Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

BUSMT 22179

February 5, 2017
"Corporate pilot fish" are former employees who start a new business based primarily
on contacts and contracts with their old company. A corporate pilot fish would probably
pursue a(n) __________ targeting strategy.
A. macromarketing
B. micromarketing
C. benefit-based
D. differentiated
E. undifferentiated
The importance of supply chain management is often overlooked in the study of
marketing because
A. marketing has no responsibility for supply chain management.
B. supply chain management doesn't add much value for customers.
C. companies do not want customers to know anything about the supply chain.
D. many of the activities take place behind the scenes.
E. supply chain management is already transparent.
Darren has developed a better type of medication vial for travelers. He is not sure how
to develop a marketing program for his product, as there are a few similar ones on the
market. What technique can Darren use to analyze data from his competitor's websites,
particularly to learn how people search for similar products online?
A. click path data
B. sentiment analysis
C. social influence
D. keyword analysis
E. budget analysis
If a manufacturer had a full range of products, in a number of different container sizes,
which kind of store would the company be least likely to choose as a retailing partner?
A. conventional supermarket
B. supercenter
C. warehouse club
D. convenience stores
E. full-line discount stores
In recent years, the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in
aggregate spending is
A. media advertising.
B. direct marketing.
C. public relations.
D. sales promotions.
E. publicity.
Which of the following is one of the global entry strategies?
A. direct investment
B. countertrade
C. offshoring
D. infrastructure development
E. trade agreements
Beverage firms sometimes hire attractive young people to sit at fashionable bars,
sipping the company's latest product offering. The firms hope these "models" will serve
as a(n) __________ and influence consumers.
A. reference group
B. risk avoider
C. cultural determinant
D. cognitive learning experiment
E. evoked set
Some companies want to get their products into as many outlets as possible,
understanding that the more exposure a product gets, the more it will sell. If this is
consistent with the company's overall strategy, it will choose __________ distribution.
A. primary
B. independent
C. intensive
D. exclusive
E. selective
Bank of America uses a complex polling system coupled with a customer response
measurement system to assess consumers' responses to new products and services.
Bank of America is using a(n) __________ program to improve service quality and
service offerings.
A. quality gap analysis
B. empowerment
C. zone of tolerance
D. standards analysis
E. voice-of-customer
The improvement value method and the cost of ownership method are two approaches
for setting prices that are _______ methods.
A. cost-based
B. competitor-based
C. production-based
D. value-based
E. market-based
Even if they succeed, new-to-the-world products are
A. generally not profitable.
B. not adopted by everyone at the same time.
C. not capable of creating new markets.
D. not subject to the law of first movers.
E. typically very short-lived.
Reminder advertising is primarily used to
A. prompt repurchase of a product.
B. create and build brand awareness.
C. accelerate market acceptance.
D. gather information about consumers.
E. persuade consumers to change existing perceptions.
__________ is an extreme form of a targeting strategy.
A. Macromarketing
B. Micromarketing
C. Benefit marketing
D. Differentiated targeting
E. Concentrated targeting
Marvin is looking for data to help him with a new marketing research study assigned to
him. When reviewing existing secondary data from a past research study, Marvin
should pay careful attention to
A. how the secondary data were collected.
B. where the data were warehoused.
C. whether or not the Census Bureau has certified the research.
D. whether the data were transformed into information.
E. how often primary data were substituted for secondary data.
After defining the business mission, what should a firm do next to develop a marketing
A. conduct an STP analysis
B. perform a situation analysis
C. develop a positioning strategy
D. select a target market
E. implement the four Ps
When marketers use a variety of communication disciplinesadvertising, personal
selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and online marketingin
combination to communicate a value proposition to the customer, it is referred to as
A. integrated marketing communications.
B. multimedia marketing.
C. diverse marketing communications.
D. comprehensive promotion.
E. managed marketing communications.
Adidas Group owns Reebok and Rockportboth of which offer different types of shoes.
Having a variety of brands allows adidas to use a differentiated targeting strategy to
A. engage in micromarketing for hard-to-fit shoe customers.
B. obtain a bigger share of the shoe market.
C. use mass marketing techniques.
D. utilize geographic segmentation.
E. generate economies of scale in advertising expenditures.
By changing a standard from "be nice to customers" to "greet every customer, and if
possible by name," a services marketing manager has created a(n) __________ goal.
