Book Title
Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

BUSMT 71362

July 18, 2017
The most commonly used level of confidence when calculating a confidence interval is:
A) 68%
B) 90%
C) 95% or 99%
D) 100%
E) none of the above; there can be no confidence since we are dealing with statistics
The stronger a relationship the:
A) larger the absolute size of the correlation coefficient
B) larger the strength coefficient
C) closer to zero is the correlation coefficient
D) larger, positive size of the correlation coefficient
E) larger the beta
Which of the following is a potential use of test marketing?
A) to test the sales potential for a new product
B) to test variations in the marketing mix for a product
C) to test the sales potential for a new service
D) all of the above
E) none of the above
The various types of research design include:
A) exploratory, exploitive, and competitive
B) deductive, descriptive, and exploitive
C) exploratory, causal, and competitive
D) exploratory, descriptive, and causal
E) action, standard, experiential
The skip interval is calculated by dividing the ________ by the sample size.
A) random-starting point
B) population list size
C) interval size
D) size of "r"
E) none of the above; there is no such thing as a formula for 'skip interval"
Which type of study is undertaken to describe factors?
A) Causal
B) Descriptive
C) Categorical
D) Research project
E) Laboratory
Secondary data refers to:
A) information collected for a purpose other than the study's original purpose
B) information gathered specifically to serve the research objectives at hand
C) information that is relatively easy to access
D) information gathered by those whose primary job is marketing research
E) data collected on primary product/service users
Confidence intervals may be very narrow when:
A) the sample size is large and variability is low
B) the sample size is small and the variability is low
C) the sample size is large and the variability is high
D) the sample size is small and the variability is high
E) the sample size is average and the variability is higher than average
The ________ is the entire group under study as specified by a research project.
A) population
B) sample frame
C) communicate sample
D) total sample
E) none of the above
In the confidence interval formula for sample size, q=
A) e2
B) 100%-p
C) e+p
D) p/100
E) p+e*z
According to the definition given in your textbook, which of the following does NOT
represent a loss of research integrity?
A) withholding information
B) falsifying data
C) altering research results
D) thinking strategically
E) misinterpreting the data to make them consistent with predetermined points of view
A table that contains the raw counts of various relationships possible in a
cross-tabulation is called:
A) a frequencies table
B) a possibility table
C) a Boolean possibility table
D) a frequent Boolean possibility table
E) a stacked bar table
Adaptability refers to the ability to respond to respondent differences. Which method is
best suited for adaptability?
A) computer-administered surveys
B) self-administered surveys
C) drop-off surveys
D) person-administered surveys
E) internet "drop-off" surveys
American Express executives wish to know if there is an association between credit
card balance carried and the number of credit cards owned. This is an example of:
A) summarizing
B) generalizing
C) comparing
D) relating
E) type II error
Collecting information that is made available to multiple subscribers in standardized
form would be characteristic of:
A) a syndicated data service firm
B) an internal supplier firm
C) customized process firms
D) syndicated services firms
E) a standardized service firm
To summarize findings for metric measures the researcher should:
A) not try to summarize findings to metric measures; it is inappropriate
B) use a percentage distribution (sometimes called a frequency distribution)
C) compute a frequency deviation
D) compute an average such as a mean
E) compute histograms
Recommendations in a marketing research report amount to:
A) suggestions on how to proceed, based upon the conclusions
B) guidelines on how to proceed, based upon the conclusions
C) suggestions on how to proceed, based upon the limitations
D) guidelines on how to proceed, based upon the limitations
E) viewing the future and should always be avoided
Assume the regression equation is y=$75 + $25x and we are predicting the weekly
grocery expenditures where x=number of family members. How much would a family
of 4 spend on groceries per week?
A) $700
B) $400
C) $175
D) $100
E) $425
The research industry's current standard telephone interview method is referred to as
A) standard telephone interviewing
B) central location telephone interviewing
C) methodological interviewing
D) interview methodology
E) telephone interview method
A statistically significant difference means:
A) there is practical significance
B) the differences would remain in a large number of trials if we repeated the survey
over many times
C) the p values are very large
D) the z values are very small
E) the x values are average
Each unit of information in a database is called a(n) ________.
