Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 566

July 13, 2015
In an organizational setting, there are typically seven types of audiences for a message.
Particular to general, a pattern for organizing information, starts with the problem as it
affects the organization and then moves to a discussion of the parts of the problem and
solutions to each of these parts.
Offering a face-saving reason unrelated to poor performance while firing someone can
create legal liabilities.
When writing dates in a document, figures should be used for the day and the year.
"Happy Birthday" is a good subject line for a message announcing a birthday party.
When you give bad news to a superior, you should also recommend a way to deal with
the problem.
Frequently, transmittals have important secondary purposes.
Direct requests contain reader benefits.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is used to classify people based on race and ethnicity.
Which of the following features should a restaurant ideally highlight in order to
persuade customers on tight budgets?
A. Fine dining and gourmet food
B. Variety in both food and decor
C. Cafeteria or fast food services
D. Low-sodium and low-calorie dishes
E. Late hour services
Which of the following is an active response?
A. "We face more critical issues and solve them much faster than your team does."
B. "Dont tell me that this projected cannot be completed on time. You must finish it
before the end of this week."
C. "Would it be helpful if I handled one of the modules in this project?"
D. "If you did not understand the guidelines, how is it my problem?"
E. "Why is that I have to repeat things so many times for you?"
Writers can write the Title Page and the Letter of Transmittal:
A. as soon as they know what their recommendation will be.
B. after they prepare a bibliography from their proposal.
C. after they evaluate and analyze the data available to them.
D. when they have an idea for a document design.
E. after they conduct a research.
What is the significance of the introductory paragraph in an informative report?
A. It includes suggestions for later action.
B. It provides recommendations based on proof.
C. It describes how a problem was discovered.
D. It summarizes the problems or successes of a project.
E. It gives a detailed account of how a project was dealt with.
A subject line aids in:
A. transforming a negative message into a positive one.
B. building a good image of the writers organization.
C. providing a framework for what the writer is about to say.
D. viewing negative information positively.
E. eliminating future correspondence.
Which of the following is true of subject lines?
A. They are mandatory in letters.
B. They are optional in memos.
C. They tell readers what a letter is about.
D. They are always neutral, irrespective of the content of the letter.
E. They act as reference to the number used on previous correspondences.
On Monday, John was informed by his boss about a team meeting to be held at 9 oclock
the next day. As most of the meetings in Johns team happened only in the evenings,
John planned his day accordingly and arrived at work at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. But soon,
he realized that the meeting was actually scheduled at 9 a.m. and not 9 p.m. as he had
mistakenly believed. In this instance, which of the following most likely caused the
listening error?
A. Making assumptions
B. Focusing on facts instead of feelings
C. Looking for flaws in the speaker
D. Ignoring the noise in the environment
E. Inattention
Is it appropriate for applicants to use a block format for creating a job application letter?
A. Yes, because it is a standard business format.
B. Yes, because modified block is never used for job application letters.
C. No, because readers prefer a more casual style.
D. No, because it does not allow applicants to get as much information on the page as
they would like to.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following should you analyze at if your report is based on secondary data?
A. Sample
B. Sample size
C. Exact wording of questions
D. All of the above
E. Only A and B
One should organize a transmittal in such a way that it:
A. lists all the headings in the report in the order in which they appear.
B. points out additional research that is necessary, if any.
C. lists the two or three highest levels of headings.
D. mentions the format and style in which the report is written.
E. includes tables and figures as illustrations.
A speaker uses strong, big, and personal style of gestures to put across his points. He
also frequently comes in front of the audience to emphasize crucial points, ensures to
makes eye contact with his audience, and carries notes on cards at which he glances
rarely. Which of the following can be inferred about the speaker?
A. The speaker is confident because he uses strong and big gestures.
B. The speaker is trying to reduce the barrier between himself and the audience by
coming in front of them.
C. The speaker is unfriendly and inexperienced because he makes eye contact with the
D. The speaker is incompetent because he carries notes, and this is highly unacceptable
during presentations.
E. Both A and B can be correctly inferred about the speaker.
What is a report? What are the different kinds of reports?
What are VALS profiles?
Research shows that expert writers differ from novices in identifying and _____ the
initial problem more effectively.
How can a reader be convinced with regard to a benefit?
_____ language is language that does not discriminate against people on the basis of
sex, physical condition, race, age, or any other category.
What are the five strategies that can be used to create active responses?
____ are the terms that the computer searches for in a database or on the web.
Differentiate between the use of demographics and psychographics in audience
Writers must save a copy of their questionnaire or interview questions to use as a(n)