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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
Glazetech Inc., a software giant, is involved in the production of a technologically
complex product that is the first of its kind in the market and is slated to be sold to the
entire organization. Considering its uniqueness, its manufacturers quote a high price in
the market. Considering these aspects, which of the following teams or people are most
suitable to support its sales force?
A. Missionary salespeople
B. Technical sales specialists
C. Cross-functional sales teams
D. Hierarchical sales teams
For the last decade, Value Foods has sold frozen vegetables in various types of sauces.
In 2002, the company changed its packaging and began offering frozen vegetables in
resealable bags with separate frozen-sauce pellets. In which of the new product
categories would this new method of packaging frozen vegetables fall?
A. New-to-the-world products
B. New-to-the-firm products
C. Additions to existing product lines
D. Improvements and revisions of existing products
Which of the following is an ethical and legal concern associated with sales
A. Invading privacy through excessive telemarketing
B. Using unauthorized mailing lists to reach consumers
C. Reinforcing unfavorable ethnic or racial stereotypes
D. Failing to disclose product limitations or safety concerns
Under a single policy, Reassurance Inc., an insurance company, provides insurance
covering areas such as healthcare, accident, and property to independent corporations.
By doing this, Reassurance aims to:
A. connote value and convenience for its customers.
B. create a signal that its service is exceptionally fine.
C. increase sales through steep price discounting.
D. encourage customers to view it as an upholder of high quality.
The best-known psychographic segmentation called _____, which was originally
developed in the 1970s, explains and predicts consumer behavior.
_____ are people who control the flow of information in the buying center.
A. Initiators
B. Gatekeepers
C. Deciders
D. Influencers
Which of the following is true of the advertising budget approach of per-unit
A. It bases its advertising budgets on those of competitors or other members of the
B. It is related to the percent of sales technique in which a fixed monetary amount is
spent on advertising for each unit of a product expected to be sold.
C. It sets the advertising budget as a predetermined share of profits or financial
D. It views sales as a function of advertising, rather than advertising as a function of
The depth of a product mix refers to the:
A. average number of products in each product line.
B. degree of similarity between product lines.
C. number of product lines handled by the organization.
D. total number of products or items in the company's product mix.
Consumer attitudes, preferences, and benefits sought, which are determined through
marketing research:
A. are commonly used as operational concepts for segmentation purposes.
B. are directly translated into theoretical concepts about target markets.
C. need not always be aligned with the organization's overall strategic objectives.
D. are unaffected by factors like development of new technology or nature of the
_____ are methods used to determine how resources should be allocated among the
various strategic business units (SBUs) in an organization.
A. Portfolio models
B. Matrix models
C. Variable models
D. Vector models
Which of the following observations about social classes in the United States is true?
A. The middle class makes up more than half of the American population.
B. The proportion of population belonging to the upper class in the U.S. is the smallest.
C. The working class and lower Americans have identical demographic features,
consumption goals, and economic capabilities.
D. The social classes are the sole determining factor for the purpose of market
Research on market leaders' CSMs found that:
A. customer satisfaction was incorporated into the strategic focus of the company via
the articles of incorporation.
B. results of all research were always made available to customers.
C. research was not performed on a continual basis.
D. the human resource department was primarily responsible for designing CSM
Which of the following products is most likely to be priced using the prestige pricing
A. A bottle of liquor
B. A loaf of bread
C. A bag of potato chips
D. A carton of milk
Which of the following exemplifies an internal source of data that could be used by a
marketing decision support system?
A. Company data on expenditure for advertising
B. Industry data on expenditure for sales promotions
C. Economic environmental change statistics
D. Global information on competitors
Which of the following is true of wholesaler-sponsored voluntary chains?
A. They involve a parent company and an independent firm entering into a contractual
relationship to set up and operate a business in a particular way.
B. They involve a group of independent retailers uniting and agreeing to pool buying
and managerial resources to improve competitive position.
C. They involve a wholesaler contracting with a number of retailers performing channel
functions for it.
D. They involve a retailer assuming ownership of its primary manufacturer through the
presence of a channel leader.
When individual sales personnel are assigned specific regions to handle and represent
all of a company's products, it is indicative that the company follows a:
A. product structure to organize its sales force.
B. geographical structure to organize its sales force.
C. customer specific sales management approach.
D. major account management or team selling approach.
Curexa, a popular health food store, obtains over fifty percent of the goods it sells in its
retail stores from wholesalers that it partially or wholly owns. In this case, Curexa is
participating in a _____ vertical marketing system.
A. retail cooperative
B. contractual
C. selective wholesale
D. corporate
Which of the following often brings about an investigation of consumer needs and
wants for new or modified products and services?
A. Organizational objectives
B. Organizational portfolio
C. New technology
D. Production orientation
Since September 11, 2001, the number of people attending church and looking toward
religion to provide solace has increased. As a result, Bible publishers have developed
the Starting Point Study Bible, that explains what they are reading, and includes a
dictionary of biblical terms. In this scenario, the changes in the _____ have led to the
publication of the Starting Point Study Bible.
A. social environment
B. competitive environment
C. cooperative environment
D. economic environment
Price discrimination, which lessens competition or is deemed injurious to it, is outlawed
by the _____ Act.
A. Robinson-Patman
B. Taft-Hartley
C. Clayton
D. Federal Trade Commission
Consumer promotions on a product are primarily meant to:
A. discourage customers to trade up.
B. encourage retailers to place more emphasis on selling the product.
C. induce customers to try the product.
D. increase a manufacturer's inventories and reduce a distributor's or retailer's
A company is entering the deodorant market. Its marketing manager decides that the
market should be divided on the basis of whether the consumers are nonusers, light
users, or heavy users of deodorants. Which of the following approaches to segmentation
is the company using?
A. A priori segmentation
B. Empirical segmentation
C. Post hoc segmentation
D. A posteriori segmentation
MicroBionics is a firm that manufactures digital hearing aids which, unlike analog
hearing aids, can be programmed to mask out external noise. The company has
determined that its competitive advantage lies in its product, while its weakness is the
associated manufacturing costs. Target market opportunities exist within the maturing
baby boomer segment. One challenge that the company faces is competing with another
well-established brand called BelTone. In this case, which of the following steps in the
market segmentation process has MicroBionics completed?
A. Development of the product positioning strategy
B. Delineation of the firm's current position
C. Division of the market on relevant segmentation variables
D. Design of the marketing mix strategy
_____ constitutes moderate consumer behavior but still involves some time and effort
searching for and comparing alternatives.
A. Limited decision making
B. High-involvement decision making
C. Routine decision making
D. Extensive decision making
Identify the impact of mass communication and mass transit on subcultures that have
been growing in the United States.
A. It has led to an increase in crimes against existing cultural groups.
B. It has led to the addition of a significant amount of homogeneity in the population.
C. It has led to a decline in the understanding of religious values and beliefs.
D. It has led to a decrease in the existence of subcultural barriers.

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