Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition


October 29, 2015
According to the VALSâ„¢ framework, consumers categorized as Experiencers and
Makers are motivated primarily by _____.
A. ideals
B. achievement
C. role models
D. self-expression
Which of the following refers to responsiveness?
A. The willingness or readiness of employees or professionals to provide service.
B. The consistency and dependability of the service performance.
C. The physical evidence of the service.
D. The knowledge and competence of service providers and the ability to convey trust
and confidence.
Personal care products that bring to the purchaser feelings of self-enhancement and
security in addition to the essential benefits they offer are examples of _____.
A. meta products
B. generic products
C. tangible products
D. conventional products
Which of the following scenarios shows how a product was improved by modifying its
marketing dimensions?
A. The Caribbean cruise was improved by adding two more stops in Mexico.
B. The 800-page history of chiropody was modified by including an extensive index.
C. Liz Claiborne increased the number of retail outlets that carries its sportswear.
D. The Dillard House restaurant added three new vegetarian dishes to its menu.
A physician-patient relationship is categorized as a _____ relationship.
A. dealer
B. client
C. supplier
D. customer
The demand for organizational goods is a(n) _____.
A. end-user demand
B. direct demand
C. derived demand
D. low-value demand
Which of the following is the primary focus of psychographic segmentation?
A. Mass marketing
B. Consumer benefits
C. Demographic variables
D. Consumer lifestyles
Zokoi Entertainment Ltd., an international multiplex corporation, charges different
prices for movie tickets on different days. The tickets are priced relatively lower on
week days and are more expensive on weekends as they expect more crowds during the
weekends. This implies that the corporation uses an _____ pricing strategy.
A. upscale
B. off-peak
D. odd
A product development strategy:
A. involves creating new products for customers not currently being served.
B. offers an new and improved version of an existing product to its present customers.
C. involves merely introducing a product to a new market.
D. deals with developing a production plan for a product.
Based on research on market leaders' customer satisfaction programs, which of the
following is true of the various aspects of customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) of
an organization?
A. There was a commitment to increasing service quality and customer satisfaction
from employees at the top levels within the organization.
B. Top management was primarily responsible for designing CSM programs and
C. Results of all research related to customer measurement were made available to
customers, but not necessarily to employees.
D. Evaluations related to customer measurement included both the company's and
competitors' satisfaction performance.
From a marketer's perspective, which of the following is a characteristic of direct
A. It decreases store traffic.
B. It is effective in generating sales leads.
C. It offers less privacy.
D. It is very time consuming.
GenX Techware Inc. is a manufacturer of computer monitors in the city of Osmon. Its
marketing team conducts research to determine whether sales among women are likely
to rise in response to the availability of brightly-colored monitors. The team creates a
set of written questions to be answered by a group of over 3500 female respondents all
over the city and mails these questions to the respondents. Based on the data it obtains,
GenX will make a decision about whether or not to launch brightly-colored monitors.
This scenario best exemplifies the method of _____.
A. observational research
B. archival research
C. experimental research
D. survey research
Which of the following strategies is used when an automobile manufacturing company
introduces a new car model to replace an existing one and advertises it in its present
A. Market development
B. Product development
C. Product diversification
D. Market penetration
Which of the following statements is true of new product planning and development?
A. Most new products that are introduced in the market are successful.
B. New product development and introduction is a relatively cheap process as it does
not involve opportunity costs.
C. Companies have relatively similar patterns of effectiveness of their new product
D. New product sales grow far more rapidly than sales of current products.
Which of the following is true of the different stages in a product life cycle?
A. Profits increase and are positively correlated with sales during the growth stage of
the product life cycle.
B. The production and marketing costs are generally low during the introduction phase
of the product life cycle.
C. The growth stage is the last stage of the product life cycle.
D. The amount of time and money spent on promoting products is highest in the decline
stage of the product life cycle.
Serenity Incorporation is a leading international watch manufacturer and has
established several stores across Europe. The company competes on a
market-by-market basis and each of its international subsidiaries operates
autonomously. This indicates that Serenity Incorporation is a:
A. global corporation.
B. state-owned corporation.
C. national corporation.
D. multidomestic corporation.
Which of the following is a typical reason for eliminating new product ideas during the
idea screening stage?
A. Most new product ideas were heard and evaluated and therefore not considered
B. Firms lack the expertise to efficiently assess the worth of the new ideas
C. The technology available is not sufficient to produce the product profitably
D. Shortage of time results in new ideas being eliminated without proper analysis
After conducting market research in India and China, Rockford Automobiles Inc., an
American company, discovers that only people belonging to the upper and middle
income groups in these countries are likely to buy its cars. Which of the following
organizational issues has the company based its marketing research on?
A. Population characteristics
B. Culture
C. Management process
D. Structure
Which of the following is an example of social influences on consumer behavior?
A. Eva purchases a mini skirt after reading Seventeen, a magazine for teens, where a
fashion editor writes that any teen who wants to be considered "in vogue" must wear
short skirts.
B. The manufacturer of a line of aromatherapy candles markets its products through an
exclusive chain of health and wellness stores across the country.
C. Ernie decides against buying a new dress for Easter as she is saving up for a designer
gown she wishes to purchase later that year for her wedding.
D. Barath purchases a pair of Rough Terrain brand shoes instead of the Unisole brand
because the Unisole shoes aren't within Barath's budget.
A high degree of product involvement typically encourages _____ decision making by
A. optional
B. limited
C. extensive
D. routine