Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

BUSMKT 81033

February 5, 2017
There are approximately 1 billion people living in India. Only about 200 million of
these people earn more than the equivalent of $1,000 per year. According to Maslow's
hierarchy, most of the other 800 million Indian consumers are primarily addressing their
__________ needs.
A. social
B. personal
C. psychological
D. esteem
E. physiological
Regina just bought a gourmet bagel store. She is working with a freelance graphic artist
who is designing her logo and print advertisements. Regina is spending days looking
over the various designs and color options. She needs to remember that the creative
aspect of advertising design
A. is everything.
B. will determine pretesting and posttesting options.
C. dictates tracking alternatives.
D. should not overshadow the message.
E. should always include coupons.
Bertone's Office Supplies has decided to branch out from its existing stores. It plans to
start sending out a catalog, and also to sell its products online. Bertone's is adopting
A. an omnichannel strategy.
B. exclusive distribution.
C. selective distribution.
D. an extreme value strategy.
E. a service retailing philosophy.
Firms spend millions of dollars annually to build brand equity, recognizing that brand
equity contributes to
A. product mix breadth.
B. corporate stakeholder relations.
C. profitability.
D. brand liability.
E. perceived brand personality.
Which of the following factors, listed in a situation analysis for a major U.S. auto
manufacturer, is the best example of an opportunity?
A. The factory that manufactures a new, popular car cannot build enough vehicles to
meet the demand, while other factories have excess capacity.
B. Recent consumer studies have indicated that Chinese consumers prefer American
C. A New York law firm has filed a $10 million class action suit against the company on
behalf of car owners whose gas tanks exploded.
D. Due to outdated engine technology, the company's cars get lower gas mileage than
those of major competitors.
E. The company has lower manufacturing costs than its key competitors, allowing it to
sell its cars at low prices.
Yana has identified the target audience for her line of Russian jewelry. For optimum
success, she is creating an advertising plan that will
A. allow her to skip the assessment stage at the end of the campaign.
B. offer discounts to media as an incentive to carry out her plan.
C. clarify the specific goals that the advertising is designed to accomplish.
D. encapsulate her unique selling proposition.
E. maximize puffery.
Roland has just received notification from a vendor that his clothing merchandise order
has been processed and dispatched. Roland has just received a(n)
A. horizontal contractual notice.
B. vendor-managed inventory alert.
C. advanced shipping notice.
D. universal product code report.
E. EDI tag.
Andrea and Karl got married a year ago and are ready to move out of their apartment
and into a new home. After looking at several houses, they have developed a list of
features that are important to them and that are different among the homes they have
visited. The features on their list are called
A. an evoked set.
B. determinant attributes.
C. short lists.
D. perceived risk factors.
E. trade-off elements.
A __________ brand is one where there is a contractual arrangement between firms
allowing one to use its brand name for a fee.
A. franchise
B. joint venture
C. shared
D. common use
E. licensed
Which statement about the changing ethnicity in the United States is true?
A. Minorities now represent almost half of the population in the United States.
B. In spite of increase in the Hispanic population, Hispanic buying power is expected to
maintain its current level.
C. Hispanics differ vastly from other groups in America in terms of consumer behavior.
D. African American U.S. households are more affluent than previous studies
E. Asian Americans are the slowest-growing minority population.
Brad is working on the creative design for his company's new ad campaign. This is his
first major assignment. His boss reminds him that when writing a headline, it should
A. represent the main text of the ad.
B. identify the sponsor of the ad.
C. use jargon and complex terminology.
D. overshadow the visual message.
E. be short and use simple words.
In the IMC communication process, the __________ is the person who reads, hears, or
sees and processes the message being communicated.
A. medium
B. sender
C. transmitter
D. communication channel
E. receiver
Beverly is assessing the results of a new product launch of a series of e-books for her
bookstore. When evaluating the results, Beverly will likely consider all of the following
A. why it took her so long to consider the new product line.
B. if the e-books are generating the expected level of profit.
C. if the e-books are generating the expected level of sales.
D. if her customers are interested in the new books.
E. if the e-books function as expected.
A systematic ____________ program collects customer inputs and integrates them into
managerial decisions.
