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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

BUSMKT 74272

July 18, 2017
ANOVA is not an analysis of the standard deviations of the groups.
In large-scale projects, and especially in cases in which the data entry is performed by a
subcontractor, researchers utilize a data code book which identifies (1) the questions on
the questionnaire, (2) the variable name or label that is associated with each question or
question part, and (3) the code numbers associated with each possible response to each
The moderator's task in a focus group is to allow openness among the respondents and
to never try to focus them on some general area of interest.
Because we have two samples when testing the significance of the difference between
two percentages instead of the one that we worked with for a hypothesis test, the
standard error term is calculated differently, called the standard error of the difference
between two percentages.
A scale which asks consumers the extent to which they agree or disagree with the
statement that Levi's 501 are good looking is a semantic differential scale.
To calculate a confidence interval for an average using your XL Data Analyst, you
should use:
GeneralizeConfidence IntervalAverage.
Raw counts appearing in a frequency table are used by chi-square analysis as "expected
If the XL Data Analyst has reported that the hypothesis of equal percents (the null
hypothesis) is "not supported," then there is a true difference between the two group
The range identifies the maximum and the minimum, and you can do a quick mental
calculation to see how many units are in between.
When managers have already defined the problem prior to calling upon researchers,
then researchers must resist the temptation to go along with the first definition
An advantage of in-office interviews is that they have low costs.
Descriptive research asks who, what, where, when and how; it also provides conclusive
answers to why and therefore, descriptive research establishes causality.
The four major ways to collect data are: have a person ask the questions, have a
computer assist or conduct the questioning, allow the respondents themselves to
complete the survey or use some combination of the first three.
In the confidence interval formula for sample size, if p=90, then q=90.
Knowledge of research design is helpful because certain designs can be matched with
certain problems and this provides a blueprint for the researcher.
The standard error will increase if the variation is increased.
"How satisfied are you with your textbook, measured on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1
being "not satisfied at all' and 5 being "very satisfied'", is an example of a natural
metric-response format question.
A database refers to a collection of data and information describing items of interest and
each unit of information in a database is called a record.
Standardized service firms provide syndicated marketing research services, as opposed
to syndicated data, to clients.
Questionnaire organization is important because the questionnaire's appearance and the
ease with which respondents complete the questions have the potential to affect the
quality of the data collected.
Census of the Population data serve as a baseline for much marketing information that
is produced during the "in-between" census years.
A symmetric labeled scale is recommended to measure lifestyle or opinion.
In a linear relationship formula, the variable being predicted is x.
You would select Summarize, Percents in XL Data Analyst to summarize categorical
Some firms serve both ultimate consumers and industrial consumers.
Dependent variables are those over which the experimenter has total, direct control;
they may be easily manipulated by experimenters.
Exploratory research is often carried out at the outset of research projects.
The typical response is referred to as the central tendency.
Most research projects do not follow an orderly, sequential process.
The formula for comparing differences between the percentages of two groups uses the
percentages from each group in the numerator.
Bivariate regression analysis is a predictive analysis technique in which two variables
only are in the predictive model; one is an independent variable and the other a
dependent variable.
Which of the following is NOT contained in the body of the report?
A) executive summary
B) introduction
C) results
D) methodology
E) conclusions
The first step in estimating a population value for a percentage is to ________.
A) determine the sample percent
B) determine q
C) solve for the standard error of the percentage
D) multiply the standard error value by the z value
E) subtract the limit from p to obtain the lower boundary, then add the limit to p to
obtain the upper boundary
What percent of the area under the normal curve is covered by 1.96 standard
A) 68
B) 75
C) 95
D) 99
E) 100
Which type of data refers to data that have been gathered by someone other than the
researcher and/or for some other purpose than the research project at hand?
A) basic data
B) primary data
C) complex data
D) secondary data
E) standardized data
Interview evaluation refers to:
A) an evaluation of the quality of the interviews by an editor
B) an evaluation of the interviews by the client/manager
C) an overall procedure for evaluation of the quality of the entire interviewing process
D) respondents being apprehensive about providing the "correct" answer
E) none of the above
A ________ is defined as an accounting of everyone in the population.
A) population
B) sample frame
C) communicate sample
D) total sample
E) census
Which of the following is most commonly unstructured, informal research that is
undertaken to gain
background information about the general nature of the research problem?
A) Casual research
B) Exploratory research
C) Causal research
D) Descriptive research
E) either A or D
The process of searching for and interpreting existing information relevant to the
research problem can be described as:
A) an experience survey
B) secondary data analysis
C) causal analysis
D) exploitive research
E) focus group research
Which of the following was NOT one of the four types of analysis objectives mentioned
in your textbook?
A) Description
B) Generalization
C) Differences
D) Relationships
E) Type II
In XL Data Analyst, if you want to summarize a categorical variable, you would select
which of the following?
A) click on XL Data Analyst, Categorical, Percents
B) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select either Percents or Averages
C) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Averages
D) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Percents
E) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Categorical
With ________, the researcher observes the effects or results of the behavior rather than
the behavior itself.
A) indirect observation
B) disguised observation
C) undisguised research
D) direct observation
E) guided observation
________ are offers to do something for the respondents in order to ________ the
probability that the respondents will participate in the survey.
A) Incentives; increase
B) Incentives; decrease
C) Bribes; increase
D) Bribes; decrease
E) none of the above
Which is not true of the zα, formula for a population percentage estimation?
A) The z stands for the z value for the level of confidence.
