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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

BUSMT 43481

July 18, 2017
Since its first completion, the ACS has been offering yearly estimates for geographic
areas with a population of 75,000 or more.
Conducting marketing research periodically allows management a method of
monitoring company performance in order to spot problems early.
The reason for using randomization or matching in experimental designs is to achieve
equivalency between experimental and control groups.
A variable description is limited to one word.
In a table, it is wise to report survey data as accurately as possible; using three to four
decimal places is desirable.
When you run a cross-tabulation analysis, using XL Data Analyst, you must calculate
the row and column percentages tables by hand; all else is automatically calculated for
Exploratory research can be used to help define terms such as understanding exactly
what bank image is.
If we wanted to know if there was a statistically significant difference between males
and females on the average number of soft drinks they consumed during a week and our
test calculated a z of 6.43, this would mean there was no difference in the average
number of drinks consumed between the two groups.
With a CATS system, interviews are conducted entirely by computers.
An "ITB" in research is an "invitation to buy."
A census is defined as an accounting of everyone in the sample.
Sample methods that embody random sampling are often termed probability sampling
Researchers may gain additional information necessary to define the problem properly
by conducting a situation analysis.
Respondents may be deceived during the research process.
In addition to being an analysis expert, a marketing researcher must be an excellent
communicator of the findings of the survey.
Continuous panels are sometimes called omnibus panels.
The marketing research system gathers information for a specific situation facing the
company, and it is unlikely that the other components of an MIS have the information
needed for the specific situation.
If a researcher is confident that few, if any, respondents will use the negative side of a
symmetric scale, he/she may opt for a non-symmetric scale. If in doubt, the researcher
should pretest the scale.
Computer-assisted questionnaire design is easy, fast, friendly, and flexible.
The four research designs are exploratory, exploitive, descriptive and longitudinal.
If our research objective is to determine relationships, we should use the relationship
type of data analysis.
Marketing opportunities create problems for managers because they must determine
whether and how to respond to take advantage of the opportunity.
Determining the sample size refers to how we draw sample elements from the census.
ESRI's Tapestry™ Segmentation divides U.S. residential neighborhoods into sixty-five
distinctive segments based upon selected demographic and socioeconomic
Some key suggestions on writing style include: begin paragraphs with topic sentences
that state the main idea, use strong verbs, use active voice, and avoid unnecessary
changes in tense.
Appendixes, if used at all, are normally placed at the end of the report.
Focus groups should be used when the research objective is to predict rather than
When managers recognize there is a problem, they must define the problem by
identifying the decision alternatives.
iReport Writer Assistant is the name of the online reporting tool that Burke Inc.
provides to its clients.
In your XL Data Analyst software, the test to determine the difference between the
averages of two variables has output that reads: Two Paired Variable Averages
Differences Test Analysis Results.
The average is not a very useful central tendency measure because even when the same
scale is used to measure various characteristics, the averages still can't be compared to
ascertain similarities or differences.
Using a knowledgeable person to decide who would be in a sample is an example of:
A) convenience sampling
B) judgment sampling
C) referral sampling
D) quota sampling
E) systematic sampling
Which of the following is true regarding good managers and the need to recognize
problem sources?
A) They will be aware of problems, or they will soon cease to hold management
B) They will be setting objectives and have a control system in place to monitor
C) They will have a control system in place that will alert them to situations where
performance is not achieving desired objectives.
D) all of the above
E) none of the above: this was not discussed in the book
Which of the following is NOT true?
A) Focus group companies often use clubs or church group lists from which to recruit
B) Focus group participants are NOT paid.
C) Focus groups constitute representative samples.
D) Focus groups generate fresh ideas.
E) Focus groups allow clients to observe their participants.
Which of the following is NOT true of depth interviews?
A) They are especially useful when the researcher wants to understand decision making
on the individual level.
B) A trained interviewer is used.
C) Interviews cannot be conducted in the participants' homes.
D) The respondent is not influenced by others, as in a focus group.
E) They are especially useful when the researcher wants to understand how products are
Using XL Data Analyst, any variables that you want to add should be done ________.
A) anywhere in the data set
B) at the end of the data set
C) at the beginning of the data set
D) in the direct center of the data set
E) none of the above; variables cannot be added to the data set
65% of males bought a snack when they rented a DVD and 40% of females bought a
snack when they rented a DVD. This is an example where a researcher would:
A) determine if there is a difference between the average of two populations
B) determine if there is a difference between the percentages of two populations
C) determine if there is a significant association between the two populations
D) determine if there is a difference between males and females in terms of the types of
snacks purchased
E) determine if there is a difference between DVD renters and non-renters in terms of
Your authors provide some guidance on developing logical paragraphs. Which of the
following is one of their recommendations?
A) The first sentences should include a topic sentence that identifies the main idea of
the paragraph.
B) The body of the paragraph provides more information on the topic.
C) Paragraphs should have a closing sentence that signals the end of the topic and
indicates where the reader is now headed.
D) As a rule keep paragraphs short.
E) all of the above were recommended by your authors
The best communication vehicle for cross-tabulation analysis is a ________.
