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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
Which of the following is a research method that deals with manipulating one variable
and examining its impact on other variables?
A. Marketing audit
B. Observational research
C. Archival research
D. Experimental research
By investing solely in domestic operations or not being willing to adapt products to
foreign markets, U.S. companies:
A. will find it easier to preempt competitors' global moves.
B. can maximize their potential to achieve economies of scale.
C. are more susceptible to foreign incursions.
D. are more likely to have diminished operating costs.
Paper&More Inc. is an online retailer of printers and accessories. A recent
advertisement on its website reads, "Buy a compact photo printer and single-use color
cartridge combo and save 30% percent off retail prices! Limited period offer. Act now!"
Which of the following pricing strategies is the retailer using to sell its products?
A. Odd-even pricing
B. Prestige pricing
C. Bundle pricing
D. Optimized pricing
In terms of uniformity, which of the following is a difference between services and
A. Owing to customer non-participation, services are often linear, while goods are
B. Services often involve a short-term, impersonal relationship between buyer and
seller, while goods often involve a personal, long-term relationship.
C. Because of high involvement on the part of a buyer, services tend to be unique, while
goods do not vary in quality.
D. Services can be inventoried uniformly, while goods face stockouts due to their
heterogeneous nature.
Which of the following is essential to the generation of new product ideas?
A. Technology penetration strategies
B. Technology pull research activities
C. Market push research strategies
D. Technology push research activities
Identifying huge consumer demand, Jumpstart Inc., an automobile manufacturer,
pioneered the production of battery-operated cars. The product met with initial success
in the market leading Jumpstart Inc. to increase production in huge volumes. However,
over a period of time, consumer needs evolved and consumers sought more
sophisticated technology-driven cars, and the sales of these cars dropped heavily. This
illustrates the _____ risk that was not considered during the idea screening phase.
A. functional
B. hierarchical
C. market
D. internal
Which of the following is true of sales quotas?
A. They are limited in the sense that they can be used only to evaluate salespersons'
performances but not to evaluate and control their efforts.
B. They are not representative of specific sales goals assigned to each territory or unit
over a designated time period.
C. They allow a management to pinpoint individuals and units that are performing
above average and those experiencing difficulty.
D. They allow a company to track the amount of profitable sales a company is engaging
A business unit that negotiates purchases, sales, or both but does not take title to the
goods in which it deals is known as a(n) _____.
A. merchandiser
B. agent
C. facilitator
D. broker
Bates Inc. is an enterprise comprising three parts. Its biotech section, which is working
to develop crops that are pest and disease-resistant, provides about half of its sales.
Pharmaceuticals from its B.D. Feller subsidiary contribute a third of its revenues; and
food products, dominated by the artificial sweetener NutroSweet, make up less than
fifteen percent of its total revenue. These three divisions represent Bates's _____.
A. strategic business units
B. buying centers
C. venture teams
D. cross-functional units
In terms of the marketing communication process, translating a product idea or
marketing message into an effective ad is called:
A. encoding.
B. allocating.
C. disseminating
D. positioning.
Which of the following best describes a merchant middleman?
A. A middleman who buys goods outright and takes title to them
B. A middleman who serves as a go-between for a buyer or seller without assuming title
C. A middleman who buys from manufacturers and sells to retailers
D. A middleman who possesses limited authority with regard to terms of sale
Mars Inc., an oil and gas incorporation, opened its first unique service station in
Mexico. The service station consisted of pumping islands, convenience stores, and
separate food courts. Owing to the station's success, the company opened more than 300
service stations worldwide. Identify the offensive strategic goal that can explain why
Mars expanded its services globally.
A. To increase long-term growth and profit prospects
B. To prevent global consolidation
C. To preempt competitors' from opening similar stores
D. To avoid being locked out of markets by arriving too late
Which objective allows market share to decline in order to maximize earnings and cash
flow and is appropriate for weak cash cows, weak question marks, and dogs?
A. Hold share
B. Harvest
C. Divest
D. Build share
A defensive goal multinational firms seek to achieve when investing in other countries
is to:
A. increase long-term growth and profit prospects.
B. avoid being locked out of future markets by arriving too late.
C. take advantage of economies of scale.
D. improve overall market position.
Which of the following is true of retail cooperative organizations?
A. They involve a parent company and an independent firm entering into a contractual
relationship to set up and operate a business in a particular way.
B. They involve a group of independent retailers uniting and agreeing to pool buying
and managerial resources to improve competitive position.
C. They involve a wholesaler contracting with a number of retailers performing channel
functions for it.
D. They involve a retailer assuming ownership of its primary manufacturer through the
presence of a channel leader.
In terms of perishability, which of the following is a difference between services and
A. Services often can be separated from the person providing them, while goods cannot
be usually sold by different people.
B. Services generally solicit minimal customer interaction, while goods involve
significant levels of customer interaction.
C. Services can be used only at the time they are offered, while goods can be placed in
an inventory.
D. Services can be stored and transported across geographical regions, while goods
cannot be inventoried for use at another time.
_____ are discounts often offered in the form of pricing reductions in exchange for a
channel member featuring a product in store advertising or on in-store displays.
A. Quantity discounts
B. Slotting allowances
C. Promotional allowances
D. Rebates discounts
In which of the following types of organizations are buyers most likely to be less
innovative in order to maintain acceptance and status within the organization?
A. Adaptive
B. Lethargic
C. Supportive
D. Autonomous
Which of the following refers to developing new products and cultivating new
A. Market penetration
B. Diversification
C. Product development
D. Differentiation
Booker & Price is a large retail store that makes bulk purchases of grocery at wholesale
rates from several grocery suppliers. It then resells these products to consumers at a
marginally higher price to make a profit. Under which of the following categories of
organizational buyers does Booker & Price fall?
A. Institutions
B. Producers
C. Government agencies
D. Intermediaries
The qualifying process where a salesperson must determine whether a prospect is a true
prospect is known as _____.
A. canvassing
B. screening
C. networking
D. spotting
Price elasticity is measured by:
A. dividing relative changes in the quantity sold by the relative changes in price.
B. multiplying the price of a unit product with the number of units sold.
C. dividing the number of units produced by the number of units sold.
D. adding the relative changes in price to the rate-of-return per product unit.
Rajiv owns a large department store. He identifies that he has to cut costs owing to an
organizational crisis. He feels that if all the fluorescent light bulbs in the store were
replaced with energy-efficient LED light bulbs, then he could save significantly on the
cost of electricity. Identify the stage of the organizational buying process that Steven is
currently in.
A. Purchase activity
B. Postpurchase evaluation
C. Organizational need
D. Vendor analysis
According to Maslow's hierarchy, which of the following is true of belongingness and
love needs?
A. They consist of the primary needs of the human body.
B. Nonsatisfaction of these needs tends to affect mental health.
C. They tend to dominate when all other needs are unsatisfied.

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