Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

CAS 27889

December 8, 2016
Which of the following is true of adaptation, one of the basic elements of the techniques
of good talking?
A. It refers to the pitch and resonance of the sounds a speaker makes and the sounds an
audience hears.
B. It refers to a set of voice behaviors that gives each person a unique voice.
C. It varies in messages delivered in different cultures as well as different social
situations, work situations, and classrooms.
D. It is difficult for a speaker to adapt himself or herself to the audience if he or she has
a large vocabulary.
E. It is independent of the speaker's style and voice.
Examine the following and identify the option that violates parallelism of construction.
A. Increase in variable costs
B. Rise in employee share ownership
C. Decline in sales
D. Production cost is increasing
E. Fall of the stock market
Which of the following sentences uses a correct idiom?
A. He was reprimanded for speaking out of turn.
B. Many employees did not turn out for the corporate outing.
C. He was asked to comply to the office norms.
D. He was careful with his reputation as a dependable employee.
E. He finally made of as a web developer.
Which of the following is recommended for emphasizing text in a scannable résumé?
A. The use of bold letters
B. The use of italics
C. The use of graphics
D. The use of capital letters
E. The use of shading
Which of the following is true about topic sentences?
A. The most common paragraph arrangement is to begin with the topic sentence.
B. The most common paragraph arrangement is to end with the topic sentence.
C. The most common paragraph arrangement has the topic sentence in the middle of
the paragraph.
D. The use of topic sentence is a must in every paragraph.
E. The topic sentence builds around and supports the main sentence.
When writing claim messages in the indirect order, you should _____.
A. maintain a harsh tone to emphasize the seriousness of the issue
B. introduce the problem clearly in the first paragraph
C. use emotional reasoning to persuade your reader to see your point of view
D. end your message with a firm statement indicating your displeasure
E. write your sentences in the active voice
Of the following, the most appropriate attention-gaining opening for a sales message is
A. a brief description of the company's history
B. a statement that introduces a need that the product will satisfy
C. a description of the company's products or services
D. a statement that brings credit to the company
E. any kind of surprising statement
Rita Gomez from Creative Advertising Inc. is about to call Technotek Inc. to discuss an
upcoming marketing event for a new product launch. Which of the following should
Rita use as a good conversation starter?
A. I have some questions regarding the product launch next month. Whom can I talk
B. Is there someone I can talk to regarding the product launch event next month?
C. This is Rita. May I know who is handling the product launch event?
D. Hello. Do you work for Technotek Inc.? Can you go and find someone who can help
me with some queries regarding the product launch next month?
E. This is Rita Gomez of Creative Advertising. We have a question regarding next
month's product launch. May I speak with someone who can help me?
Less important information can best be de-emphasized in a business message by
including it _____.
A. in a short sentence
B. as a modifying phrase
C. in a simple sentence
D. as a main clause
E. at the start of an opening statement
A short report should be written in the indirect order when _____.
A. the reader and the writer share a personal relationship
B. the reader expects the use of such personal pronouns as "I," "we," and "you"
C. the reader is not likely to favor the recommendation in the report
D. the reader needs the report conclusion or recommendation as a basis for a quick
E. the reader is to use the report to solve day-to-day problems
The widespread use of the Internet has _____.
A. forced companies into focusing harder on developing a socially responsible image
B. restricted negative information from spreading quickly and widely
C. reduced the likelihood of culturally diverse people working together on a global
D. made organizations less accountable to society and removed them from public
E. reduced the amount of time employees can spend on tasks that require deeper
Which of the following best describes the appropriate use of presentation software?
A. Putting a lot of information on each slide
B. Using different fonts throughout for the slide titles
C. Using bright color combinations
D. Using a lot of animation
E. Integrating what is on the slide into your talk
Which of the following is true of developing an agenda for a meeting?
A. It is mandatory to develop a written agenda for informal meetings.
B. Items that explain or lead to other items should come before the items that they
explain in the agenda.
C. An agenda should not be made available to every participant because there may be
varying opinions on what should be given priority.
D. A fixed format should be followed when developing an agenda for an informal
E. The use of word processing programs should be avoided when developing agendas.
Which of the following will help you set up your reasons for bad news effectively?
A. Presenting the reasons as facts, without couching them to reduce the impact
B. Citing the expert opinion of authorities whom both you and your reader respect
C. Letting the reader in on the bad news before presenting the reasons for it
D. Presenting reasons for the bad news without actually delivering the bad news
E. Listing out the names of other people or companies who are similarly affected
Which of the following best illustrates a proposal?
