other and the relationship. Although the relationship was vital and a source of much
satisfaction earlier, it now is lifeless and characterized by apathy
a vital marriage
b total marriage
c passive-congenial marriage
d constructive marriage
e conflict-habituated marriage
All of the following are external pressure to friendships except:
a competing demands
b sexual attraction
c changes
d geographic location
e c and d
Communication rules tell us.
a. what to say
b. when to speak
c. how to interpret others' communication
d. all of these
e. none of these
The most basic form of confirmation in interpersonal communication is:
a agreeing with another person
b recognizing another person exists
c acknowledging what another person feels
d accepting what another person feels and thinks as valid
e acknowledging what another person thinks
The ____ stages of constructive conflict is marked by what Gottman calls agenda
a early
b middle
c later
d exit
e imaginary
In general, masculine-gender speech communities follow this communication rule:
a. Use talk cooperatively.
b. Be expressive.
c. Include others in conversations.
d. Use talk to accomplish practical goals.
e. Show caring through speaking.
Irene observes that on the most-recent test in her engineering class, only two students
out of 60 earned higher scores than she did. She concludes that she is smarter than most
of the others in class, at least in the subject of engineering. This is an example of a(n):
a. reflected appraisal.
b. direct definition.
c. identity script.
d. self-fulfilling prophecy.
e. social comparison.
The concept of emotional intelligence was first introduced by:
a. John Gray.
b. Julia Wood.
c. Daniel Goleman
d. Carol Saarni.
e. Paul Ekman.
Which one of the following is not a paralanguage behavior?
a. raising volume when speaking
b. pausing between words to emphasize certain words
c. refusing to speak
d. lowering pitch
e. lowering volume when speaking
Psychologists define ____ as rules for living and identity.
a. attachment styles
b. identity scripts
c. reflected appraisals
d. social comparison
e. none of these
Qualities that set committed romantic relationships apart from other close relationships
a trust
b self-disclosure
c assumed permanence
d social support
e replaceablity
Listening skills need to be modified according to the goals, situations, and people to
whom we are listening. Using different listening skills when listening for information
and for relationship listening is known as ____.
a. development of responses
b. selected passages
c. adapting listening appropriately
d. critical points of communication
e. background noise
In this third stage, we start moving beyond social roles
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
While visiting her parents on a break from school, Deena doesn't pay attention to much
of what they say. She lets much of their communication just go in one ear and out the
other without her ever listening. However, when her mother mentions going shopping
to get some new clothes and good novels for Deena to take back to school, Deena
listens attentively. This is an example of ____, one form of nonlistening.
a. defensive listening
b. literal listening
c. selective listening
d. ambushing
e. pseudolistening
In these relationships, partners are incompatible. They remain tied to each other for
reasons ranging from inertia to practical considerations (for example, children or
finances). The primary dynamic between partners is conflict
a vital marriage
b total marriage
c passive-congenial marriage
d constructive marriage
e conflict-habituated marriage
Matt wants to join a fraternity, but he thinks that no one will like him. He believes that
if he joins a fraternity, he won't make any friends. Matt is suffering from which fallacy?
a. perfection
b. overgeneralization
c. helplessness
d. taking responsibility for others
e. Fear of catastrophic expectations
Many friendships never move beyond this phase
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
Two broad types of barriers to mindful listening are obstacles in the communication
situation and obstacles in the communicators. Some examples of these obstacles are.
a. being open to the person, concentrating on what the person is saying, and refocusing
on what is being said
b. message overload, message complexity, noise, preoccupation, and prejudgment
c. giving nonverbal responses, evaluating your listening, and avoidance of reframing
d. being wide awake, not letting your thoughts drift, and attending fully
e. paying attention, adopting an involved posture, keeping eye contact, and indicating
interest in what the other person says
The ____ area is made up of information about ourselves that neither we nor others
a. blind
b. open
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
Friendships generally begin with:
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
____ involves controlling the outward expression of emotion.
a. Surface acting
b. Emotional intelligence
c. Cognitive shaping
d. Deep acting
e. Feeling rehearsal
Which one of the following statements is true about conflict in relationships?
a Disagreement must be expressed directly for conflict to exist
b Conflict is inevitable in all interpersonal relationships
c Any difference in values, opinions, attitudes, and/or beliefs will lead to conflict
d Wanting to resolve differences is not essential for conflict to be present
e Healthy relationships have little to no conflict
All of the following are panes of Johari Window EXCEPT:
a. open
b. blind
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
A personal construct is a "mental yardstick" we use to measure a person or situation
along a bipolar dimension of judgment
Identify the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication. Give examples
of each one.
Commitment involves accepting responsibility for maintaining a relationship
Identify the challenges (or difficulties) of long-distance romantic relationships, and
explain communication strategies for coping with these challenges. Your response
should focus on how couples involved in long-distance relationships can establish and
sustain satisfying communication
We follow communication rules even when we are not consciously aware of them.
Of the nine forms of nonverbal communication discussed in the text, choose three and
describe how each are used to establish relationships and express personal identity and
cultural values. Be sure to define each type of nonverbal communication in your
Discuss and explain the different responses to conflict
Intimacy is abiding affection and warm feelings for another person
Nonverbal metacommunication often reinforces verbal communication.
Inferences go beyond facts
Passionate smoldering kissing burned 6.4 calories a minute.
Storge love tends to grow quickly
Ambushing is listening carefully for the purpose of attacking a speaker.
We respond differently to the same phenomenon depending on the meaning we attribute
to it.
Compare and contrast what happens in one of your I-You relationships with what
happens in one of your I-Thou relationships.
People who manage conflict unproductively often become embroiled in
metacommunication and can't get back to the issues
Thin women are considered attractive across cultures.
Your book talks about a dozen states that have passed laws to establish standards for
English for international teaching assistants. Don Rubin did a study that looked into this
matter. Discuss what he did and what he found
Recent research shows that we can override the draw of noisy or novel stimuli