Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 503 Test 1

July 13, 2015
Psychological reactance is at work when a customer who has been denied credit no
longer buys even on a cash basis.
Using gerunds (the "-ing" form of verbs) is preferable to using nouns in a resume that
will be read by people.
All serious negatives (such as being downsized or laid off) should come as complete
When a person is at fault, he/she is most likely to lose goodwill by admitting that fact
Referring to the next step in a follow-up letter sounds arrogant and usually results in
In open punctuation, a colon follows the salutation and a comma follows the close.
One way to remind readers of information in a tactful way is to preface statements with
"As you may know."
The increase in technology-aided communication channels at the workplace has
rendered written messages irrelevant.
Speakers who have visuals to answer questions seem inadequately prepared.
The process of drafting, getting feedback, revising, and getting more feedback is called
In which of the following situations is it not acceptable to omit negative information?
A. When the reader has already been given the information
B. When the reader needs the information to make a decision
C. When the information is not likely to affect the readers decision
D. When the reader has access to the previous communication and is aware of the
negative information
E. Both A and D
Which of the following should be avoided in order to design effective presentation
A. Using bullet-point phrases instead of complete sentences
B. Loading each slide with a lot of information in order to avoid changing slides
C. Customizing slides with the company logo, charts, scanned-in photos and drawings
D. Using big fonts for titles, subheads, and examples
E. All of the above
When your message is about limiting the reader€s freedom, you should:
A. avoid using the word "you."
B. avoid using an impersonal construct.
C. avoid using passive verbs.
D. always use active verbs.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following statements is/are true about presentations?
A. The goal in persuasive presentations is a favorable vote or decision.
B. The purpose of presentations is not for the introduction of a persons talk.
C. Training sessions in an organization are primarily persuasive.
D. The purpose of informative presentations is to entertain and validate the audience.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed for good business writing?
A. Use a friendly style for people you know.
B. Use contractions wherever possible to trim the size of the document when writing
topeople you don€t know.
C. Use the indirect writing style to sound confident.
D. Use more passive verbs as compared to active verbs.
E. Use as many abstract words and technical terms as possible.
Julian expects to get a job offer based on her performance in the interview. She wishes
to send a follow-up letter to the interviewer. Which of the following criteria must
Juliansletter meet?
A. It must remind the interviewer of what he or she liked about Julian.
B. It must ask for the status of her application.
C. It must include her salary expectations.
D. It must ask details about the benefits and special provisions.
E. It must specify if she would like the job or not.
The abbreviation "cc" now means _____.
A. carbon copy.
B. computer copy.
C. complete copy.
D. all of the above.
E. none of the above.
As the person in charge of a meeting, one should typically:
A. remind the group of its progress when theyre behind schedule.
B. ensure that everyone in a small group is invited to participate.
C. limit creativity, fun, and networking in meetings.
D. schedule controversial issues toward end of the meeting.
E. allow for both A and B.
Stan sent an e-mail to his subordinates, Josh and Raven, informing them about a
meeting to be held two days later. He used "cc" to copy the same e-mail to his boss and
two other managers, all of whom were expected to attend the meeting. All the recipients
of Stans e-mail understood from his message that the meeting was to include a total of
six participants. Which of the following is true of this scenario?
A. Stans boss and the other two managers have a legitimate reason to be annoyed
because they were not sent blind copies of the e-mail.
B. Stan flouted e-mail etiquette guidelines by using "cc" instead of "bcc".
C. Stan had sent computer copies of the e-mail to his boss and the other two managers,
and not blind computer copies.
D. Stan need not have copied the e-mail to his boss and should have informed him
verbally about the meeting.
E. Stan used "marketese" in his e-mail message.
In bar charts, putting all labels either inside the bars or outside them distorts the data.
Which of the following is the final step in the five-step procedure of conflict resolution?
A. Make sure that all the people involved in the conflict really disagree.
B. Check to see that everyones information is correct.
C. Discover the needs each person is trying to meet.
D. Search for alternative solutions to a given problem.
E. Repair bad feelings that arise from a conflict.
In a long report, much of the Introduction comes from:
A. the references.
B. the table of contents.
C. the transmittal.
D. the list of Illustrations.
E. the proposal.
When searching for a web page, using a root word such as stock followed by the _____
sign will yield stock, stocks, stock market, and so forth.
A. plus
B. minus
C. ampersand
D. star
E. hash
An HR manager is addressing a group of trainees from different cultural backgrounds.
The manager has used a pie chart to compare the companys overseas sales to its entire
sales. The pie chart is a perfect circle, labeled on the outside, and to keep it dramatic a
wide range of colors has been used. Which of the following aspects of the chart will
reduce its effectiveness?
A. The pie chart is a perfect circle.
B. The pie chart has been used to compare a part to the whole.
C. The pie chart was labeled on the outside.
D. The pie chart uses a wide range of colors.
E. All of the above aspects of the pie chart reduce its effectiveness.
You are writing to a reader who favors a different solution than the one you
recommend. Which of the following strategies will be most effective in persuading the
A. Describe your readers solution first; explain why it wont work; then present your
own solution.
B. Ignore your opponents solution and just concentrate on your own.
C. Describe your own solution first and then briefly discuss why your readers idea wont
D. Describe your own idea in the body of the letter and put your readers idea in the P.S.
E. All are equally good methods.
The pattern for organizing information in reports that works well when the solutions the
reader is likely to favor will not work is:
A. problem-solution.
B. comparison/contrast.
C. geographic.
D. elimination of alternatives.
E. functional.
Forever young beauty is a new anti-wrinkle skin cream targeting women over the age of
50. Which of the following will help the company in effectively marketing their new
A. Geographic factors
B. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
C. Demographic factors
D. A and B only
E. None of the above
_____ statements should sound like the job descriptions an employer might use in a job
What should be the level of formality in a message?
List any five questions one should ask when revising a document thoroughly.
What are the different patterns of organizing information in reports?
Do "complement" and "compliment" have the same meaning?