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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

BUSMT 84533

July 18, 2017
Generalization is 'stronger" when we use larger samples.
A scatter diagram plots data pairs in an x- and y-axis graph.
We would use cross-tabulation if we wanted to assess the statistical significance of
categorical relationships.
Online or Internet surveys are popular because of their speed and low cost.
Objective properties are physically verifiable.
When variability is decreased and sample size increases, the sampling distribution
becomes more compressed (smaller).
In CATI systems questionnaires are left with the respondent to complete at a later time.
An increase in sales if product features are changed is an example of a gap between
what is supposed to happen and did happen.
Question bias amounts to scrutinizing the wording of a question to ensure that question
bias is minimized and that the question is worded such that respondents understand it
and can respond to it with relative ease.
In hypothesis testing about a percentage, the sample percent is noted by the letter ?
Nonresponse, while an issue in the research industry, is certainly not one of the major
problems confronting the industry.
The key advantage of using syndicated data is taking advantage of the experience of the
research firm offering the service.
The intersection of a row and a column is called a cross-tabulation cell.
Data mining is the name for software that is now available to help managers make sense
out of seemingly senseless masses of information contained in databases.
Gender is not an appropriate column variable for a cross-tabulation analysis in XL Data
Simulated test markets are conducted on computers without any consumer input.
Experiments can be classified as laboratory or field.
The customary level of confidence among marketing researchers has a z of 1.96.
The introduction is very important in questionnaire design.
Sales calls below target are an example of a gap between what is supposed to happen
and did happen.
The referral sample is the most commonly used nonprobability sample.
If we are testing a hypothesis that a sample percentage does not differ from a
hypothesized value at the 95% level of confidence, and we arrive at a z value of 1.98,
we would fail to support the hypothesis.
Controlled test markets require consumers, who are members of a panel, to carry
identification cards.
The procedure for summarizing metric variables in XL Data Analyst is identical to the
one for summarizing categorical variables, except you will select "Averages."
The analytical technique that assesses the statistical significance of categorical variable
relationships is regression analysis.
An "RFP" in research is a "request for proposal."
Deontologists analyze a given behavior in terms of its benefits and costs to society.
If two secondary sources of information report different information for what appears to
be the same entity, a researcher should avoid using either information source at all
Because knowledge is worthy just for the sake of knowledge, it's okay for managers to
conduct marketing research just "to know something."
"On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the friendliness of Olive Garden's wait staff?" is
an example of an anchored n-point scale.
Misrepresenting information using visuals is always intentional.
Causality may be thought of as understanding a phenomenon in terms of conditional
statements of the form "If x, then y."
When costs of doing research outweigh the value of the information generated by the
research, research should not be performed.
Self-selection bias is a factor to consider in mail surveys.
Upon validating the symptoms, the researcher is now ready to examine their causes..
The book that contains a list of all the variable names and the code numbers associated
with each possible response to each question is called the "data matrix register."
Constantly gathering information that either supports or refutes our beliefs is something
only statisticians do; intuitive hypothesis testing is not done by persons who are not
Focus groups are small groups of people brought together and guided by a moderator
through an unstructured, spontaneous discussion for the purpose of gaining information
relevant to the research problem.
"Frugging" is considered unethical and illegal.
Which of the following is NOT true of intuitive hypothesis testing?
A) It is defined as when someone uses something he or she has observed to see if it
agrees with or refutes his or her belief about that topic.
B) Everyone uses intuitive hypothesis testing.
C) People do intuitive hypothesis testing all the time to reaffirm their beliefs.
D) Only people familiar with statistics use intuitive hypothesis testing.
E) People do intuitive hypothesis testing all the time to reform their beliefs to be
consistent with reality.
Omnibus means:
A) including or covering many things or classes
B) syndicated data
C) developing an understanding of a phenomenon in terms of "if-then" conditional
D) searching for and interpreting existing information relevant to the research problem
E) taking long periods of time to complete
________ is one that indicates the direction in which you believe the population
parameter falls relative to some hypothesized average or percentage.
A) A hypothesis
B) A directional hypothesis
C) A negative hypothesis
D) A positive hypothesis
E) An average hypothesis
According to your textbook, which of the following is true regarding sample plans and
A) A sample consists of the entire group that the researcher wishes to make inferences
about based upon information provided by the sample data.
B) Only objectives of the research determine which sample plan is to be used.
C) Sample plans describe how each sample element, or unit, is to be drawn from the
total population.
D) The size of the sample is not particularly relevant to how accurately your sample
results reflect values in the population.
E) A sample could be could be "all department stores within the greater Portland,
Oregon, area."
Which is true regarding a disadvantage of self-administered surveys?
A) since interviewers are not present, evaluation of the interview is impossible
B) the primary burden of respondent understanding is placed upon the questionnaire
C) the primary burden of respondent understanding is placed upon the field editor
D) reduced cost
E) none of the above
ESRI's Tapestry™ Segmentation is a(n) ________ that uses a process to profile
residential neighborhoods.
A) standardized service
B) basic service
C) syndicated service
D) annual service
E) complex service
Standardized services usually provide clients with standardized data.
