Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

BUSMT 12249

February 5, 2017
If a U.S. clothing brand buys from overseas suppliers who manufacture clothing using
child labor, this is the supplier's problem, and the U.S. company has no reason to be
When Sony released its PlayStation 3 game machines, it charged a high price, attracting
the most avid game players. This was a market penetration pricing strategy.
Buffalo Wild Wings suggests that its diners check in to its locations using their phones.
This demonstrates the use of social media to market a product.
Brand equity is calculated by subtracting sales of generic brands from the sales of
branded items in a category.
Marketing executives, by a seven to one margin, believe that salespeople are born, not
China is now the second-largest economy and the third-largest market for U.S. exports.
A disadvantage to using secondary data is that they might not be precisely relevant to
the information needed.
The group of firms that makes and delivers a given set of goods and/or services is
called a supply chain.
Another name for physiological risk is safety risk.
Bounce rate refers to the percentage of times a visitor leaves a website almost
Marketing channel management creates value by getting products to customers
The three general objectives of advertising are to select, target, and promote.
Conflicts within a supply chain tend to be more pronounced when the members are part
of a corporate vertical marketing system.
Consultative buying centers use one person to make a decision but solicit input from
others before doing so.
The building blocks of service quality are reliability, responsiveness, assurance,
empathy, and tangibles.
For a company like Pepsi-Cola, brand dilution occurs when it sells more product than
the competition.
The marketing profession has been singled out as the root cause of a host of ethical
problems in business.
A distribution center and a fulfillment center are one and the same.
Giant Food Stores in suburban Washington, DC, adjusts its ethnic food aisle offerings
based on the ethnic groups living near each store. Giant Foods is using geodemographic
A product is anything that is of value to a consumer and can be offered through a
voluntary exchange.
Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can all own brands.
Public relations is the component of IMC that has received the greatest increase in
aggregate spending.
As the number of communication media has increased, the task of understanding how
best to reach target customers has become easier.
Value is what you get for what you give.
Of the types of social media identified in the text, Flickr is considered a thought-sharing
As it relates to marketing, the trade of things of value between the buyer and the seller
so that each is better off as a result is known as an exchange.
A small business decides to upgrade its aging phone system. The business will probably
place a straight rebuy order.
The members of Generation X are also referred to as Digital Natives.
Manufacturers might use selective distribution by allowing only a few selected retail
customers in a territory to sell its products.
The best way to avoid postsale problems is to contact customers right after they take
possession of their products.
Brands enable customers to quickly differentiate one firm or product from another.
Cross-promotion is most successful when
A. one product is well known and one product is less known.
B. the firms have a prior marketing relationship.
C. the two products are similar in price.
D. the promotion takes place over a very short time period.
E. the two products appeal to the same target market.
When Diana went to college, tuition was $650 per semester. Now that same college
charges $6,500 per semester. This number reflects a persistent increase in price known
A. currency fluctuation.
B. inflation.
C. recession.
D. interest.
E. deflation.
Which of the following best describes when Johnson & Johnson introduces a
travel-sized package for its existing baby oil product?
A. line extension
B. brand extension
C. brand dilution
D. rebranding
E. co-branding
Global marketers typically find distribution in developing countries is more complex
A. they must go through many different types of distribution channels.
B. distribution is more heavily regulated in developing countries.
C. most consumers in developing countries live in densely populated cities.
D. the infrastructure is more advanced in most developing countries.
E. consumers in developing countries have very specific preferences.
Felicia had just taken over her family's business after spending ten years in the
marketing department of a large corporation. She met with a representative from one of
her firm's biggest customers, who told her, "We should think about how we can make
the pie bigger rather than fighting over the size of the slices." She had expected a more
cutthroat approach rather than this call for a
A. partnering relationship.
B. shared mission statement.
C. common marketing system.
D. corporate vertical marketing system.
E. linked supply chain.
The new hotel manager asked the chef, "Are you sure you know how to cook Beef
Wellington?" Which of the service dimensions was the hotel manager expressing
concern about?
A. reliability
B. responsiveness
C. assurance
D. empathy
E. tangibles
Economic measures like GDP and GNI do not fully account for a country's economic
health because they measure only
A. material output.
B. international trade.
C. global expectations.
D. purchasing power parity.
E. poverty potential.
In an administered vertical marketing system,
A. no individual participant has control over the others, since a third-party administrator
oversees the entire supply chain.
B. independent firms at different levels of the marketing channel join through contracts
to obtain economies of scale and coordination to reduce conflict.
C. there is no common ownership, and the dominant member has significant power to
impose its ideas and objectives.
D. independent firms join together formally to decide as a group how the marketing
channel will operate.