A. A company's written defense for the use of hazardous material
B. An email to the employees in a company detailing the changes in company policy
C. A routine letter to a supplier acknowledging the receipt of raw materials
D. A report containing an employee's quarterly performance review
E. A supplier's presentation to encourage a company to do business with him
A form of email sales message that is gaining respectability and acceptance is called
_____ because it requires customers to sign up for email promotions on a company's
A. spam
B. instant messaging
C. broadcast email
D. selective spam
E. permission-based email
Which of the following is an example of an internal proposal?
A. An employee's email persuading his superiors to choose his team over an external
agency for a particular project
B. A vendor's email proposing an internal-communication platform for a company
C. An email from the head of one company to another proposing to share resources on
similar projects
D. An email from a department manager to an auditing firm scheduling an internal
audit for her department
E. An email from the founder of an organization to the general public denying a charge
of fraud
When you are responding to a crisis or giving an important announcement, which of the
following methods of presentation are you most likely to use?
A. A presentation that is delivered extemporaneously
B. A presentation involving the use of placards and notes
C. A presentation involving the delivery of a speech from memory
D. A presentation where you improvise as you deliver the speech
E. A presentation where you read a prepared speech
As the need for formality decreases, the _____ is the first component to be omitted
from a report.
A. title page
B. letter of transmittal
C. table of contents
D. executive summary
E. title fly
Which of the following statements is true of short reports?
A. Short reports tend to use the indirect order in presenting information.
B. Short reports generally require an elaborate coherence plan.
C. Short reports such as weekly sales reports have a greater need for introductory
D. Short reports generally use a personal style of writing because of their relatively
routine nature.
E. Short reports have long lives and are more likely to be kept on file for longer periods
of time.
Short reports differ from long reports in that short reports _____.
A. are more likely to be written in the indirect order
B. have less need for a structured coherence plan
C. are more likely to give their readers previews of what they are about to read
D. have a greater need for introductory material
E. tend to use a more impersonal style of writing
When composing good-news and neutral messages, one may _____.
A. use the indirect approach
B. use the we-viewpoint instead of the you-viewpoint
C. begin the message with a brief orienting clause
D. avoid listing details or arranging them by paragraphs
E. write the message in a roundabout manner
Why is it considered best to organize persuasive messages in an indirect order?
A. In most cases, your reader probably is already willing to do what you want to get
B. In most cases, your reader is eager to read your message.
C. In most cases, the indirect method will use the we-viewpoint.
D. In most cases, your audience will be made up of potentially uncooperative readers.
E. In most cases, the indirect method restricts the use of passive voice.
Which of the following can help you evaluate the reliability of the information on a
A. The structure of the website
B. The number and type of advertisements in the website
C. All of these factors
D. The sponsor of the site
E. The apparent purpose of the site
Which of the following is true of writing messages following the general indirect plan?
A. You should avoid offering an alternative solution to the reader when presenting bad
B. You should directly deliver the negative news without a preceding explanation.
C. You should give a blunt and negatively worded explanation of what went wrong.
D. You should gradually introduce the message's main negative point in the course of
writing the message.
E. You should give a clear presentation of the facts involved rather than show concern
for the reader's feelings.
Which of the following is true about a resignation letter?
A. A resignation can be offered only in one form, either written or oral.
B. A resignation letter should point out the company's faults.
C. You should justify your resignation by citing negative past working experiences in
your message.
D. A resignation letter should not be written in the direct order.
E. The indirect order is usually the best strategy for writing a resignation letter.
Which of the following illustrates the most positive way of explaining a shipping
A. Your order of 65 EZ staplers will not be shipped until June 12 due to production
B. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to ship your order.
C. Because we aren't producing EZ staplers right now, you will receive your order
sometime around mid-June.
D. We cannot ship the EZ staplers you had asked for, because production does not
resume until June 1.
E. Production of EZ staplers resumes on June 1; your order of 65 EZ staplers will
arrive on June 12.
The main purpose of enclosures, attachments, or links that accompany the main sales
message is to _____.
A. summarize all the information stated in the main message
B. provide helpful information that does not fit into the main message
C. function as the main source of persuading a customer
D. duplicate and reiterate all the contents of the main letter
E. enable a reader to reply to the main sales letter
Social intelligence is best defined as the ability to _____.
A. choose the right format for a given document
B. quickly assess the emotions of those around and adapt their words, tone, and
gestures accordingly
C. interact with data, see patterns in data, make data-based decisions, and use data to
design for desired outcomes
D. determine the deeper meaning or significance of data
E. observe proper business etiquette