A. insurmountable
B. invisible
C. empowerment
D. measurable
E. inseparable
Every month, Dr. Combahee takes her staff to lunch and asks them to share patients'
comments and concerns. Dr. Combahee uses the lunches as an informal marketing
research effort intended primarily to
A. provide a link between herself and her profession.
B. help her understand the needs of her customers.
C. monitor her competitors.
D. decrease the uncertainty associated with decision making.
E. improve profitability.
In a competitive market, perceived value is determined by consumers mostly
A. by quantitative analysis of brand personalities.
B. in relationship to the value of competitors' offerings.
C. by weighing primary versus secondary benefits.
D. by trying out different products.
E. through brand association and brand licensing.
Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for developing a marketing research
A. The layout should be professional and easy to follow.
B. Questions should address only one issue at a time.
C. Questions should be sequenced appropriately.
D. Questions should use vocabulary respondents are familiar with.
E. Sensitive questions should be asked first.
If a firm promises more than it can deliver,
A. it has created an empowerment gap.
B. consumers will have a knowledge gap.
C. it creates a communication gap.
D. it needs to enact a voice-of-customer program.
E. perishability becomes a problem.
Which of the following statements best describes global expansion through a strategic
A. In a strategic alliance, a firm enters a new market and forms a new company with
shared ownership, profits and controls.
B. A strategic alliance is a relationship in which two firms collaborate on a business
opportunity, but do not invest in each other.
C. In a strategic alliance, two firms enter into a franchise agreement.
D. In a strategic alliance, a firm in one country sends products to a firm in another
E. In a strategic alliance, a firm signs a trade agreement with a firm in another country.
The sale of products that may damage the environment, the use of sweatshop labor, and
the marketing of dangerous products are examples of
A. internal, controllable marketing issues.
B. issues that don't even need to be discussed in ethical firms.
C. marketing issues but not ethical issues.
D. marketing ethical issues.
E. ethical issues but not marketing issues.
Brent is working on an advertising campaign to promote downtown businesses. He
knows the increasing number of advertising communication channels available and
changes in consumers' media usage
A. will force him to use PSAs.
B. increases consumers' preference for high-pressure persuasive advertising.
C. makes his job more difficult.
D. makes it easier to select media.
E. makes budget more important, and creativity less important.
A __________ can be used to create positive word of mouth, help customers form a
community, and develop long-term relationships between customers and the company.
A. corporate blog
B. faxed newsletter
C. Super Bowl ad
D. full-page ad in selected newspapers
E. public relations campaign
Manitoba University is buying a distance learning system. Previously, the school had no
distance learning technology. For Manitoba University this represents a(n) __________
A. adapted buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. new buy
E. generic buy
When Leanne gave her presentation to the BigDeal buying center team, she focused on
answering Beverly's questions, since she is the decision maker. What type of buying
center does BigDeal employ?
A. democratic
B. consultative
C. consensus
D. autocratic
E. authoritative
Which of the following is true regarding modern gender roles?
A. Gender roles are a constant cultural norm.
B. Modern standards require firms to produce gender neutral advertising for every
C. Gender roles have been blurred in the past several years.
D. Gender boundaries should never be crossed in marketing efforts.
E. Gender roles are unimportant to marketers.
Relatively few consumers like to go to the dentist. Dental insurance plans that pay for
regular checkups increase the __________ of dental care by reducing the cost to the
A. perceived value
B. brand awareness
C. brand loyalty
D. generic positioning
E. brand extension
Firms can measure the success of a new product by all of the following factors except
A. satisfaction of its technical requirements.
B. fewer competitors in the market.
C. satisfactory sales and profits.
D. customer acceptance.
E. satisfactory performance.
Gaetana is the new marketing director for a local theater. One of her major
responsibilities is to monitor and manage aspects of the theater's immediate
environment. What will Gaetana monitor and manage?
A small manufacturer was once quoted as saying, "The best day and the worst day of
my business life was the day we got a contract from Walmart." What type of vertical
supply chain is the manufacturer entering? Why would the manufacturer say this?
Several years ago, the Florida Orange Juice Growers Association ran a promotional
campaign with the slogan "Orange juice. It isn't just for breakfast anymore." Based on
this slogan, which of the four growth strategies was the association pursuing? Briefly
explain your reasoning.
International marketers new to the United States often struggle to define American
culture. What would these international marketers need to study in order to define the
term and what would they be likely to learn?