________ questions are used to ferret out respondents who do not meet certain
A) Qualified
B) Screening
C) Identifying
D) Ferreting
E) Weed-out
When you use your XL Data Analyst to test a hypothesis about an average, you must do
which of the following?
E) none of the above; you cannot test a hypothesis about an average using XL Data
When you are comparing the averages on two variables for significant differences,
which of the following is true?
A) The scales of measurement should be the same on both questions.
B) Since the same respondents answered both questions (variables) you do not have
independent samples.
C) You have two independent questions and one group.
D) all of the above are true
E) none of the above are true
Which of the following is NOT an accurate representation of the content of the
discussion on the difficulty of developing a question's precise wording?
A) A single word can make a difference in how study participants respond to a question.
B) As little as a one word in a question can result in question bias that will distort the
findings of the survey.
C) Words that we use commonly in speaking to one another sometimes encourage
biased answers when they appear on a questionnaire.
D) Any is not listed in the Ten Words to Avoid in Question Development.
E) Changing the word the in "Did you see the broken headlight?" to a can make a
difference in how people respond to the question.
Which of the following was listed in the discussion on stylistic devices as something
you should use sparingly?
A) action words
B) active voice
C) short paragraphs
D) white space
E) jargon
If the respondent needs to watch a twenty-minute infomercial, which of the following
data collection might be chosen?
A) person-administered methods and in-office interviewing
B) mail and telephone
C) mail, in-home and out-of-office interviewing
D) mall intercept
E) in-home, online or in-office interviewing
A synthetic scale without balanced ends means the scale has unequal amounts of
positive and negative positions; it is called:
A) an unbalanced categorical scale
B) a balanced categorical scale
C) a nonsymmetrical synthetic scale
D) a symmetric synthetic scale
E) a halo effect scale
A predictive analysis technique in which variables are used to predict the level of
another by use of the straight-line formula, y= a + bx is:
A) chi-square
B) Pearson correlation
C) digression analysis
D) regression analysis
E) summarization analysis
The ________ is the marketing research firm's certification to do the project and is
optional as to whether it appears in the report or not.
A) letter of transmittal
B) letter of certification
C) signed research proposal
D) letter of authorization
E) memo of certification
Estimates are estimates because they are always hindered by:
A) sample error
B) population error
C) statistical analysis error
D) the media
E) client's preferences
Bivariate regression analysis is defined as a predictive analysis technique in which:
A) a pattern in one variable is identified over time and projected into the future
B) a relationship between three variables that exists across time is observed to make a
C) one variable is used to predict the level of another variable
D) two variables are used to predict two others by the use of a scatter diagram
E) three or more variables variances are analyzed
Which of the following is included in the introduction?
A) title
B) executive summary
C) general purpose as well as the specific objectives
D) memo of certification
E) all of the above are included in the introduction
Methods of accessing external secondary data are relatively easy compared to accessing
primary data.
Which of the following is NOT listed by your text as being included in iReport Writer
A) An extensive bibliography
B) Writing process Powerpoints
C) Templates to help get you started
D) Help with grammar and citations
E) An example report
External data may be grouped into which three sources?
A) published, syndicated services data, and databases
B) published, non-published data, and other
C) syndicated services data, external data, and complex data
D) published external, published internal, and syndicated data
E) non published external, published internal, and non-published internal
In the confidence interval formula for sample size, the symbol e represents:
A) efficiency of the sample (desired accuracy given the cost)
B) sample frame error
C) acceptable error (desired accuracy level)
D) elasticity
E) none of the above; the formula has no e
In questionnaire design, the researcher:
A) contemplates various question formats
B) determines the sampling frame
C) considers a number of factors characterizing a survey
D) a and c
E) all of the above
Which data collection mode requires interviewers to "navigate around gatekeepers"?
A) gatekeeper interviewing
B) in-office interviewing
E) gatekeeper interviewing
American Express executives wish to know if there is a difference between the average
dollar balance carried on credit cards between males and females. This is an example
A) summarizing
B) generalizing
C) comparing
D) relating
E) transforming
The primary advantage of mixed mode surveys is that:
A) they have higher non-response rates
B) they automatically produce vouchers of data to clients
C) there is no effect on response caused by the various modes
D) researchers can take the advantages of different modes to achieve their data
collection goals
E) all of the above are true
Which of the following is the best definition of marketing research? Marketing research
A) the activity of analyzing secondary information and providing executives with
timely reports
B) the process of designing experiments that provide decision makers with causal
C) the linking of consumers with information managers
D) the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may
be used to solve a specific marketing problem
E) the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be
used to solve general marketing problems
Which of the following is NOT true regarding the independent variable in regression
A) It is used to predict the dependent variable.
B) It is the x in the regression formula.
C) The term independent variable is an arbitrary designation.
D) It is predicted by the dependent variable.
E) There is no cause-and-effect relationship or true dependence between the dependent
and the independent variables.
A disadvantage of the ________ is that the marketing researcher is more limited in the
quantity and types of information that he or she can obtain.
A) telephone interview
B) in-office interview
C) mall-intercept interview
D) in-home interview
E) dual data collection