A) field
B) record
C) inventory
D) item
E) transaction
If the population is believed to have a skewed distribution for one of more of its
distinguishing factors, which of the following should be used?
A) simple random
B) systematic
C) cluster
D) stratified
E) convenient skip
Which of the following is NOT true of the oral presentation of the marketing research?
A) The purpose of the oral presentation is to succinctly present the information and to
provide an opportunity for questions and discussion.
B) The presentation may be accomplished through a simple briefing with the client.
C) The presentation may be a formal presentation to several people.
D) The oral presentation should take place in a face-to-face situation.
E) The oral presentation ensures that everyone hears the same thing.
In selecting the proper survey method, researchers balance:
A) the cost of the project with what the client is willing to pay
B) the time limitation of the client with the speed with which surveys must be
conducted in order to have a profitable research firm
C) the quality of information desired with the requirement to take advantage of today's
D) the quality of information desired with time deadlines, budget constraints, and other
E) none of the above
Which of the following is NOT true of the range?
A) It identifies the distance between the lowest value and the highest value in a set of
B) It identifies the maximum and the minimum in a set of numbers, and you can do a
quick mental calculation to see how many units are in between.
C) The range tells you how often the maximum and minimum occurred.
D) It provides some information on the variability by indicating how far apart the
extremes are found.
E) If you find that the range is very narrow, you know that the average is typical of
many respondents.
Which of the following best describes a data set?
A) the creation of a computer file that holds output of statistical analyses on all of the
questionnaires deemed suitable for analysis
B) identification of codes that pertain to the possible responses for each question on the
C) identification of all the variable names and code numbers associated with each
possible response to each question making up the data set
D) a matrix of numbers and other representations that include all of the relevant
answers by all of the respondents in a survey
E) none of the above
When testing for the differences between two averages the formula subtracts the
differences between the two averages and divides this difference by the standard error
of the difference between two:
A) groups
B) averages
C) differences
D) percentages
E) people
A(n) ________ is the vehicle used to pose questions that the researcher wants
respondents to answer.
A) interview process
B) data collection
C) telephone
D) questionnaire
E) statistical package
Which of the following questions did your text use as an example of a leading question?
A) "Don't you see problems with using your credit card for an online purchase?"
B) "Should people be allowed to protect themselves from harm by using a taser as
C) "Were you satisfied with the restaurant's food and service?"
D) "How much do you think you would pay for a pair of sunglasses that will protect
your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which are known to cause blindness?"
E) "How many and what brands of aspirin did you see the last time you bought
Which of the following is the best interpretation of the meaning of a 95% confidence
A) if you took many samples, 95% of the sample findings would fall within your
confidence interval
B) if you took many samples, 5% of the sample findings would fall within your
confidence interval
C) if you took many samples, 95% of the sample findings would fall outside your
confidence interval
D) if you took many samples, 99% of the sample findings would fall within your
confidence interval
E) if you took many samples, 100% of the sample findings would fall within your
confidence interval
Which of the following was not mentioned in the discussion of why it has become
increasingly popular to use mixed-mode surveys in recent years?
A) They are more popular due to efficiencies of computer-administered methods and
the communication preferences of respondents.
B) Not everyone prefers to do online surveys.
C) Some people are more comfortable with face-to-face or telephone interviews.
D) A mixed-mode survey seeks to increase the number of respondents in the survey by
tapping into these communication proclivities.
E) Mixed-mode surveys don't have the concern of disadvantages that the other survey
modes do.
The Halo Effect is best avoided by:
A) doing a couple of things wrong during the entire research project
B) mixing favorable and unfavorable endpoints on a scale
C) flipping "bad" scales to the back of the survey to encourage a good response before
the respondents get to the bad questions
D) substituting "good" measurements to replace those thought to be faulty
E) none of the above; the Halo Effect cannot be avoided
Which of the following symbols represents the measurement of the dependent variable?
A) O
B) X
C) C
D) M
E) none of the above