B) The z value will typically be for a 95% or 99% level of confidence.
C) The a equals the sample percentage.
D) The a will typically be for a 95% or 99% level of confidence.
E) The z value will normally correspond to 1.96 or 2.58 standard errors.
Which of the following is a data collection mode in which an interviewer reads
questions, either face-to-face or over the telephone, to the respondent and records the
A) person-administered survey
B) computer-administered survey
C) self-administered survey
D) hybrid survey
E) mixed-media survey
The primary advantage of the American Community Survey is that:
A) it will be a new form that is more interesting to people
B) new, more important questions will be asked
C) it will provide data annually instead of once every ten years
D) more people will be able to understand the questions
E) it will be translated into more languages
What is the command sequence for the XL Data Analyst to perform cross-tabulation
analysis and generate row and column percentage tables?
A) GoBoolean
B) SummarizeBooleanCross
C) RelateCrosstabs
D) Relate2 Variables
E) RelateBooleanStacked Bar
A ________ scale is one in which people will respond the same to an identical or
similar question. A ________ scale truly measures the construct under study.
A) reliable; valid
B) valid; reliable
C) valid; valid
D) valid, valued
E) none of the above
Which two factors justify the high cost of in-home personal interviewing?
A) need for personal contact and in-home environment is important
B) speed of interviewing and in-home environment is important
C) in-home environment is important and there is a need to interview family members
D) there is a need to view an ad
E) none of the above; nothing justifies the extremely high cost of interviews conducted
in the home
Mixed mode surveys are sometimes referred to as ________ surveys.
A) multiple response
B) bimodal
C) hybrid
D) modi
E) double
In order to develop the "right strategy" to succeed in business, managers must make the
right decisions; and in order to make the right decisions, they must have objective,
accurate, and timely:
A) reports about the competition
B) reports about customers wants and needs
C) information about market trends and changes
D) the number and sizes of market segments
E) information
Information collected in the census is collected:
A) by a long form sent to part of the citizens with the rest receiving a shorter form
B) internally at the Bureau of the Census
C) totally by sampling the citizenry
D) by a short form only and everyone receives the same census form to complete
E) only from those citizens having Internet access
Which of the following is NOT true of frequency and percentage distributions?
A) They quickly communicate how many respondents voted for each of the different
answers for a question.
B) They reveal how much agreement or disagreement there is among the respondents.
C) They express the variability of the respondents' responses.
D) The frequency distribution is preferred over percentages because frequencies are
intuitive and easy to handle.
E) They are tabulations of the responses to a categorical scale question in a survey.
Which of the following describes the situation in which the researcher knows who the
respondent is but does not identify the respondent with any information gathered from
that respondent to a client?
A) anonymity
B) secrecy
C) confidentiality
D) obscurity
E) ambiguity
Which of the following marketing information subsystems is NOT continuous?
A) consumer information support system
B) marketing research system
C) internal report system
D) decision support system
E) marketing intelligence system
What are the two goals of scale development?
A) effectiveness and efficiency
B) effectiveness and validity
C) validity and efficiency
D) validity and reliability
E) validity and value
Which of the following will increase mail survey response rates over 90%?
A) use of color
B) stamps, rather than preprinted postage paid on the return envelopes
C) use of a recognizable brand name
D) use of a celebrity endorser
E) none of the above
Which of the following is the following question an example of?
"On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the friendliness of Olive Garden's wait staff?"
A) Likert scale
B) one-way labeled scale
C) importance scale
D) unimportance scale
E) un-anchored n-point scale
Which of the following was NOT discussed as a disadvantage of using secondary data?
A) there is a mismatch of the units of measurement
B) differing classifications of the data in terms of what is available and what is needed
C) the data may be dated
D) data may be collected too quickly causing problems with the project schedule
E) geographic reporting units are incompatible
________ are physically verifiable characteristics such as age, gender, number of
bottles purchased, etc.
A) Objective metric open-ended features
B) Subjective metric open-ended features
C) Objective properties
D) Subjective properties
E) Elemental properties
Which of the following is most accurate?
A) The uniqueness of every problem situation precludes applying research designs.
B) Though every problem is unique there are enough similarities among problems and
objectives to allow us to make some advance decisions about the best plan to use to
resolve the problem.
C) Every problem is so unique there are not enough similarities among problems and
objectives to allow us to make any advance decisions about the best plan to use to
resolve the problem.
D) Since research standards are standard, actions determining the research design may
be pre-planned.
E) none of the above are accurate
It is often very helpful when preparing the research report to:
A) use #2 pencil
B) assume the role of the reader and ask: "What's in it for me?"
C) follow a previously-written report carefully
D) consult frequently with client employees
E) none of the above
Which of the following is a type of exploratory research which refers to a review of
available information about a former situation(s) that has some similarities to the
present research problem?
A) secondary data analysis
B) experience surveys
C) case analysis
D) projective techniques
E) focus group research
When given a low data collection budget, a researcher's choice of the data collection
method is typically limited to:
A) person-administered methods and in-office interviewing
B) mail, online and telephone
C) mail, in-home and out-of-office interviewing
D) mall intercept and mail
E) in-home, online or in-office interviewing
In creating research objectives, researchers should keep which four important qualities
of objectives in mind?
A) precise, operational, detailed, concise
B) precise, objective, detailed, concise
C) precise, operational, detailed, clear
D) precise, operational, symptomatic, clear
E) timely, cost-benefit, axiomatic, detailed