Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

BUSMKT 58960

February 5, 2017
Fashion trends tend to experience short product life cycles.
Because the goals of IMC are only part of the overall promotional plan, they do not
need to be explicit or measurable.
When analyzing the immediate environment and the macroenvironment, marketers
must be careful to keep the firm at the center of all analyses.
A buying center whose members reach a decision based on a collective agreement is
known as an autocratic buying center.
Companies are legally required to disclose their privacy practices to customers on an
annual basis.
Isaac is looking for ways to offer new goods and services to his existing customers. He
is pursuing a market development strategy.
When managers understand what their service providers are facing on a day-to-day
basis by directly observing them and talking to customers, it is called "management by
walking around."
As manager of a local donut shop, Arnie greets his regular customers by name and often
begins making their order when he sees them drive into the parking lot. Arnie knows
habitual purchasers with strong store loyalty are great customers.
Situational factors sometimes override psychological and social factors in the consumer
decision process.
Public service announcements (PSAs) represent a form of sales promotion.
Glocalization refers to a global marketing strategy in which each of the four Ps is
customized for each country.
One significant potential benefit of the Internet channel is its ability to enable retailers
to provide personalized offerings and services for each customer.
Organizational culture may vary by geography.
Demographic profiles of customers provide an easily understood 'snapshot" of the
typical consumer in target markets.
Brands that have developed loyal customers have a higher price elasticity of demand.
Test marketing refers to customers who modify existing products according to their own
ideas to suit their specific needs.
The introduction stage of the product life cycle is characterized by negative or low
Successful firms focus their efforts on satisfying customer needs that match their core
An example in the text describes a campaign by Grey Poupon that involved a Facebook
campaign targeted toward people who had "good taste." The campaign was criticized
for privacy issues that made it unethical. This occurred during the implementation
phase of the strategic marketing planning process.
As personal computers became popular, the sale of typewriters decreased significantly
and now typewriters are only used by a very small segment of consumers. Typewriters
are in the maturity stage of the product life cycle.
A major advantage of primary data collection is that it can be tailored to fit the pertinent
research needs.
An architect working for a large firm requests specific computer software to produce
designs, drawings, and other technical information for his clients. The architect
probably serves as a gatekeeper in the buying center.
The fact that the Apple iPad is easy to trydemo units are available at Apple stores as
well as other retail storesis helping it diffuse more quickly.
Latosha was employee of the month at Jersey Mike's Subs, primarily because she
provided excellent customer service by serving food quickly. This relates to the
reliability service dimension.
Understanding a customer's needs and wants is fundamental to marketing success.
Culture can broadly be defined as the shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and
customs of a group of people.
Relative market share is an example of a marketing metric.
The local school district realized it needed to upgrade the computers in the school
libraries. This represents the product specification stage of the B2B buying process.
Firms are typically more successful when they focus on opportunities that build on their
strengths relative to those of their competition.
Brainstorming in the ethical decision-making framework occurs immediately following
the identification of issues.
A well-designed social media marketing offer will have a clear call to action aimed at
Whereas objective measures seek to assess salespeople's behavior, subjective measures
are quantitative.
A mission statement describes the specific actions a firm will take to achieve its goals.
Costs related to supply and costs related to demand are the two primary cost categories.
The first step in the STP process is to establish an overall strategy.
In the United States, the federal government has enacted comprehensive privacy laws
for the Internet.
One reason retailers are reluctant to use distribution centers is that retail store space is
typically much less expensive than space at a distribution center, so it is more
cost-effective to store merchandise and get it ready for sale at the retail store rather than
at a distribution center.
In value-based marketing, the promotion element of the four Ps communicates the
________ to customers through a variety of media.
A. mission statement
B. operational excellence strategy
C. value proposition
D. relative market value
E. target market definition
During the __________ era, manufacturers and retailers began to focus on what
consumers wanted and needed before they designed, made, or attempted to sell their
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
ABC Company knew that its customers were interested in environmentally friendly
business practices, so it began marking all of its products as environmentally friendly
because they were made with all-natural ingredients, even though ABC's plant was one
of the worst polluters in town. The new term for this practice is
A. deceptive advertising.
B. greenwashing.
C. environmental exploitation.
D. virtual greening
E. enviromarketing.
Retailers that offer a broad variety of merchandise, limited services, and low prices are
known as
A. full-line discount stores.
B. convenience stores.
C. home improvement stores.
D. category specialists.
E. department stores.
Which of the following retail stores would emphasize personal selling the most as part
of the firm's promotional efforts?
A. jewelry store
B. convenience store
C. liquor store
D. secondhand clothing store
E. bakery
Which of the following is most likely to be characterized by pure competition in the
United States?
