Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 887 Homework

July 13, 2015
Using charts will help to organize your work schedule while writing a proposal.
To avoid listening errors caused by inattention, anticipate the answers you need to get
before a meeting.
Many women and minorities find themselves facing a "glass ceiling" that keeps them
from rising to levels for which they are qualified.
Team meetings can be called on short notice when a problem arises that needs input
from several people.
Meanings assigned to colors are universal irrespective of the audiences national
background and profession.
Margins that are justified only on the left are sometimes called ragged right margins.
Which of the following is a drawback of social networking tools?
A. Social networking tools are rarely used in business settings.
B. Social networking tools do not allow people to expand their professional network.
C. Social networking tools can expose people to unwanted attention.
D. Social networking tools are mostly inappropriate for marketing new products.
E. Social networking tools do not afford any privacy to users.
How much of the total time available to you should ideally be spent on planning and
revising a document?
A. Less than a quarter of the total time available
B. No more than one-third of the total time available
C. Exactly half of the total time available
D. Two thirds of the total time available
E. None of the above
For a verb to be passive, it is essential that:
A. the subject is acted upon.
B. it describes an action done by the subject.
C. the sentence does not have a direct object.
D. it is in the future tense.
E. it is in the past tense.
Lillian works in a company that requires its employees to keep learning, adapt to
frequent changes, and it has also been recognized as a fun place to work. Her boss is a
prominent personality in the industry, reputed for his experience, and he often gives her
challenging projects to work on. In the context of Professor John Sullivans set of
questions, Which of the following can be concluded about Lillians job?
A. She should quit her job because her boss is doing well, and this means that there
wont be any growth opportunities for her.
B. She should quit her job because the job is challenging and requires extra learning
from her.
C. She should stay in her current job because her work place is fun and encourages
rapid change.
D. She should stay in her current job as it her employer is not an employer of choice.
Yelena gave interviews at many organizations. But the employer who gave her the first
job offer was from the company that was not her first choice. Yelena should:
A. immediately decline the first job offer.
B. accept the first job offer and join the company immediately.
C. call the company she is interested in and check the status of her application.
D. make as many excuses as possible to postpone the joining date.
Andrew has to write a letter to Mary Fischer, the vice president of his company. Though
he knows that she is married, he is not sure what title she prefers. Which of the
following salutations should Andrew use in his letter to Mary in this instance?
A. Dear Mary
B. Dear Ms. Fischer
C. Dear Mary Fischer
D. Dear Mrs. Fischer
E. Dear Mrs. Mary
For a document with many illustrations, it is often useful to draw a box with a visual for
each main point with a short caption below the box. This is also known as:
A. a storyboard.
B. a pie chart.
C. a legend.
D. a Venn diagram.
E. a bar graph.
Which of the following is a good guideline to follow when using color in visuals?
A. Use glossy paper in memos and newsletters
B. Use shades of grey to indicate different segments of a black and white graph
C. Limit the number of colors to five when colors have meanings
D. Avoid the use of clip art in written reports and memos
E. All of the above are good guidelines
Which of the following is a phrase?
A. Submit your assignment by Monday.
B. It is essential to adhere to office timings.
C. About yesterdays game
D. Because he thought it might rain
E. I need to go home now.
Which of the following is true about building credibility or emotional appeal?
A. Being flexible rather than being specific helps in building the credibility of a
persuasive message.
B. Psychological descriptions should be avoided as they have a negative effect on
efforts of building emotional appeal.
C. Stories are effective ways of building emotional appeal.
D. Exaggeration increases the credibility of a persuasive message.
E. Use of you-attitude decreases the credibility of a message.
Which of the following sentences exemplifies subject-verb agreement?
A. Cobalt Inc. has a special training program in place for its new employees.
B. The players on the Dashing Rhinos team was popular with the spectators.
C. James and I is planning to watch a movie this weekend.
D. Randy and Kate is coming to office today.
E. Neither Joseph nor Andy are fit to play in the final match.
Which of the following statements is not a recommendation made by Professor John
Sullivans to when evaluating ones current job and new possibilities?
A. The ideal job is one a person would want to do even if he or she were rich.
B. Having a great mentor in a job will help a persons career soar.
C. A person in a job that doesnt facilitate or require learning cutting-edge skills will be
less employable.
D. Rapid changes in a job hampers a persons growth, hence makes the person less
employable and promotable.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a successful international communicator?
A. The communicator is aware that his or her preferred values and behaviors are
influenced by culture and are not necessarily "right."
B. The communicator is flexible and open to change.
C. The communicator is sensitive to verbal and nonverbal behavior.
D. None of the above.
E. All of the above.
An informative message does not need reader benefits when:
A. the writer is presenting policies.
B. emphasizing benefits presents the readers motives positively.
C. the benefits are not obvious to the reader.
D. the readers attitude toward the information does not matter.
E. the writer wants to shape the readers attitude toward the information.
Which of the following is not an example of a persuasive message?
A. Orders and requests
B. A contest winner announcement
C. Job application letters
D. Reports, if they recommend action
E. All of the above
Ray is a recent graduate who is attending an interview at Kevcom Inc. He is asked by
the interviewer to describe his greatest weakness. Which of the following responses is
A. "I am not patient and I easily get into disagreements with friends and family."
B. "I work so hard sometimes that I do not get to spend time with my family."
C. "I do not like being in sales and Id rather work with people because Im good at that."
D. "I tend to compare my work with my colleagues."
E. "I tend to over-work and set higher standards for my team members."
When a sentence contains the month and the year in succession they must always be
separated with a comma.
Which of the following uses the word stationary" accurately?
A. She brings all the important stationary to college.
B. The stationary shop is near my apartment.
C. The stationary van near my college sells hamburgers.
D. Do you have all the necessary stationary for the geometry test?
E. Sam plans to start a stationary store.
Which of the following happens during the formalization stage of group development?
A. The group seeks to forget earlier conflicts.
B. The leader clarifies roles for individuals in the group.
C. Group members meet and begin to define their task.
D. The group restores earlier conflicts and opposes reconciliation.
E. The group avoids implementing decisions.
_____ in the subject line tells your reader that there is no additional information in the
body of the message.
When an applicant lists references, he or she should use three to _____ people.
Explain the role of hot buttons in a proposal.
In _____ cultures, context is less important; most information is explicitly spelled out.
Talking about the _____, not about yourself, helps create you-attitude in your business
Mention any three qualities a resume should have to increase the chances that human
readers will pay attention to it.
_____ messages focus on people, promoting friendliness, cooperation, and group
What function do emdashes serve in a sentence? How can a dash be created in
Microsoft Word?
Mention the sections that must be included in a proposal for a student report.