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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
As a determinant of service quality, reliability involves the:
A. consistency and dependability of the service performance.
B. physical evidence of the service.
C. levels of creativity of the services provided.
D. knowledge and competence of service providers and the ability to convey trust and
Which of the following is the last stage of the market segmentation process?
A. Delineating the firm's current situation
B. Designing the marketing mix strategy
C. Dividing markets on relevant dimensions
D. Developing product positioning
In the final stage of the market segmentation process, the _____ is developed in
conjunction with target market selection.
A. growth profile
B. statement of purpose
C. mission statement
D. marketing mix
Hannah, a computer engineer at Imagework Inc., observes that a few computers in her
office need an upgrade as they seem to have various performance-related issues. After
preliminary research, she thinks it is better to have the computers replaced rather than
upgrading them as that would be more cost-effective. She begins the purchasing process
by issuing a buying tender to her manager. In this scenario, Hannah plays the
purchasing role of a(n) _____.
A. initiator
B. decider
C. gatekeeper
D. influencer
What is the function of the Nielsen PRIZM?
A. It is a system that enables firms to understand and improve the position of their
technology, brands, products, media, or channels.
B. It is a form of psychographic segmentation that classifies consumers according to
their lifestyles and predicted behavior.
C. It is a form of geodemographic segmentation that classifies every U.S. neighborhood
into one of 14 groups.
D. It is a type of mass marketing strategy based on the benefits that consumers want
from the products they purchase.
In which of the following stores is a narrow but very deep product assortment found?
A. A hypermarket
B. A category killer
C. A mass merchandiser
D. A convenience store
According to the VALSâ„¢ model, Experiencers are:
A. driven by the level of resources and innovation.
B. driven by knowledge and principles.
C. driven to demonstrate success.
D. driven by a desire for social or physical activity.
Lystronia Inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer of culture media products. The
company produces and supplies prepared media to laboratories all over the world for
growing and testing microorganisms. Since Lystronia's customers are restricted to the
healthcare industry, Lystronia typically operates in a _____.
A. parallel market
B. vertical market
C. horizontal market
D. high-demand market
_____ is an online 'pass-it-along' strategy that uses electronic media to generate brand
messages throughout a wide network of buyers.
A. Viral marketing
B. Crowdsourcing
C. Microblogging
D. Scope marketing
Joe and his team are working to develop a new product. They have been given a fixed
budget and a rough estimate of the time left until the product must hit the market. The
team's key concern is that the product would be too costly and time-consuming to
produce. Which of the following kinds of risk is likely to be faced by Joe and his team?
A. Strategic risk
B. Market risk
C. Internal risk
D. Credit risk
In which of the following stages of the market segmentation process would a firm need
to decide whether to use a post hoc or an a priori approach to segmenting a market?
A. Determining customer needs and wants
B. Delineating the firm's current situation
C. Dividing markets on relevant dimensions
D. Deciding a segmentation strategy
For which of the following products is a seller most likely to use a going-rate pricing
A. Sports cars
B. Wedding apparel
C. Whole milk
D. Designer furniture
A _____ would most likely require joint decision making because of the many kinds of
expertise that are required to make the best decision.
A. straight rebuy
B. modified rebuy
C. new task purchase
D. straight task buy
Which of the following sources of information regarding a purchase decision includes
factors such as advertising, salespeople, dealers, packaging, and displays?
A. Internal source
B. Group source
C. Marketing source
D. Public source
Which of the following statements best pertains to model base management software
required by marketing information systems?
A. The software permits marketers to categorize and sort databases.
B. The software contains routines for manipulating data.
C. The software produces information to address decision-making needs.
D. The software helps in retrieving data from internal and external sources.
_____ involves wholesalers purchasing channel members above them.
A. Backward integration
B. Contractual marketing
C. Parallel ownership
D. Franchising system
At the end of the first stage of the marketing research process, managers and
researchers should agree on:
A. whether or not the company will undertake a test marketing exercise based on the
B. who will be responsible for designing observational forms and questionnaires.
C. the specific question or questions the research is designed to investigate.
D. the type of quantitative research to be used in the current study.

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