A. soybeans
B. cereal
C. soft drinks
D. computer operating systems
E. fast-food restaurants
Which of the following best describes a company sales force?
A. A company sales force is composed of people who are employees of the selling
B. A company sales force is made up of independent agents making cold calls.
C. A company sales force is a team set up to sell products to companies.
D. A company sales force is an organization that supplies sales reps to other companies.
E. A company sales force is composed of people both inside and outside the
One of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the __________,
where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a marketing communication.
A. decoding decomposition effect
B. lagged effect
C. noncommittal effect
D. viral effect
E. click-through delay
Think back to a time when you have said, "This is great idea. How come nobody
thought of this before?" Assuming no one has thought of it before, what would be the
first steps to take to develop a new product idea?
Unilever discovered that people in emerging economies could not afford to buy
standard sizes of toothpaste or shampoo, so Unilever started selling single-serve packets
at very low prices. Later, Unilever discovered that the same approach worked in the
United States and started also selling them there. This is an example of
A. reverse innovation.
B. glocalization.
C. ethnic sensitivity.
D. promotional flex.
E. unethical marketing practices.
Since Al's Auto Parts has had trouble with its windshield wiper manufacturer in the
past, it is requesting a guarantee from the company before it will place another order.
Which of the service quality dimensions is being addressed in this scenario?
A. ethics
B. assurance
C. tangibles
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
When comparing the various communication channels available to marketing
professionals, it becomes apparent that
A. consumers prefer advertising over other channels.
B. no single channel is better than another channel.
C. public relations is the least expensive, but the most successful.
D. personal selling is the most expensive and the least successful.
E. online marketing is taking the place of advertising and public relations.
Quitman Enterprises sells its business language dictionary to college students
throughout the United States. Joseph Quitman, the owner, wants to start selling the
book to international students abroad. Quitman wants to pursue a
__________________ growth strategy.
A. product proliferation
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
Which generation's members are also known as Millennials?
A. Baby Boomer
B. Gen X
C. Gen Y
D. Gen Z
E. the Digital Natives
A friend of yours comments, "I'm starting my own business. I have a perfect product
that no one else can touch, but I have no use for marketing. That's just for the
mega-corporations." Which of the following arguments would you not use in talking
about marketing?
A. Marketing helps new ventures organize, operate, and assess risk.
B. Marketers help address unmet customer needs, regardless of the size of the firm.
C. Marketing focuses on the product, but only as one element. Three other areas are
promotion, price, and place.
D. Marketers are skilled at communicating the value of the product to potential
E. Marketing isn't essential now, but it will be in a year or two when the product takes
At many universities, education faculty members were among the first to ask for
personal computers. These faculty members were __________ in the buying center.
A. buyers
B. initiators
C. influencers
D. deciders
E. gatekeepers
Marketers want their firms to develop excellent supply chain management and strong
supplier relations so they can
A. persuade stores to refuse to carry competitors' products.
B. use their power within the supply chain to force weaker firms to accept less
favorable pricing.
C. control prices and lock in margins.
D. create a sustainable competitive advantage.
E. justify charging higher prices than competitors do.
It is important to Joanne to get value for her money, but she does not want to spend time
comparison shopping. Joanne will likely respond to _______ pricing, but not to
_______ pricing.
A. high/low; EDLP
B. premium; high/low
C. high/low; premium
D. price skimming; high/low
E. EDLP; high/low
One Laptop Per Child is a nonprofit initiative with the goal of making extremely
low-cost laptops available to children in the developing world, with the goal of helping
them learn skills needed in today's workforce. If some of the low-cost technology
developed for this laptop found its way into laptops created for U.S. consumers, this
would be an example of
A. glocalization.
B. reverse innovation.
C. franchising.
D. a strategic alliance.
E. purchasing power parity.
Which of the following is not a recommended strategy for service recovery?
A. listening to the customer
B. finding a fair solution
C. resolving problems quickly
D. silencing an irate customer before the individual makes any angry outbursts
E. following procedural fairness when solving problems
When marketers state that services are __________, they are referring to the fact that
services cannot be stored for use in the future.
A. intangible
B. inseparable
C. heterogeneous
D. durable
E. perishable
At the break-even point,
A. costs are zero.
B. price is maximized.
C. profits are zero.
D. fixed costs are zero.
E. contribution per unit is zero.
When conducting exploratory concept testing for her firm's new Internet antipiracy
software, which is the most important question that Dee should ask?
A. How long will it take to bring the software to market?
B. Will respondents purchase the software if it becomes available?
C. Who will determine the price to be charged?
D. Where should the product be sold?
E. Which computer trade show will be used to introduce the product?
In a(n) __________ situation, the buyer has purchased a similar product in the past but
has decided to change some specifications.
