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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

BUSMT 67552

July 18, 2017
By far, the most commonly used level of confidence in marketing research is the 99%
level corresponding to 2.58 standard errors.
Summarization, generalizing, comparing and relating are the four functions of data
Transition questions are simple and easy-to-answer questions that are used to get the
respondents' interest and to demonstrate the ease of responding to the research request.
Item omission occurs when the researcher fails to include an item in the research
project that the client specifically requested.
Research design should be considered solely a step-by-step process.
There are three types of nonresponse: refusals, break-offs, and item omission.
One of the steps for an oral presentation is to identify and analyze your audience.
In a hypothesis test, one tests the null hypothesis, a formal statement that there is no (or
null) difference between the hypothesized ? value and the p value found in our sample.
Research suppliers may be thought of as consisting of two groups: internal suppliers
and external suppliers.
All malls allow for as many research firms who wish to do so, to intercept shoppers in
the malls because it attracts more customers to the malls.
Three-dimensional figures may distort the data by multiplying the value by the width
and the height.
In Excel, in order to change a bar chart's appearance, use "Chart Tools Design-Change
Chart Type."
Usually, there are few research situations that have some similarities to past situations.
Anonymity means that a researcher knows a respondent's name, but does not pass it on
to a third party.
RelateCrosstabs allows your XL Data Analyst software to perform a cross-tabulation
Causal research designs are called experiments.
The lines immediately before and immediately after white space (the beginning and the
end of a paragraph) are points of emphasis.
If you were to ask a sample of marketing researchers today what their biggest concern
is, it would no doubt be "the future economy."
Developing a question's precise wording is not easy. A single word can make a
difference in how study participants respond to a question.
It has been estimated that firms spend over 10% of sales on marketing research,
whether it is supplied internally or externally.
Marketing researchers are very comfortable with averages, percentages, standard
deviations, and other statistical concepts. However, managers for whom marketing
researchers work do not have the same comfort level, and it is entirely possible that a
manager may misinterpret a marketing researcher's statements.
Percentage distributions quickly communicate variability when they are converted to
bar charts.
Validation means that 10% (the industry standard) of all respondents in a marketing
research study are randomly selected, recontacted, and asked if they indeed took part in
a research study.
One of the uses of marketing research is to identify market opportunities; however, the
identification of problems is not a use of marketing research, but rather a use of the
firm's internal auditing system.
In a linear relationship formula, the slope = b.
If you took many, many samples and plotted the sample percentage for all these
samples as a frequency distribution, the distribution would approximate the normal
curve and is called the sampling distribution.
The proper name for a population fact is the parameter.
Projective techniques are so called because they ask participants to project themselves
into some situation and to then respond to specific questions about that situation.
Questionnaires are used for studies in which respondents are asked questions and when
respondents are observed.
Moderators are often referred to as Qualitative Research Consultants (QRs or QRCs).
The appropriate way to summarize a metric measurement scale is through percentages
illustrated in charts, such as pie charts or in frequency distributions.
There are three broad classes of test marketing.
Selecting a telephone number from the directory and adding a randomly selected digit,
such as a "3" is called:
A) plus-one dialing
B) add-digit dialing
C) random-plus dialing
D) digit-plus dialing
E) plus-three dialing
Which of the following describes a controlled test market?
A) It is one in which the firm tests the product or marketing-mix variables through the
company's normal distribution channels.
B) It is conducted by outside research firms that guarantee distribution of the product
through prespecified types and numbers of distributors.
C) It includes a panel of consumers that has agreed to carry identification cards that
each consumer presents when buying goods and services.
D) A limited amount of data on consumer response to a new product is fed into a model
containing certain assumptions regarding planned marketing programs, which generates
likely product sales volume.
E) none of the above
Your book mentions the 2007 Confirmit industry survey of firms in several countries in
the world. What did it report as the number-one mentioned "challenge" facing the
marketing research industry?
A) falling response rates
B) costs of online surveys
C) certification of marketing researchers
D) a need for more skilled telemarketers
E) the lack of students entering Marketing Research programs
American Express executives hypothesize that 40% of college students own an
American Express credit card. Testing this hypothesis is an example of:
A) summarizing
B) generalizing
C) comparing
D) relating
E) type I error
If you theoretically took multiple samples and plotted the sample percentage, p, for all
these samples as a frequency distribution, it would approximate a bell-shaped curve
called the ________.
A) sampling distribution
B) standard error
C) limit
D) confidence interval
E) variability
When estimating a population percentage all you need is:
A) the formula and the level of confidence
B) the formula, percentage from the sample (p), sample size (n), and you must know the
level of confidence needed
C) the formula, the population parameter, p, M, and the alpha level
D) the Roman estimator and the confidence statistic, z
E) a crystal ball; you can't estimate a population percentage using statistical analysis
________ holds that within a product market, there are different types of consumers
who have dissimilar requirements, and these differences can be the bases of marketing
A) Marketing
B) Promotion mix
C) Market segmentation
D) Product differentiation
E) Channel of distribution strategy
Practically all statistical analysis programs treat a "blank" as "missing data."
Non-traditional focus groups differ from traditional focus groups in that:
A) they are not restricted to 6 to 12 persons meeting in a dedicated room with one-way
mirrors for client viewing
B) they are not certifiable by the Qualitative Research Consultants association
C) they are run by clients for clients
D) they are run only by qualified QRC's
E) they are not quantifiable
If you wanted your XL Data Analyst to perform regression analysis, which command
sequence would you use?
A) SummarizeRegress
B) RelateMultiple/Linear
C) RelateRegressMultiple/Linear
D) RelateRegression
E) RelatePolyvariable Prediction
The key reason that the marketing concept has been recognized as the "right
philosophy" is that it:
A) is well established in the marketing literature
B) has been recommended by successful marketing executives
C) does not rely on high-pressure selling
D) stresses understanding the competition
E) always puts the customer first
________ is concerned with the extent to which the change in the dependent variable
was actually due to the independent variable.
