Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

CAS 28143

December 8, 2016
_____ refer to help-wanted notices in newspapers and professional journals, whether
online or in print.
A. Classified advertisements
B. Display advertisements
C. Personal advertisements
D. Cover messages
E. Public notices
Which of the following is true of writing negative announcements that maintain
A. Bad news should be presented directly to prevent surprising or angering readers.
B. Bad news should be stated positively but clearly.
C. The negative announcement should not start with a buffer.
D. Readers should not be offered any alternative solutions.
E. The message should not try to justify the negative announcement.
In the context of organizing information in a résumé, the functional layout is also
known as the _____ and is good for those who have taken nontraditional career paths.
A. reverse chronological organizational layout
B. skills layout
C. accomplishments layout
D. achievements layout
E. combined layout
The ability to meaningfully, accurately, and efficiently create and interpret pictures and
other graphics is known as _____.
A. cross-cultural competency
B. social intelligence
C. computational thinking
D. ethical reasoning
E. visual literacy
_____ involves job seekers directly approaching potential employers by personal visit,
mail, or email.
A. Headhunting
B. Job counseling
C. Sourcing
D. Job consulting
E. Prospecting
The difference between a title fly and a title page is that a _____.
A. title fly only contains the report title
B. title page is only included to give the report a formal appearance
C. title fly is used to identify the reader, the writer, and the date
D. title fly also contains a summary
E. title page does not contain a subtitle
Skillful managers are most likely to deal with their organization's grapevine by _____.
A. controlling it with rules and regulations
B. establishing communication procedures to control the network
C. recognizing its presence and using it for a positive purpose
D. ignoring it
E. deregulating the use of social media during work hours
Which of the following is most likely to be true of a situation that heavily involves the
audience in the communication process?
A. The communicator will not be able to develop a well-informed sense of the
B. Solving a communication problem will be a recursive process.
C. The communicator will have trouble achieving his/her goals.
D. Choosing an appropriate medium for the message becomes a challenge.
E. Composing the message will requires lesser consideration.
What is the advantage of RSS feeds?
A. They keep users up to date on the Internet information they're interested in.
B. They provide an online network of library content and services.
C. They help users to keep their computers virus free.
D. They enable readers to access useful data without using an aggregator.
E. They enable readers to access useful data without using a feed reader.
When using visuals in delivering an oral presentation, you should avoid _____.
A. including only five brief bullet points per slide
B. using a 32 point-type for headings
C. using an 18 point-type for text
D. using a color combination that is complimentary
E. using a similar format across all slides
List the pitfalls that a speaker must avoid when using presentation software for a speech
or an oral report.
Samuel works as a supervisor at a tire-manufacturing plant. Last week, one of Samuel's
employees sustained severe injuries after handling a faulty machine. The accident
slowed down production due to the workers' protests that ensued. The management at
the tire company wants Samuel to submit a report regarding the incident. In this
scenario, Samuel should create a(n) _____.
A. 5-15 report
B. routine operational report
C. progress report
D. feasibility study
E. incident report
Which of the following advices will help you use paragraphing to your best advantage?
A. Ensure the different bits of information are related to each other in terms of logic.
B. Keep paragraphs long—to make them appear sophisticated and business-like.
C. Avoid using topic sentences.
D. Include even the tiniest detail; even if it's unnecessary.
E. Ensure every paragraph introduces one new topic or idea.
The most appropriate approach to follow when presenting facts in an indirect claim
message is to _____.
A. express your disappointment as you present the facts
B. state directly that the reader's company was at fault
C. clearly and objectively present the facts
D. advance your cause with accusatory, one-sided language
E. skillfully avoid stating the negative facts
Which of the following statements is true about email?
A. Email came into existence during the 1950s.
B. Email has entirely replaced the need for phone conversations.
C. Email is the primary form of oral communication.
D. Email allows a communicator to reach out to only one person at a time.
E. Email is the most heavily used communication medium in business.
Which of the following is true about internal-operational messages?
A. These are formal messages sent from employees of an organization to outsiders.
B. These are messages developed by a business to communicate effectively with its
C. These are casual exchanges between the employees of an organization with those of
another organization.
D. The documents uploaded on the internet cannot be classified as internal-operational
E. The formality of such communication ranges from casual to moderately formal to
In which of the following cases will a less formal style of communication be most
A. When communicating with someone at a higher level than you
B. When communicating with someone whom you know
C. When writing a ceremonial message, such as a commendation or inspirational
D. When writing an official reprimand
E. When writing letters, long reports, or external proposals
Which of the following best exemplifies how a sentence should be structured when
delivering negative news?
A. The AC was damaged due to fluctuation in power supply, so we cannot help you
with any repair costs.
B. You apparently did not read the instructions, so it is not our fault that your product
was damaged.
C. It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions before purchasing a
D. The product you bought did not have a warranty, so we cannot repair it without
E. We cannot make a refund, but you may choose another product from our website.
The sampling technique that gives every member of the group under study an equal
chance of being included is known as _____ sampling.
A. simple random
B. referral
C. sponsored
D. convenience
E. purposeful
Which of the following is a characteristic feature of an online library catalog?
