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It would not be unethical to continue interviewing for positions after you have already
accepted employment with a particular firm.
The mayor owns property next to one of the proposed sites for the city's new baseball
stadium. The mayor has a conflict of interest and should not vote on the location of the
stadium when the city council takes action on the site.
Discuss the ethics of posing as another for purposes of investigating an issue or
Describe the impact of a company's reliance on computer models.
Your company has several outdated computers sitting in a storage closet that no one is
using. You have taken one home and set it up for personal use. This is unethical
Your company's policy on company vehicles is that no family members may use them
or ride in them. It would be unethical to use a company car to drive you and your
spouse to a movie.
Deleted e-mail cannot be obtained during discovery when a company is in litigation.
Halfon and Freeman are in agreement on the basics of stakeholder theory.
WorldCom's accounting issues were discovered by its head of internal audit.
Alice is a co-worker who is going through a divorce and has two small children. Alice's
husband is not paying the child support the temporary court order requires. As a result,
Alice is broke until she can get her court hearing. Alice has been able, through diverting
checks returned to the company, to take about $2200 from the company to "temporarily
help her cover her bills," as she has explained to you. You must report Alice's
"To bribe or not to bribe" is a set-up for the either/or conundrum.
Your college of business is sponsoring a case competition. All teams must watch the
other teams compete. The order of presentation is by luck of a draw. The team that is
the last to present left during one of the presentations, went to the computer room and
redid its PowerPoint slides and restructured its presentation based on what other teams
had presented. This team has done nothing wrong.
"We didn"t think of them as bribes. We thought of them as useful expenditures," is an
example of virtue ethics.
Ethical codes for companies cannot apply internationally.
Normative standards are the same as legal standards.
Jonathan Lebed has been shunned because of his youthful stock trading.
WorldCom employees who followed orders and made the accounting entries for
capitalizing ordinary expenses served prison time.
Ten years after the Valdez spill, scientists concluded there were no indications of
continuing oiling effects.

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