Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSS 302 Quiz 2

July 13, 2015
Visuals for presentations should have titles but dont need figure numbers.
The first paragraph of an executive summary must include all the information that
decision makers will need.
Behavioral interviews focus on the interviewee discussing actual job-related behaviors.
The suggestions in a closure report are proved in detail.
One of the primary purposes of negative messages is to build a good image of the
Psychological description is a technique that can be used to develop specific reader
Good messages refrain from applying you-attitude beyond the sentence level.
If a speaker has a choice, he or she should save questions for the end.
Typically, revising a draft does not involve editing to catch grammatical errors.
Using a consistent background template for presentation slides must be avoided as it
decreases the audiences attention span.
Which of the following must be avoided when drafting an effective message?
A. Use of table of contents
B. Use of glossary
C. Use of personal pronouns
D. Use of appendices
E. Use of sentences of varying lengths
Which of the following audiences may stop a message from getting to its intended
A. Primary audience
B. Secondary audience
C. Initial audience
D. Watchdog audience
E. None of the above
Which of the following words has a positive connotation?
A. Nosy
B. Fussy
C. Nit-picking
D. Careful
E. Demanding
A customer writes to complain that her mail-order merchandise was damaged on
arrival. She demands a refund. You check your records and find that she did not insure
the merchandise. Since you cannot grant her a refund in this case, you should:
A. not respond to her message.
B. hide behind "company policy."
C. suggest alternatives to help solve her problem.
D. avoid mentioning the reason of your refusal.
E. write an inconspicuous refusal.
Which of the following is not a format for citing information?
D. None of the above is a format for citing information
E. B and C
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a passive verb?
A. It can be in past, present, or future tense.
B. It makes a sentence shorter unlike active verbs.
C. It obscures who or what is doing the action.
D. It is found in sentences where the subject is acted upon.
E. None of the above is correct.
A feedback on Stephens formal presentation skills highlighted that he spoke too fast and
failed to pause at crucial points. Hence, Stephen should primarily work on the _____
while delivering presentations.
A. pitch
B. intonation
C. tempo
D. volume
E. connotation
Which of the following statements has not been proposed under William Morrins
seven-question quiz?
A. Your boss is doing well.
B. The company is doing well and can grow further.
C. Youre getting better-than-average raises.
D. Youve been promoted in the last two years.
E. The company is an employer of choice or a fun place to work.
According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, a person is most likely to be motivated to
use his/her talents and abilities to the fullest and be the best he/she can be when he/she
wants to fulfill _____ needs.
A. safety and security
B. love and belonging
C. physical
D. self-actualization
E. None of the above
Which of the following strategies will help you in tightening your writing?
A. Cut gerunds and use passive verbs instead.
B. Use passive verbs instead of active verbs.
C. Use flowery language.
D. Eliminate words that say nothing.
E. Increase the number of words.
Susan wants to purchase a health insurance policy. To initiate the process, she has to
write a letter to one A. E. Miller, an insurance agent. She does not know anything about
the person. What salutation should she ideally use in her letter to the insurance agent?
A. Dear A. E. Miller
B. Dear Mr. Miller
C. Dear Mrs. Miller
D. Dear Insurance Agent
E. None of the above
Which of the following is true of active listeners?
A. They attempt to solve or dismiss problems immediately.
B. They are most likely to engage in hasty generalization.
C. They are able to eliminate conflict completely in a group setting.
D. They cannot listen actively all the time.
Information about layoffs and firings is normally delivered _____.
The _____ of the interview (10 to 25 minutes) is an all-too-brief time for you to
highlight your qualifications and find out what you need to know to decide if you want
to accept a second interview.
_____, the empty space on the page, makes material easier to read by emphasizing the
material that it separates from the rest of the text.
What are tables and figures?
A follow-up letter should be _____.