A. quality gap analysis
B. empowerment
C. zone of tolerance
D. standards analysis
E. voice-of-customer
How a product or service will be conceived or designed, how much it should cost,
where and how it will be promoted, and how it will get to the consumer are all elements
A. a marketing plan.
B. a marketing exchange.
C. supply chain logistics.
D. production management.
E. delivery of the value proposition.
One of the difficulties associated with value-based pricing is that
A. costs used in this method are difficult to compute.
B. only the creator of a new product can fully understand its value to consumers.
C. value depends on variable costs and not fixed costs.
D. everyday low pricing has neutralized the impact of price on consumers' purchase
E. it necessitates a great deal of consumer research to be implemented successfully.
_______ occurs when members of the marketing channel collude to control the prices
passed on to consumers.
A. Loss leader price fixing
B. Bait-and-switch price fixing
C. Horizontal price fixing
D. Vertical price fixing
E. Predatory pricing
Fordham3 Hardware is known for its consensus buying center culture. Recognizing this
corporate culture, someone attempting to sell to Fordham3 Hardware should
A. focus exclusively on the head of the buying center.
B. address the concerns of all members of the buying center with particular attention to
the decision maker.
C. focus on providing information to and making the sales approach to the one decision
D. attempt to facilitate the collective agreement of all members of the buying center.
E. attempt to get one "friend" on the committee to support his products.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of products in the maturity stage of the
product life cycle?
A. Laggards are a major focus of marketing efforts.
B. Price competition is intense.
C. Marketing costs increase as firms defend their market share.
D. The market may become saturated because nearly all potential customers have
adopted the product.
E. To increase the customer base, firms consider entry into new markets and new
market segments.
Ryan gave the manager of his convenience store a set of binoculars so she could see the
gasoline prices charged by the other convenience store at that intersection. Ryan told
the manager to always match the gasoline prices of the other store. Ryan is using a
_______ pricing strategy.
A. maximizing profits
B. target profit
C. target return
D. status quo
E. sales
When Microsoft introduces a new version of its Windows operating system, it typically
uses selected magazine, Internet, and direct mail advertising. This combination of
advertising outlets represents Microsoft's
A. niche buy.
B. advertising plan.
C. media mix.
D. product placement.
E. supply chain messaging.
When Costco sells to consumers directly, it acts as a _______; when it sells to other
businesses, such as a restaurant owner, it acts as a _______.
A. wholesaler; retailer
B. retailer; manufacturer
C. retailer; wholesaler
D. manufacturer; wholesaler
E. marketing channel; supply channel
Kimberly-Clark recently introduced rolls of toilet paper without the cardboard core.
What social trend does this product respond to?
A. green marketing
B. time-poor society
C. cultural diversity
D. technological advances
E. regulatory issues
Global expansion often begins with
A. franchising.
B. exporting of goods.
C. joint ventures.
D. direct investment.
E. strategic alliances.
Another name for brand repositioning is
A. strategic brand alteration.
B. change management.
C. rebranding.
D. perception tracking.
E. brand scaling.
Whether they like them or not, most U.S. automobile customers are familiar with and
have an opinion about American-made cars. This familiarity makes it easier for
consumers to
A. meet their self-actualization needs.
B. make purchase decisions.
C. consider repositioning their opinions.
D. pursue generic alternatives.
E. negotiate discounts.
Training service providers to know exactly what a "good job" entails is setting service
A. knowledge.
B. quality.
C. delivery.
D. standards.
E. empowerment.
Subway is a large chain of franchise sandwich shops. Marcia owns three Subway stores
in a large city. At the end of the year, she notes that sales rose from 2 to 5 percent over
last year's sales at Stores 1 and 2, but fell 2 percent at Store 3. Based on this
information, which of the following is the best course of action as to how Marcia
should reward (or punish) her store managers?
A. She should give bonuses to the managers of Stores 1 and 2, and put the Store 3
manager on probation.
B. She should ignore the sales data; they are not an appropriate marketing metric.
C. She should give each manager a raise, tied to the store results.
D. She should review at least 10 years of sales data about her stores' performance
before making a decision.
E. She should seek more information about why the stores had different results before
making a decision.
A typical focus group has ________ members.
A. 2-4
B. 4-6
C. 6-8
D. 8-12
E. 12-15
Which of the following defines a value proposition?
A. the unique value that a product or service provides to customers
B. a special discount offer dropping the price
C. an advertisement that talks about value
D. a display of the position of products or brands in the consumer's mind
E. the one feature that will prompt a customer to buy the product
For which of the following is demand likely to be least sensitive to price increases?
A. spring break vacations
B. a specific brand of cereal
C. prescription drugs
D. theater tickets
E. restaurant meals