Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition


October 29, 2015
Gary is a purchasing agent at Thought Cloud Inc., an advertising agency. He is formally
vested with the responsibility of selecting suppliers of campaign material for a new
advertising campaign that is being planned. He identifies a sole-sourcing relationship
with Mark, an independent contractor, and negotiates terms of the contract for the
supplies. Which of the following purchasing roles is exhibited by Gary?
A. Initiator
B. Gatekeeper
C. Decider
D. Buyer
Which of the following is most likely to help a product gain market share in the long
A. Practicing the art of discounting
B. Viewing advertising as a discretionary cost
C. Investing more in advertising and less in discounting
D. Raiding advertising budgets to increase earnings
The airplanes used by FlyAir are painted a bright blue and a uniform white stripe runs
along the length of the plane. Plush leather seating and gourmet food are part of the
reason why FlyAir has been so successful in recent years. Based on these
characteristics, the airplanes represent the _____ aspect of service quality.
A. impalpability
B. tangible
C. assurance
D. empathy
Executives commit the error of "marketing myopia" when they _____.
A. fail to focus on their company's needs
B. do not define a product solely in terms of the tangible product
C. define their company's product in accordance with their customers' needs and
D. define their company's product too narrowly
An advertisement for Utopia Bank describes the bank as not only providing all banking
services a consumer could ever want, but also offering brokerage house services.
Instead of just competing against banks, Utopia Bank increased its versatility by
positioning its services:
A. directly against particular competitors.
B. in terms of particular types of service users.
C. relative to a class of products or services.
D. in terms of its position as a cost leader.
_____ have the formal authority and responsibility to select the supplier and negotiate
the terms of the contract.
A. Gatekeepers
B. Users
C. Buyers
D. Influencers
Which of the following observations about geodemographic segmentation is true?
A. It identifies specific individuals or households within a market.
B. It creates classifications of actual, addressable, mappable neighborhoods where
consumers live and shop.
C. It is primarily based on the assumption that consumers in a particular neighborhood
vary in many respects and lack similar consumption patterns.
D. It identifies consumer needs and wants in new markets and for new products as
existing markets are saturated.
Which of the following is the first stage in the organizational buying process?
A. Organizational need
B. Purchase activity
C. Vendor analysis
D. Postpurchase evaluation
Organizational buyers follow the _____ approach when a routine purchase changes in
some way.
A. sole sourcing
B. straight rebuy
C. modified rebuy
D. new task purchase
Which of the following is a key component that contributes to the success of new
product development efforts?
A. Assigning the task of new product development exclusively to top management
B. Limiting the budget in order to reduce losses in case the product fails
C. Creating a cross-functional team early in the development process
D. Assigning a group of marketers the task of developing new products
Which of the following is an advantage of the customer structure for organizing the
sales force?
A. It can result in large sales and satisfied customers.
B. It is inexpensive and therefore cost-effective.
C. It is most applicable when buyers have similar needs.
D. It limits the distance each salesperson must travel to see customers.
A computer system at the Nebula car manufacturing plant orders pre-inspected parts
from its single, regular supplier after specific intervals. The goods are delivered at one
of the plant's six receiving docks. From this information, it can be inferred that the
Nebula plant relies primarily on _____ for these purchases.
A. modified rebuys
B. new task purchases
C. consolidated purchases
D. straight rebuys
Marketers of a company can create a consumer perception that their products are worth
purchasing by:
A. designing products with the goal of test marketing in mind.
B. evaluating the response to a product prior to its release.
C. differentiating their products from those of their competitors.
D. providing inputs for the company's objectives.
Rahim, the purchasing agent for a carpet manufacturer, received a memo indicating that
an upcoming financial review would determine which employees were most successful
at reducing costs within their departments. The review also mentioned the potential
termination of employees who do not adopt adequate cost-cutting measures. Rahim is
faced with a decision-making situation wherein a salesperson selling a new
weave-pattern machine to Rahim claims that the machine would save costs for the
company in the long run. Rahim is unable to decide if he should buy the machine since
he is faced with the risk of termination in case his decision backfires. In this case,
_____ is likely to influence Rahim's organizational buying decision.
A. personal motivation
B. differentiation
C. sole sourcing
D. channels of distribution
Organizational buyers are engaging in sole sourcing because they are more concerned
with _____ than buying only on the basis of price.
A. exclusive distribution
B. nonstore selling options
C. quality and timely deliveries
D. new task purchases
It is important for a mission statement to be _____ because it provides a shared sense of
purpose outside the various activities taking place within the organization.
A. internally-focused
B. product-oriented
C. motivational
D. generic
_____ are used to focus solely on promotion of existing products and introduction of
new products.
A. Missionary salespeople
B. Technical sales specialists
C. Cross-functional sales teams
D. Front-line sales teams
Which of the following vertical marketing systems is characterized by the presence of a
channel leader?
A. Administered systems
B. Contractual systems
C. Structured systems
D. Corporate systems
Which of the following refers to the knowledge and competence of service providers
and the ability to convey trust and confidence?
A. Sympathy
B. Responsiveness
C. Empathy
D. Assurance
M&N Inc., a cosmetics company, recently launched a marketing initiative for its line of
organic cosmetics. Its marketing team undertook a campaign where it invited women to
sample the cosmetics in malls and then asked them to fill questionnaires about the
cosmetics. Which of the following methods of collecting data did the marketing team of
M&N utilize in this scenario?
A. Observational research
B. Interviews
C. Mathematical modeling
D. Survey research
Which of the following is an economic factor?
A. Worldwide sourcing efficiencies
B. Favorable governmental policies
C. Increasing speed of technological change
D. Global moves of competitors
Marketing to producers and intermediaries is called _____.
A. business-to-business marketing
B. affiliate marketing
C. internal marketing
D. test marketing