A) Representativeness
B) External validity
C) Internal validity
D) Measurement
E) Validation
A(n) ________ occurs when a respondent reaches a certain point, and then decides not
to answer any more questions for the survey.
A) refusal
B) break-off
C) item omission
D) perplexing situation
E) desertion
Which of the following is true in terms of the relationship between sample size and
sample accuracy?
A) There is a linear relationship; the larger the sample, the greater the accuracy.
B) There is no relationship; sample size does not affect sample accuracy.
C) Accuracy is set by the researcher and is not affected by the sample size.
D) After a sample size of about 500, large gains in sample accuracy are not
realized--even with large increases in sample size.
E) After a sample size of about 1,500, large gains in sample accuracy are not
realized--even with large increases in sample size.
Which of the following is/are functions of data analysis?
A) answers the question asked
B) summarizes, generalizes, and computes variances
C) summarizes, generalizes, compares differences, and relates underlying patterns
D) summarizes, harmonizes, and strategizes data in a way that solves problems
E) computes, transforms, resolves
Which of the following refers to a dry run of the survey on a small, representative set of
respondents to reveal errors in the questionnaire?
A) q-test
B) beta test
C) posttest
D) pretest
E) dry runs
When you use your XL Data Analyst to calculate the sample size, you must specify:
A) the allowable error, estimate p, estimate q and estimate r
B) the allowable error, estimate m, estimate q
C) the allowable error, estimate of lsmft
D) the allowable error, estimated p
E) none of the above; XL Data Analyst does not calculate sample size
Internal suppliers organize the research function:
A) by type of research application and by budget category
B) by a series of vice presidents and subordinates handling each marketing research
C) in formal departments, single individuals or a committee, or by assigning no one
D) in informal departments organized around budget categories
E) by internal suppliers, because they are internal and do not need to organize
What type of experiment involves manipulating the independent variable and
measuring the dependent variable in an artificial setting contrived to control extraneous
A) laboratory experiment
B) field experiment
C) extraneous experiment
D) government experiment
E) art-con experiment
With the Define Variables worksheet, depending on the nature of the variable, there can
be ________ that are numerical values and ________, which are responses that
correspond to each data code number for that particular variable.
A) value labels; value codes
B) value codes; value labels
C) value codes; value descriptions
D) data values; data labels
E) data labels; data descriptions
What are the three basic question-response formats?
A) un-probed, probed, and neutral
B) open-ended, closed-ended and skip patterned
C) open-ended, categorical and metric
D) closed-ended, continuous and open-ended
E) open-probed, closed-probed, probed
When two or more secondary sources provide conflicting information you should:
A) select the one source that has been in business the longest
B) evaluate the information from each source and select the source that best suits your
needs for reliable and valid information
C) probably abandon the project; you will never have objective results upon which to
base your decision
D) call the client/manager and ask which source is desired
E) select the source reporting information that is most likely to please the client
Marketing research conducted on the popular TV program Seinfeld, starring Jerry
Seinfeld, was used to illustrate:
A) how marketing research always correctly identifies a product or service that will be
popular in the marketplace
B) when marketing research should not be used
C) when marketing research predicts a failure yet there is success
D) when marketing research predicts a failure and there is a failure
E) why marketing research may not be applied to all fields, such as entertainment
Which of the following is true of studies evaluating the marketing research industry?
A) They show that the industry gets an "F" and only major reform will save the industry
in the future.
B) The reviews are mixed.
C) Earlier reviews indicate that the industry has performed reasonably well but there is
room for improvement.
D) both A and B
E) both B and C
The ________ section is an honest accounting of major aspects of the research that
constrain or temper the findings and conclusions.
A) method
B) limitations
C) conclusions
D) findings
E) recommendations
A panel of respondents is often used in which type of study?
A) cross-sectional
B) longitudinal
C) sample survey
D) case analysis
E) population research
Correlation coefficients that fall between -1.00 and -.81 or between -1.00 and -.81 are
generally considered to be:
A) weak
B) moderate
C) strong
D) nonexistent
E) very weak
A sample is a subset of a group that should:
A) include everyone in the population
B) represent the entire group (population)
C) represent a group within the population
D) be as inexpensive as possible
E) none of the above
Which of the following is a form of regression analysis where more than one
independent variable is used in the regression equation?
A) regression planes
B) additivity
C) multiple regression analysis
D) independence assumption
E) polyvariable analysis
Which of the following is a type of experiment mentioned in your textbook?
A) Laboratory
B) Field
C) Controlled
D) Standard
E) both A and B
Your text identified an ethical issue in marketing research by pointing out that it is
unethical for a firm to send out phony ________ simply to get ideas for conducting
their own research.
A) RFZ's
B) RFD's
C) RFP's
D) RRR's
E) RPF's
Which of the following is the symbol for population percentage?
A) µ
B) π
C) β
D) Ω
E) Σ
Which of the following is acceptable in a marketing research report's table of contents?
A) letter of authorization numbered with Arabic numerals
B) introduction pages are not numbered
C) executive summary listed with Arabic numerals
D) title page not listed
E) subheadings are not indented
One of the greatest pluses of online panels is ________.
A) that most of them are probability samples
B) the lack of expense
C) the high response rate
D) that the sample does not have to match the population
E) none of the above; there are no great pluses of online panels
Which of the following occurs when the respondent is assured that neither the
respondent's name nor any identifying designation will be associated with his or her
A) Confidentiality
B) Exclusivity
C) Anonymity
D) Secrecy
E) A promise