E. participantssuch as warehouses, transportation companies, and retail outletsare
typically owned by a parent company to ensure harmonious relations throughout the
supply chain.
In a __________ distribution center, merchandise moves from vendors' trucks to
retailers' delivery trucks in a matter of hours.
A. traditional
B. combination
C. cross-docking
D. vertical
E. horizontal
As purchasing manager for Avalon Electronics, Carrie is required to submit a vendor
performance analysis every three months. To meet this requirement, Carrie will most
A. interview vendors and seek their feedback.
B. specify and weight performance factors and score the vendors.
C. develop an RFP for vendor analysis.
D. recruit new suppliers.
E. use a modified rebuy vendor form.
According to Hofstede's cultural dimensions concept, which BRIC country posts
notably high scores in the dimensions of uncertainty avoidance and power distance?
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. India
D. China
E. Iran
Jake developed a toothpaste using only natural ingredients, and he has been quite
successful selling the product in health food stores and some grocery stores. He has
recently developed a toothbrush using bamboo and natural components. Jake is
considering a __________, giving the toothbrush the same brand name as the toothpaste
in order to create greater brand awareness.
A. co-brand
B. brand extension
C. premium brand
D. joint brand
E. natural brand
Darwin's company is facing a difficult ethical issue. The firm has identified the various
stakeholders and their issues and gathered the available data. Everyone with an interest
in the issue has engaged in brainstorming and evaluating alternatives. Management
reviewed and refined the alternatives. It should now choose the course of action that
A. maximizes profits.
B. creates the least possible publicity.
C. involves the fewest employees.
D. minimizes costs.
E. seems best after weighing the concerns of all stakeholders.
Samantha is charged with assessing her company's external environment as part of a
SWOT analysis. Samantha will study her company's
A. strengths and weaknesses.
B. sales history.
C. pension plan.
D. product specifications.
E. opportunities and threats.
All of the following are interactive elements of an IMC strategy except
A. personal selling.
B. consumer contests.
C. mobile marketing.
D. public relations.
E. online marketing.
When Meg planned her trip to Australia, she spent months evaluating packages,
airfares, and hotel accommodations. Meg's trip is an example of a(n) ________ product.
A. specialty
B. convenience
C. unsought
D. shopping
E. sought
Ella had been using an imported brand of shampoo for several years, but she could no
longer find it anywhere. As she was considering what kind of shampoo to try, she was
surprised to see ads for Procter & Gamble's Head and Shoulders being promoted as a
glamorous health-oriented product. She had always thought of Head & Shoulders as an
antidandruff shampoo. The new ads suggest that Head & Shoulders has most likely been
A. rebranded.
B. reformulated.
C. licensed to a premium shampoo manufacturer.
D. extended as a brand.
E. co-branded.
When Barbara realized she didn't have all of the technical information she needed to
answer the customer's questions, she made a call to her office. Who would be most
likely to provide appropriate assistance?
A. sales support personnel
B. an order taker
C. another salesperson
D. her sales manager
E. an order getter
________ refers to the moral or ethical dilemmas that might arise in a business setting.
A. Marketing ethics
B. Business ethics
C. Social irresponsibility
D. Corporate responsibility
E. Institutional ethics
Which of the following was not a new-to-the-world product or service when it was
A. Wi-Fi
B. the Mercedes mini sport utility vehicle, a smaller version of its larger SUVs
C. Microsoft's Windows operating system
D. the MP3 player
E. flat-screen TVs
Where does retailing fall in the supply chain?
A. at the end
B. in the center
C. first
D. second
E. no where
Global businesses often find it particularly difficult to understand the __________ of a
country's culture.
A. symbols
B. underlying values
C. ceremonies
D. exhibited behavior
E. visible artifacts
One reason marketers of new, innovative products often start out with a price skimming
strategy rather than a market penetration strategy is that
A. few consumers understand a penetration strategy.
B. a price skimming strategy lowers the value for consumers.
C. a price skimming strategy targets all product adopters equally.
D. it is easier to lower prices than to raise them.
E. price skimming is legal while price penetration is not.
When entering a foreign market, the least risky strategy is
A. franchising.
B. exporting.
C. joint venture.
D. direct investment.
E. strategic alliance.
Postpurchase cognitive dissonance is especially likely for products that are
A. cheap, poorly made, and made of plastic.
B. personally valuable, antique, or foreign-made.
C. simple, easily copied, and new.
D. psychologically soothing, purchased impulsively, and part of a consumer's evoked
E. expensive, infrequently purchased, and associated with high levels of risk.
A personal digital assistant programmed with key customers' birthdates, wine
preferences, and food allergies is a(n) __________ tool.