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. adapted buy
E. generic buy
Jordan loves to read and write. She started a blog about books, including writing hints
and book reviews. The readership of her blog gradually increased, and eventually
publishers started sending her new books, hoping she would review them. Over time,
Jordan's blog has changed from a __________ blog to a __________ blog.
A. professional; network
B. professional; personal
C. personal; professional
D. personal; social
E. social; network
Compared to the average company, firms with strong ethical climates tend to
A. employ more business development consultants.
B. offer more goods and services.
C. be more socially responsible.
D. invest more in sales training software.
E. have higher turnover.
A pricing tactic is
A. a long-term and broad-based approach to pricing.
B. an integrative pricing approach based on the five Cs.
C. an approach that can be used only with consumers.
D. a short-term approach that is often in response to a competitive threat.
E. an approach that can be used only in a business-to-business setting.
If the inflation rate in Mexico was twice the rate in the United States, but the Mexican
monetary authorities kept the peso-dollar exchange rate almost constant, which of the
following would be true?
A. The high inflation rate in Mexico would increase its citizens' purchasing power.
B. The high inflation rate in Mexico would mean that its products would cost less
C. Mexican products would be less expensive, while U.S.-made products would
become comparatively more expensive.
D. Mexican products would be more expensive, while U.S.-made products would
become comparatively less expensive.
E. U.S.-made products would become less attractive to purchase.
Although firms such as restaurants have difficulty controlling service quality from day
to day, they do have control over
A. how they communicate the services they promise.
B. the price of ingredients.
C. the attitudes of customers.
D. the way customers view them compared to competitors.
E. the knowledge gap consumers create.
Demographic segmentation is segmentation based on all of the following except
A. age.
B. gender.
C. education.
D. income.
E. lifestyle.
Which of the BRIC countries has one of the youngest populations in the world and is
increasingly adopting global attitudes?
A. Russia
B. Brazil
C. India
D. Italy
E. China
A service is any intangible offering that involves a deed, performance, or effort that
A. cannot be physically possessed.
B. is high-priced.
C. is supported solely through advertising.
D. can be transformed into a physical product.
E. offers benefits but not costs.
Most banks implement customer retention programs aimed at their best customers.
They do this because they know that retaining customers usually results in
A. a product development growth strategy.
B. an operational advantage.
C. opportunities for diversification.
D. increased long-term profits.
E. more clearly defined market segments.
Computer game companies constantly monitor computer game-related blogs keeping
track of the latest hot products, because they know that their customers crave the "latest
and greatest" games. They use this information to create new products that primarily
provide the benefit of
A. keeping up in a market where sales come mostly from new products.
B. satisfying the changing needs of former customers.
C. avoiding market penetration from products that have been on the market for a long
D. creating diversification and reducing risk.
E. taking advantage of a long product cycle.
Identify the four general types of organizational buying center cultures, and explain
how these may impact the approach taken by a salesperson.
What is the added benefit to a manufacturer of using rebates rather than coupons?
Marketers know perception is a highly selective process. What does this mean for
Jacinta has just learned that a brand of clothing she has been selling for years in her
store is being made by workers in sweatshops, under inhumane working conditions, by
workers paid subsistence wages. Which of the questions in the ethical decision-making
metric will most likely affect her decision to discontinue the brand?
Conventional supermarkets still sell a majority of food merchandise, but they are under
substantial competitive pressures. Who are the emerging competitors and what can they
offer customers that conventional supermarkets do not?
Describe the objective and subjective ways that can be used to evaluate a salesperson's
performance. When should each be used?
Define the term postpurchase cognitive dissonance and give an example of when this
happened to you. Then explain what the company could have done to lessen your
General Electric is developing a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device to be
marketed to family practice physicians. These new machines will be much smaller and
less expensive than the existing MRI machines now in most hospitals. What factors will
probably affect the diffusion of these new machines?
Garrett is a sales rep for a line of golf equipment. He has been trying to get his sales
manager to allow him to rent a booth at the upcoming PGA (Professional Golfers'
Association) Show held every January in Orlando. Garrett is putting together a list of
the benefits of displaying his company's products at the show. What benefits should his
list include?
What basic rule should be used in creating sales evaluation criteria?
When the major league baseball season opens in April, teams that are located in the
Midwest and Northeast are still experiencing colder and frequent rainy weather. This
often results in fewer fans attending these April games. What can these ball clubs do to
maximize their revenue during this time period?
What is puffery? Why is puffery not illegal in the United States? Give an example of an
advertising message containing puffery.
Every day we can see local car dealerships advertising on television. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of television advertising for local car dealerships?
Describe the four steps in the ethical decision-making framework and include some
questions that should be asked in each step.
For a car salesperson, what are good ways of generating leads?
Omnichannel retailing has many potential advantages, but it also has challenges. What
are they?