Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CAPP 32583

August 6, 2017
Describe what the procedural paradigm is used for, and name one advantage and
HTML can perform complicated tasks and respond to user actions.
Each new generation of computers evolved based on changes in the computing power.
Different algorithms can be used to complete the same task.
To rename a file you change the file extension.
MP3 is a popular waveform audio file format.
A personal computer is also called a handheld computer.
Because it saves you time in the event your hard drive fails, it is recommended that you
perform a full backup every day.
In the figure above, the computer system is infected by a ____________________.
In optical storage, the light spots are called ____________________.
With an always-on connection, your computer is susceptible to attack even when it is
turned off.
ROM is the temporary holding place for data, application instructions, and the
operating system.
A 404 Page Not Found error indicates a broken link.
A(n) ____________________ link connects to another part of the current Web page.
____________________ animation is a technology developed by Macromedia that can
be used to display animated GIFs.

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