A) table
B) cross-tabulation table
C) lengthy discussion
D) graph
E) there is no "best" communication vehicle for cross-tabulation analysis.
Which of the following was NOT mentioned as a possible humans error with
person-administered survey?
A) Interviewers may treat people differently based on their personal biases.
B) Interviewers may ask questions out of sequence.
C) Interviewers may inadvertently change the wording of a question.
D) Interviewers may inadvertently change a questions' meaning altogether.
E) People can make mistakes recording the information provided by the respondent.
Should XL Data Analyst find there is no significant relationship in a cross-tabulation
table, it:
A) presents Column or Row Percents with a warning
B) presents both Column and Row Percents
C) presents only Column Percents
D) presents an asterisk
E) none of the above; inspecting a table of non-significant relationships is not
Which of the following is NOT a potential shortcoming of the telephone survey?
A) The respondent cannot be shown anything.
B) It does not permit the interviewer to make various "face-to-face" judgments and
C) It does not permit a high quality sample.
D) It does not allow for the observation of body language, facial expressions, or eye
E) It does not allow for collecting a large quantity of information.
Which of the following is a type of research design?
A) Casual
B) Exploratory
C) Causal
D) both A and B
E) both B and C
The null hypothesis for a correlation states that:
A) the population correlation coefficient is equal to zero.
B) the population correlation coefficient is +1.
C) the population correlation coefficient is -1
D) the population correlation coefficient is 1.
E) the population correlation coefficient is positive.
The ________ section is the most important and most detailed portion of the report.
A) method
B) limitations
C) conclusions
D) findings
E) recommendations
________ is the examination of frequencies for two categorical variables in a
cross-tabulation table to determine whether the variables have a significant relationship.
A) Chi-square analysis
B) Correlation
D) Regression
Which of the following is true regarding the XL Data Analyst Excel macro software
that came with your book?
A) XL Data Analyst only runs statistical tests.
B) XL Data Analyst allows you to access Excel but provides no additional analysis.
C) XL Data Analyst allows you to calculate the sample size.
D) XL Data Analyst calculates both n and r for you.
E) all of the above are true
The question, "What type of hotel do you usually stay in when on a trip?" violates
which of the "do's" of question wording?
A) focused
B) simple
C) brief
D) crystal clear
E) overstatement
Which of the following best represents a field within a database?
A) anything outside the company laboratory
B) a database record
C) a data mine
D) records within customer names
E) customer names within a record
The chi-square test is performed by:
A) comparing a metric variable with a categorical variable
B) comparing one frequency table with one cross-tabulation table
C) comparing the difference among categories of more than three variables
D) comparing observed frequencies with expected frequencies
E) comparing the pie chart with the stacked bar chart
In the world of research, RFP stands for:
A) request for proposals
B) research for profit
C) research for problem
D) request from production
E) requests for problems
When a variable exerts influence on the dependent variable and is not an independent
variable we refer to it as a(an):
A) influencing variable
B) unwanted variable
C) complex variable
D) extraneous variable
E) reliable variable
Which of the following data collection modes allows for recruitment and training to be
conducted at a central location, monitoring of the actual interviews by a supervisor,
checking completed interviews "on the spot" and offers control of interviewers'
A) drop-off survey
C) central location telephone interviewing
D) traditional telephone interviewing
E) in-office interviewing
What is the name of the online report writing tool that Burke, Inc. provides its clients?
A) Digital Dashboard
C) iReport Writer
D) Burke Online Writer
E) Digital Writer
There are two major types of sample plans: ________ and ________.
A) small, large
B) incidence, completion
C) accurate, faulty
D) probability, nonprobability
E) congruent, incongruent
Deception is a serious ethical issue in marketing research and occurs in research studies
when potential respondents:
A) are not told the true identity of the sponsor of the research
B) are viewed during a study without their permission
C) are told they will remain anonymous when they are not
D) all of the above
E) none of the above
What do statisticians use Greek letters to designate?
A) population statistics or parameters
B) population estimates or parameters
C) population facts or parameters
D) Roman population estimates
E) none of the above; only Roman letters are used by statisticians
Which of the following should you look for in evaluating a study that is secondary
A) What was the sample?
B) How large was the sample?
C) What was the response rate?
D) Was the information validated?
E) all of the above
A ________ is a consistent and systematic linkage between the levels or labels for two
A) variance
B) correlation
C) coefficient
D) difference
E) relationship
________ are the specific features or characteristics of an object that can be used to
distinguish it from another object.
A) Properties
B) Objects and elements
C) Attributes or qualities
D) Quantities or qualities
E) Quartiles and qualities
When a participating respondent does not answer a specific question, this is known as:
A) refusal
B) break-off
C) item omission
D) perplexing situation
E) desertion
A(n) ________ is the predesignation of some quality of a measured attribute necessary
for a predetermined action to take place.
A) research standard
B) action rule
C) action standard
D) tipping point
E) tipping line
A question that lists several responses (i.e. style, price, comfort, fit, construction, etc.)
and asks the respondent to "check all that apply" appears to be a multiple-choice
category question, but it is actually:
A) an aided response category question
B) a categorical non-response question
C) a non-categorical non-response question
D) a dual-choice question
E) a single-minded question