Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 692 Quiz 1

July 13, 2015
A transmittal summarizes the conclusions and recommendations.
According to standard practices, you must indicate that you have shown a letter to your
superior or that you are saving a copy of the letter for your own files.
To increase the chances that the resume is scanned correctly, one should not use
two-column formats or indented or centered text.
Career coach and psychologist Dory Hollander recommends that a person should quit
his or her job, if things in an organization change which are not to the persons
References to enclosures and statements of principle are often used as buffers.
Good writers have several styles of writing.
By summarizing the main point of a visual before presenting the visual itself, readers
will see the visual as a confirmation of that point.
Whenever you are writing to customers or clients about features that are not unique to
your organization, it is wise to present both the benefits of the features themselves and
the benefits of dealing with your company.
In a solicited job application letter, announcing the specific position that the applicant is
applying for speeds consideration of the application.
Participating in games in a workplace isgenerally not encouraged.
To build goodwill through organization, you should put information that readers are
most interested in first.
Saying "Thats a good question" is a good practice when answering questions in a
Using "and" and "or" in a search will yield the same results.
Which of the following is a pitfall that one must guard against when creating
co-authored documents?
A. Putting the document plan in writing does not reduce misunderstandings during the
B. Building leeway into deadlines increases overall inefficiency.
C. Composing a document in groups does not offer time-related benefits.
D. Computerized spell-checkers are ill-equipped at spotting multiple errors in a
E. People in a group can think they agree when they dont because talking is looser than
The best group presentations result when:
A. the group writes a very detailed outline.
B. within each point of the presentation, voices of the speakers trade offtake turns.
C. only a few members of the group take on speaking roles.
D. each member speaks for five minutes or more before a new voice comes in.
E. both A and B occur.
Which of the following types of message does not use reader benefits?
A. Informative message
B. Negative message
C. Persuasive message
D. All of the above use reader benefits
E. Only A and C
Which of the following is a good practice in meetings?
A. Withholding information about how inputs provided by the participants will be used
B. Saving five minutes at the end of the meeting to evaluate the meeting
C. Including social functions to allow scope for networking
D. Restricting creativity and fun
E. Both B and C are good practices
Groups that never express conflict are possibly experiencing _____.
A. anomie
B. rapid organizational change
C. blocking
D. groupthink
E. group disintegration
Which of the following does the Title Page of a report contain?
A. The conclusions mentioned in the report
B. Summary of the problems encountered during investigation
C. Details of any additional research required to support the report
D. The release date of the report
E. All of the above
Which of the following is true of videoconferencing?
A. Unlike other technologies, videoconferencing is devoid of limitations.
B. Videoconferencing has made "face-to-face" meetings irrelevant.
C. Videoconferencing infrequently captures a persons warmth or physical presence.
D. Videoconferencing has revolutionized the way people create and access video on the
E. Videoconferencing is rapidly declining in popularity.
You see documentation that uses quotation marks around the titles of magazine and
journal articles. The documentation style is likely to be:
D. All of the above.
How is conversational writing style different from traditional term paper style?
A. It is more formal.
B. It avoids contractions.
C. It is impersonal.
D. It uses a friendly tone.
E. It typically uses abstract words and technical terms.
It is better not to use a buffer in a negative message:
A. if the reader may ignore a letter with a bland first paragraph.
B. if the reader or the organization prefers "bottom-line-first messages."
C. if the reader is suspicious of the writer.
D. if the reader "wont take no for an answer."
E. all of the above.
A _____ sample is a group of people whose views seem useful.
A. convenience
B. judgment
C. random
D. common
E. none of the above
Which of the following is not a negative message?
A. Letter of recommendation
B. Rejection
C. Refusal
D. Disciplinary notice
E. Letter announcing layoff
Which of the following should typically be avoided in tables?
A. Rounding off the data to simpler digits
B. Providing column and row totals or averages
C. Putting the items that readers must compare in rows
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
A company wants to adopt a decision-making strategy that allows for participation of
all its employees. For speedy implementation of ideas and equal involvement of all
participants in the implementation, it wants to ensure that the employees unanimously
agree on the plan or idea. The most appropriate decision-making process for such a
scenario would be:
A. adopting an authoritative decision-making strategy.
B. adopting an autocratic decision-making strategy.
C. through voting.
D. through consensus.
E. through laissez faire decision-making.
Ryan, a sales manager, has appointed a subordinate who will be responsible for making
sales presentations on PowerPoint to the clients. Before making the PowerPoint
presentation, Ryan should advice his subordinate to:
A. make only one point with each visual.
B. use at least 24-point type for the smallest words.
C. try to put his whole talk on visuals.
D. include additional notes in the presentation slides.
E. incorporate both A and B.
Markhas a few months left for graduation, after which he plans to job hunt. In order to
effectively job hunt he should:
A. solely rely on personality and aptitude tests to know what he should be.
B. identify his knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and values by questioning himself.
C. avoid prior preparations or planning as globalization has made finding and keeping a
job easy.
D. refrain from networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media.
E. None of the above will help Mark in job hunting.
What are the different kinds of video interviews?
_____ bar charts allow one to compare either several aspects of each item or several
items over time.
_____ occurs when the channel cannot handle all the messages that are being sent.
Define the term "conversational style." List the questions to ask to determine
conversational style.
Deborah Tannen uses the term conversational style to denote an individuals
conversational patterns and the meaning they give to them: the way they show interest,
politeness, and appropriateness.
Mention the primary purposes of a negative message.