Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CAPP 79914

August 6, 2017
CD and DVD drives are examples of: ____.
a. storage devices
b. Zip drives
c. storage media
d. solid stage storage
Which of the following is an example of vertical market software?
a. payroll c. groupware
b. accounting d. patient management
A database ____ holds data for a single entity, such as a book in a library's card catalog.
a. cell
b. field
c. record
d. table
A virus that overwhelms a network's capacity is called a(n) ____ attack.
a. boot sector c. payload
b. malicious d. denial-of-service
A(n) ____ is an unchanging value or attribute.
a. rule c. argument
b. fact d. constant
Which of the following is NOT true about HTML?
a. HTML tags are enclosed in angle brackets. c. HTML
documents contain graphics.
b. HTML is not a case-sensitive language. d.
Operational HTML tags specify the basic setup of a Web page.
Social security numbers, addresses, and names are all examples of
____________________ data.
The ____ phase is when the list of system requirements is generated.
a. planning c. analysis
b. design d. implementation
A discounted price for a computer product is called the ____ price.
a. equilibrium c. second tier
b. MSRP d. street
Antivirus software is an example of ____.
a. business software c. a security utility
b. an operating system d. an office suite
Which of the following is NOT a function of a Web site?
a. Collects data through forms.
b. Breaks data into packets.
c. Provides access to a search engine.
d. Allows you to send an e-mail.
____ is a technology that establishes a dedicated, private link between telephones for
the duration of a call.
a. packet switching c. TCP/IP
b. handshaking d. circuit switching
Embedded codes that tell a browser how to display information are called ____.
a. HTML tags
b. hyperlinks
c. URLs
d. IP addresses
A(n) virus ____ is a unique series of bytes used to identify a known virus.
a. fingerprint c. signature
b. ID d. definition
Which of the following is NOT an example of a mass-mailing worm?
a. Beagle c. MyDoom
b. Bagle d. Padodor
Which of the following is NOT one of the fundamental responses to competitive threats
to an organization?
a. Become better at what it does
b. Recognizing that you need to make a decision
c. Create a new product
d. Change the industry
The ASCII system uses 10s and 20s to represent data.
A decision ____ is a tool that can be created by spreadsheet software and used to
evaluate solutions.
a. query c. flowchart
b. table d. diagram
The ____ design phase is when application specifications are developed that describe
how the IS software interacts with users, stores and processes data, and formats reports.
a. structured c. detailed
b. concluding d. feature
____ introduced the first processor in 1971.
a. Apple c. AMD
b. IBM d. Intel
The part of the file that is stored with the file, read by the computer, and that indicates
what code was used to represent the file data is called the file ____.
a. extension c. representation
b. format d. header
Which of the following is NOT true about WAP-enabled devices?
a. They have small, low-resolution screens. c. They contain a
b. They are portable. d. They use
co-axial cables.
A(n) ____ is an information system that creates reports used to make routine business
a. DSS c. MIS
b. POS d. OLTP
A(n) ____ is a diagram with different click points that link to information.
a. image map c. thumbnail
b. hot spot d. graphic link
In a problem statement, information such as the prices, sizes, and shapes of pizza from
a pizzeria represent ____.
a. known information c. specifications
b. assumptions d. fields
In the above figure, the document shown is an example of a(n) ____.
a. spreadsheet
b. database
c. table
d. HTML tag
Which of the following is NOT true about computer files?
a. They are collections of data saved to a storage device.
b. Some files are called executable files.
c. A file extension is established by the user to indicate the file's contents.
d. All files contain data.
A(n) ____ ad is an advertisement embedded at the top of a Web page.
a. header c. pop-up
b. banner d. brick and mortar
In a Java applet, source code is compiled into ____ and stored in a file with the .class
a. JavaScript c. HTML
b. bytecode d. JVM
Which of the following is NOT a storage device?
a. Monitor
b. USB Flash drive
c. Floppy disk drive
d. Hard disk
A field ____ rule is a specification such as a range or maximum for a field.
a. validation c. normalization
b. specification d. integrity
Products that are announced but never produced are called ____________________.
8 bits are called a ____________________.
Software publishers often put links to software patches directly in an e-mail.
Data backups and disaster recovery plans are examples of ____________________
procedure countermeasures against computer threats.
Computer programmers write the instructions for main programs and support programs
that become components of software.
Asking the computer to divide by 0 is an example of a run-time error.
[Ctrl], [Alt], and [Shift] are examples of ____________________ keys.
Some spreadsheet software can be used to create flat database files.
Windows and Macintosh computers are compatible.
When a file is sent to the Windows Recycle Bin it is permanently deleted from the hard
Editing a video by recording segments from one videotape onto another is called
nonlinear editing.
The first commercially successful digital computer was the ____________________.
A ____________________ is a pointing device that resembles a car's stick shift.
Biometrics is a security measure that restricts access based on physical trait, such as
finger prints.
A feature of some Web site management tools is the ability to automatically link pages
within a site.
It is not necessary to unplug the computer before opening the system unit.
A monthly sales summary is an example of a demand report.
When writing your resume, it is important to thoroughly describe all of your past
employment history, even if it takes several pages.

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