Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

CAS 23018

December 8, 2016
Briefly describe the three methods of presenting a speech.
Which of the following is true about paragraph design?
A. Paragraphs should usually be longer than ten sentences.
B. The topic sentence expresses the main idea of a paragraph.
C. One-line paragraphs fail to emphasize major points in business messages.
D. The most common paragraph arrangement begins with the supporting material
followed by the topic sentence.
E. The opening and closing paragraphs each need at least three sentences.
Which of the following statements best illustrates the conversational style?
A. With respect to your query dated 13th November, please find the required details
listed below.
B. Enclosed please find the product details about which you inquired.
C. This is in reply to your letter of December 8, requesting a replacement of our
D. This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 7th July.
E. We received your package on Tuesday.
Which of the following is a good strategy to use when delivering bad-news messages?
A. Avoid offering an alternative solution for regular customers.
B. Show that your reasons for the negative decision will benefit the reader in the long
C. Directly tell your readers where they went wrong and what led you to refuse their
D. Deliver the message without any explanation or reasoning.
E. Emphasize the main negative point to ensure that your reader understands your
Which of the following is the most appropriate phrase to use in an adjustment refusal
A. We're sorry for the inconvenience
B. If only you had
C. We must refuse
D. I regret to inform you
E. Company policy states that
Which of the following is true about internal-operational communication?
A. It includes a business's communication with its customers.
B. It includes a business's communication with its suppliers.
C. It includes the orders and instructions that supervisors give to their employees.
D. It includes the instructions that the supervisors of a business give to its vendors.
E. It includes a business's communication with government agencies.
Which of the following is true of treating research participants ethically?
A. Participants in a research study have the right to informed consent.
B. Participation in a research study is compulsory.
C. People do not have the right to discontinue their participation at any time during the
D. Anonymity in a research study means that the participant's identity is known only to
the researcher and participant.
E. Confidentiality in a research study means that the participant's identity is known
only to the participant.
Which of the following sentences uses a camouflaged verb?
A. Katie updated the company website.
B. She was assisted by Karen during the presentation.
C. The attorney recorded the conversations with his client.
D. The bank was forced to make an acquisition.
E. The company was forced to liquidate its assets.
Which of the following should you avoid when selecting a strategy for announcing
negative news?
A. Cementing your effort to cover the matter positively
B. Choosing a strategy that prepares your reader to accept the bad news
C. Leaving your reader with the feeling that you have considered his or her interests
despite the negative announcement
D. Selecting a strategy that will set up or begin the explanation that justifies the
E. Informing your reader about the negative news in a blunt, direct, and honest manner
Which of the following is true of writing negative announcements that maintain
A. As your reader is likely to be disappointed, you must write your announcement in
the direct order.
B. You should begin your message positively despite the risk of misleading your
C. You should not attempt to help solve the problem that the negative news may have
created for your reader.
D. You should end your announcement with a well-written apology.
E. When making a negative announcement, your first step should be to determine your
overall strategy.
Which of the following is the most useful way of emphasizing the positive and
de-emphasizing the negative in your message?
A. Putting more positive points in the beginning
B. Putting more positive points in the middle
C. Putting more negative points in the beginning
D. Putting more negative points in the ending
E. Randomly distributing positive and negative points
Which of the following is a physical aspect to be considered when delivering a
collaborative presentation?
A. Choosing an attire that presents an impression of competence and professionalism
B. Determining the sequence of the presentation to ensure that the idea is well
C. Determining the content and the extent of contribution from each member
D. Planning the strategy of handling audience queries
E. Planning a conclusion and selecting the method of audience interaction .
Which of the following sentences is gender-neutral?
A. A teacher is responsible for his students' behavior in class.
B. He was elected as the chairman of the committee.
C. All the freshmen assembled outside the dean's office.
D. You can call a policeman when in need.
E. Please ask the coordinator for directions.
Which of the following is the best strategy to set-up negative news in an indirect-order
A. You should explain the fairness of a certain action.
B. You should present your reasoning after delivering the negative news.
C. You should deliver the negative news without giving an explanation.
D. You should bluntly explain where the reader went wrong.
E. You should avoid offering an alternative solution to the reader.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed when delivering messages
carrying bad news?
A. Present information bluntly without focusing on the reader's emotions.
B. Deliver facts positively without confusing or misleading the reader.
C. Ensure that the reader gets to the main part of the message right away.
D. Suggest how the reader could avoid making the same mistakes.
E. Give the reader the impression that the situation is positive by not emphasizing the
negative news.
The main place for getting attention in email messages is the _____.
A. first line of the concluding paragraph
B. subject line
C. body of the message
D. end of the opening paragraph
E. final sentence of the message
Which of the following guidelines should be followed when answering two or more
questions in a favorable response message?
A. Make sure all questions can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no."
B. Respond only to the most important query when asked to answer two or more.
C. Avoid telling the reader that you are complying with his or her request; it sounds
D. Avoid numbering your answers, especially if your reader numbered the questions.
E. Arrange the answers in the same order as the questions in the inquiry message.
A progress report is a _____.