By the time BMW and Mercedes-Benz entered the mini-SUV market, there were many
competitors, sales had peaked, and profits were declining. These firms entered the
market during the __________ stage of the product life cycle.
A. introduction
B. leveling
C. maturity
D. growth
E. decline
For products like clothes pins, which provide the same benefit for all consumers,
marketers should probably use a(n) ________ strategy.
A. concentrated targeting
B. lifestyle segmentation
C. benefit segmentation
D. undifferentiated targeting
E. differentiated segmentation
The Harvest County School Board is concerned about deteriorating school facilities,
combined with a shrinking budget. The board began by studying the issue, and then
identified parents, children, teachers, staff, and taxpayers as groups who have a vested
interest in the problem. The school board has listened to each group's concerns. In the
ethical decision-making framework, its next action should be to
A. identify issues of concern to lawmakers.
B. assess impact of its actions beyond the classroom.
C. engage in brainstorming alternatives.
D. choose a course of action.
E. evaluate the legal ramifications.
__________ is the practice of colluding with other firms to control prices.
A. Competitive favoritism
B. Industry tightening
C. Monopolistic competition
D. Price fixing
E. Regressive pricing
Generally, people buy one product or service instead of another because they
A. want to get the lowest price possible.
B. perceive it to be the better value for them.
C. prefer to avoid doing extended problem solving.
D. have conducted a thorough internal search for information.
E. are unaware of key determinant attributes.
Carlos has identified four potential market segments for his Rent-A-Nurse service. He
will now compare the segments to see if they are distinct from each other. Carlos is
evaluating whether or not each segment is
A. identifiable.
B. responsive.
C. profitable.
D. reachable.
E. substantial.
Services marketing managers have learned that more employees will support a
quality-oriented process if
A. they are involved in setting the goals.
B. perishable services are replaced with tangible services.
C. they are required to diverge from existing standards.
D. customers are responsible for setting service quality standards.
E. the process involves both part-time and full-time employees.
In the immediate marketing environment, the first factor that affects the consumer is
A. demographics.
B. cultural values.
C. social trends.
D. the firm itself.
E. technological advances.
When Mr. How, a Pennsylvania-based discount lumber and hardware chain, sent snow
blowers to its Augusta, Georgia, store in April, it was engaged in
A. concentrated segmentation.
B. geodemographic segmentation.
C. benefit segmentation.
D. psychographic segmentation.
E. misguided geographic segmentation.
Create a sales promotion to promote your university bookstore.
Describe each of the sales training techniques discussed in the chapter: on-the-job
training, role playing, online training, and distance learning. What are the benefits of
Marketers find psychographics a valuable segmentation approach. What are some of the
limitations of psychographic segmentation and what can marketers do to offset those
You have been hired to pursue international marketing for a small manufacturing firm.
The owner, who is reaching retirement age, does not like to take on risky business
ventures. Her son, though, likes to take risks; he feels it's a good way to earn a greater
return. What entry strategy would the owner want to pursue, and what entry strategy
would the son want to pursue? How might you resolve the differences?
Why are generational cohorts important to marketers?
Belinda is opening an upscale outdoor cooking equipment store. No other store in her
market area carries similar items. Belinda is counting on her product line differentiation
to distinguish her business from the competition. What problem might Belinda
What is the major advantage of direct marketing over advertising?
Merl, an architect, made his presentation to the potential customer and handled
objections. What does Merl need to do next, and why is this stage so stressful?
Developing a good pricing strategy is essential to the financial well-being of a firm.
Even though a firm has an excellent strategy, what are continuing threats to the
Which benefits of brick-and-mortar stores cannot be duplicated by the Internet channel?
The author/self-publisher of a new book, The Gullah Bible (a translation of the Bible
into the Gullah language), wants to advertise her book. Which media outlets would be
most appropriate?
How can marketing be effectively used by entrepreneurs?
Suppose you worked at a restaurant near campus, one that was popular with students,
and the manager asked you to explain how the restaurant might benefit from using
location-based social media tools. How would you answer?
How might Dell Computer use sentiment mining to identify ways to improve its
customer service?
Almost every business wants brand loyal customers. Why?
Explain how gender roles have changed, and how that has influenced marketing
practices in the United States.
There are many arguments and reasons for adapting communications strategies in
international markets. What are some reasons for adopting a single, global
communications strategy?
The United States has often been called the "melting pot" society, integrating people
from many different cultures into the social fabric of the country. What challenges do
marketers face in assessing U.S. culture?
The text lists five psychological factors that can influence purchase decisions. List and
give an example of each.