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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CAPP 12720

July 31, 2017
Using the format menu, the ____ option allows you to align two or more controls by
their left, right, top, or bottom borders.
The Select Case statement begins with the keywords Select Case, followed by a(n)
In a(n) ____ loop, the loop condition is evaluated before the instructions within the loop
are processed.
____ case refers to the fact that the uppercase letters appear as "humps" in the name
because they are taller than the lowercase letters.
A ____-dimensional array resembles a table in that the variables (elements) are in rows
and columns.
The information a function receives is listed in the ____ in the header.
The ____ keyword tells the computer to pass the variable's address rather than a copy of
its contents.
You can use the ____ method to remove any spaces from both the beginning and end of
a string.
Button captions should be entered using ____.
The instructions in a posttest loop ____.
To add another Web page to an application: Click WEBSITE on the menu bar and then
click ____.
Expressions containing logical operators always evaluate to a(n) ____ value.
The ____ window is where you create (or design) your application's graphical user
A loop whose instructions you want processed a precise number of times is often
referred to as a ____ loop.
A procedure-level variable has ____ scope.
A ____ is the foundation for the user interface in a Windows application.
The ____ in a flowchart is the start/stop symbol.
The equal sign in an assignment statement is referred to as the ____.
Data types created using the Structure statement are referred to as ____.
When either a selection structure's true path or its false path contains another selection
structure, the inner selection structure is referred to as a(n) ____ structure.
The syntax of the Peek method is ____.
a. streamReaderVariableName.Peekaboo
b. Peek.streamReaderVariableName
c. streamReaderVariableName.Peek
d. Peek(streamReaderVariableName)
You use the ____ to separate the structure variable's name from the member variable's
You know that a variable is passed by value when the keyword ____ appears before the
parameter in the function's header.
Variables and arrays declared in a form's Declarations section have ____ scope.
a. class
b. program
c. global
d. location
The ____ extension on a filename indicates that the file contains Visual Basic code.
____ allow you to limit the user to only one choice from a group of two or more related
but mutually exclusive choices.
____ data is data that the algorithm is expecting the user to enter.
A(n) ____ box is designed to accept information from the user, and it automatically
stores the information in its Text property.
a. data
b. text
c. entry
d. information
For the ScrollBars property to take effect, the text box's ____ property must be set to
While stepping through a program in the debugger, the ____ statements are skipped
over because they are not considered executable by the debugger.
A Text box provides an area for the user to enter data.
Logical operators, sometimes referred to as ____ operators, allow you to combine two
or more conditions into one compound condition.
When the computer processes the Trim method, it makes a temporary copy of the string
in memory, and then performs the necessary trimming on the copy only.
The instructions in the true path of a nested structure should not be indented within the
inner selection structure.
Every variable declared in an application has both a value and a unique address that
represents the location of the variable in the computer's internal memory.
The ReadLine method requires you to provide the file's name.
In most cases, it is better to use a function rather than a Sub procedure that passes a
variable by reference.
The real advantage of object-oriented programming is the ability to reuse a classfor
example, use it in a different way or in a different application.
Without the repetition structure, if you needed an instruction to repeat 20 times you
would have to write that instructions 20 times in your program.
Using nested If"Then"Else statements is a much more convenient way of coding a
multiple-alternative selection structure than using the Case statement.
Unlike logic errors, syntax errors are much more difficult to find because they do not
trigger an error message from the Code Editor.
The Select Case statement ends with the End Select clause.
You can draw the flowchart symbols by hand; or, you can use the drawing or shapes
feature in a word processor.
When determining the output, it helps to think about the information that you would
need to solve the problem manually.
A class can contain methods other than constructors.
In a sub procedure, the number of arguments in the Call statement do not have to agree
with the number of parameters in the procedure list.
The Like operator evaluates to True when the string matches the pattern.
A class can have more than one default constructor.
Each instruction in the algorithm should start with a noun since it will describe an
action that the
computer needs to take.

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