A. It enables you to search the material in several ways.
B. It provides only non-indexed content.
C. It is the best source for primary research.
D. It increases a blog's rating.
E. It generates only archaic information.
Which of the following is the most appropriate problem statement for a business report
on decline of sales?
A. To determine why company sales have declined
B. Why have company sales declined?
C. Management wants to know the reasons for sales decline.
D. What is the reason for the decline of company sales?
E. To investigate the cause of the decline in company sales
In the context of the elements of professional talking, which of the following is true of
word choice?
A. The speaker should assume that the audience has absolutely no understanding of the
subject whatsoever.
B. The speaker should either talk down to or above the listener.
C. The speaker should keep in mind the need for the recipient to understand the words
he or she chooses.
D. The vocabulary the speaker uses with his or her friends outside the workplace is
also professionally appropriate for use in the workplace.
E. The larger a speaker's vocabulary, the more difficult it becomes for him or her to
choose appropriate words for informal conversations.
Which of the following parts of a speech has the goal of preparing an audience to
receive a message and gain their attention?
A. The conclusion
B. The acknowledgement
C. The body
D. The introduction
E. The goodwill message
Jacob, a human resource executive with an MBA degree, chose to deliver a speech on
how employees can motivate themselves to increase their productivity. Which of the
following factors might have guided his choice of topic?
A. Jacob's background and knowledge
B. The medium Jacob used to deliver his presentation
C. Jacob's relationship with the audience
D. The audience's level of understanding
E. The complexity of the topic Jacob's background and knowledge is the factor that
might have guided his choice of topic.
Which of the following, despite being incorrect and inappropriate in other forms of
business writings, is commonly used in sales writing?
A. Conversational style of writing
B. You-viewpoint
C. Visual emphasis devices
D. Active voice
E. Sentence fragments
Which of the following concluding sentences is most likely to build goodwill in a
routine inquiry message?
A. Your prompt reply to our proposal by the 31st of December will allow us to start our
work on time.
B. We would appreciate an early response.
C. We know that you will be kind enough to help us. Thank you in advance for your
D. Hoping to hear from you ASAP.
E. Please have those project reports delivered at your convenience.
When preparing yourself to speak, which of the following elements generates trust and
conviction when combined with competence?
A. Confidence
B. Glamor
C. Sincerity
D. Inflection
E. Dominance
Which of the following should be used to close an adjustment refusal message?
A. An appropriate, positive comment
B. An apology restating your inability to grant the adjustment
C. A reference to the facts related to the problem
D. A brief account of the reader's mistakes
E. A statement claiming no one is at fault
Identify the correct statement about letter reports.
A. Letter reports written in the indirect order begin with the main finding or
B. Letter reports written in the indirect order should always contain a subject line.
C. Letter reports generally do not open with any background information.
D. Letter reports generally use personal pronouns such as "I," "we," and "you."
E. Letter reports are primarily used to present information to people within an
Regarding good phone techniques, when screening calls for others, it is important to
A. only identify yourself
B. only offer assistance
C. first identify the organization and yourself and then offer assistance
D. keep your identity confidential
E. refuse to connect to the person concerned unless a valid reason is given
Which of the following is an example of a nondiscriminatory sentence?
A. For an American, Mike is pretty good at delivering presentations.
B. An employee must place the needs of his customers before his own.
C. Though Earl is confined to a wheelchair, he works efficiently.
D. Natalie belongs to the Millennial Generation, so it's only natural that she spends
most of her time online.
E. Jeremy is developmentally disabled and is allowed to work from home.
Martina, an employee at a hotel, receives an email from a potential customer who wants
to book one of the hotel's premiere suites for a weekend. Since all the suites have been
booked for the date specified by the customer, Martina needs to turn down the
customer's request. Which of the following delivers this message in the most positive
A. This is in reply to your request for one of our premiere suites. I regret to inform you
that all our premiere suites are booked for your specified dates. Would you like to be
notified when the suites are available?
B. I have received your request for one of our premiere suites. As this is the peak
season, we cannot comply with the request as all our premiere suites are booked for the
date specified. We sincerely hope to be contacted at a later time.
C. I am sorry to inform you that the premiere suites you requested for are all booked. I
have instead sent you a list of the other suites available and will additionally notify you
when a premiere suite is available.
D. Thank you for choosing us. I'm sorry to inform you that the premiere suites are
unavailable for the dates that you have mentioned. You can still choose from the various
other suites that we have to offer.
E. Although all our premiere suites are booked for the specified date, some classic
suites are still available. I have attached a document with the specifications and price
listing for those suites.
Presenting information on matters such as the qualifications of personnel, success in
similar cases, the adequacy of equipment and facilities, operating procedures, and
environmental consciousness is necessary to _____.
A. make the proposal the required length
B. establish an organization's ability to perform
C. present a clear cost analysis for the proposal
D. detail the benefits of a proposal for a given scenario
E. create a clear description of the proposal's intention
Voice quality refers to the _____.
A. set of voice behaviors that makes a person's voice unique
B. pitch and resonance of the sounds a speaker makes and the sounds an audience hears
C. way that pitch, speed, and volume combine to give personality to one's oral
D. way words are fitted to the listener's level of understanding
E. average number of words spoken by a person during an informal conversation