A. standardized form that requires standard information to be filled in
B. routine operational report except that it tends to be submitted on an as-needed basis
C. report format that is intended to be read in 5 minutes and written in 15 minutes
D. report that offers a detailed analysis of a problem and makes recommendations
E. report that provides a written account of a meeting
The direct order of writing a message _____.
A. prepares the reader to receive an emotionally-charged message
B. offers the writer the flexibility to compose a message that is open to numerous
C. allows the writer to begin with the key point and get to the objective right away
without delay
D. allows the writer to create a general message that is not adapted to suit a specific
E. allows the writer to present simple information in a complex manner
Which of the following best illustrates an advertisement based on emotional appeal?
A. An advertisement primarily stressing how a product can increase a person's sex
B. An advertisement emphasizing a product's lifetime guarantee
C. An advertisement primarily stressing the limited-time low selling price of a product
D. An advertisement comparing a product's enhanced features to those of the
competitor's product
E. An advertisement listing three practical uses of the product
Which of the following phrases is best to begin an indirect claim message?
A. Please refer to my unfulfilled order dated May 1 about…
B. We appreciate the prompt handling of our order…
C. I received the shipment that was sent on August 24…
D. I was very disappointed to see that seven of the Weldon China sets received were
E. Your inefficiency and carelessness in packing has caused the damage of… .
Jayla Hinton is a journalist working for a newspaper. She has a telephone interview
scheduled with Bruce McGregor, the CEO of RealCo Inc. In order to be courteous,
which of the following would be the most appropriate way to begin the telephone
A. Could you connect me to Bruce McGregor please?
B. This is Jayla calling for Bruce.
C. Is Mr. Bruce McGregor in?
D. May I speak with the CEO of your company, Mr. Bruce McGregor?
E. This is Jayla Hinton from the Daily Mirror. May I speak with Mr. Bruce McGregor?
The persuasive appeals identified by Aristotle that are based on emotions are referred to
as _____.
A. ethos
B. grandiose
C. logos
D. hamartia
E. pathos
Measurable rewards, such as saving time or money or acquiring a desired object, are
also called _____ rewards.
A. spiritual
B. emotional
C. tangible
D. abstract
E. unquantifiable
Which of the following is the primary advantage of social bookmarking websites?
A. They help users organize and store their favorite Web resources.
B. They ensure the credibility of the content posted on them.
C. They encourage users to conduct a search from scratch.
D. They block non-indexed content.
E. They increase users' blog ratings.
Which of the following statements is true of solicited and unsolicited proposals?
A. Solicited proposals should be objective, not persuasive.
B. Unsolicited proposals should be objective, not persuasive.
C. Unsolicited proposals use the direct method of organizing content.
D. Solicited proposals use the indirect method of organizing content.
E. Unsolicited proposals are written and submitted without any invitation.
Which of the following is an appropriate practice for improving your interpretation of
A. Comparing noncomparable data
B. Adding color to interpretations to make the report more interesting
C. Gathering information from groups that advocate a position
D. Using research to determine whether a cause-effect relationship is likely
E. Refraining from collecting representative data
Which of the following is true of taking minutes at a meeting?
A. All minutes are highly formal, with headings and complete sentences.
B. All minutes should note excused or unexcused absences.
C. Minutes should reflect an objective account of the topics covered at the meeting.
D. Recorded minutes are always voted on by group members before they are accepted.
E. All meeting minutes are informal and generally resemble casually written notes.
Which of the following falls under the "organize the material" step of collaborative
writing projects?
A. The group should determine the factors of the problem.
B. The group should conduct research.
C. Group participants must think through the facts, apply the facts to the problem,
derive logical meaning from the facts, and see them from the readers' points of view.
D. The group needs to develop a coherent, shared sense of the report's intended readers
and their needs.
E. Group participants must base the report's structure on the time, place, quantity,
factor, or other relationships in the data.
Which of the following statements is true about obtaining an internship?
A. A student or graduate who takes part in an internship always gets paid for his time,
expertise, and labor.
B. A student or graduate who takes part in an unpaid internship is more likely to gain
real-world, marketable skills.
C. An internship helps a student or graduate decide if he or she wants to pursue a career
in his or her current field.
D. Unlike a paid internship, an unpaid internship carries no value.
E. A student or graduate who takes part in a paid internship is more likely to receive a
lower starting salary offer than one who undertakes an unpaid internship.
Cliches should be used sparingly because they _____.
A. signal to other specialists that you are qualified to communicate on their level
B. create problems in cross-cultural communication
C. represent unpopular concepts
D. are short in length
E. are familiar to most people
Jason, a political science student at Tennessee Community College, conducts a survey
of the political inclinations of the students on campus. He plans on presenting his
findings to "Make It Count," an NGO that works to increase voter participation in
elections. Which of the following titles should Jason use for his report?
A. Political Inclinations on Campus
B. Students' Political Inclinations at Tennessee Community College: Results from a
2014 Survey
C. Students Who Like to Vote: Survey Results from a Student Survey
D. What is the Possibility of Increasing Voter Participation at Tennessee Community
E. Student Survey for Make It Count