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Chiquita officials said that they either had to make payments to a mercenary and
terrorist group or its employees were in danger. Evaluate the company's reasoning.
If my supervisor asked me to cover for him by lying about his whereabouts, I should
agree to do it but remind him that I can't make it a habit.
It is an ethical violation to disclose personnel information about your co-workers even
to your family.
The failure to speak out when an ethical or legal lapse occurs within your firm is in
itself an ethical violation.
The safest and simplest conflict of interest policy for purchasing agents is to accept
nothing from suppliers.
Taking your current employer's customer list to a prospective employer is a breach of
The failure of an auditor to disclose the possible obsolescence of a firm's major product
is a judgment call and not an ethical issue.
Explain the correlation between the amount of corruption in a country and economic
You are taking a graduate level course in management that will help you in performing
your duties at work. Each week you must submit case analyses to your professor. Using
work time to complete the analyses would be unethical.
Explain how Ms. Winters began her habit of taking snack food while working at
Royal Dutch had overstated its reserves by 22%.
A landlord cannot be held vicariously liable for the infringing sales of a tenant.
Compare the New Era and Baptist Foundation cases. What common threads do you
There is no difference between taking an LSAT review course and using a law school
application consultant.
Smart-pigging is used to detect weakness in deepwater oil wells.
List all who were affected by the Kodak employee's deal on the valuation of Kodak's
Your unit has not been able to meet its sales goals for your quarter. Your assistant has
suggested that you ship out enough goods to meet the quarterly goals by simply
overshipping quantities on customer orders. When the goods are returned, you would
simply take the returns in the next quarter after you have had more of an opportunity to
meet goals. Your assistant's suggestion is a breach of ethics.
Discuss the actions of the Duke faculty members with their ad and their follow-up
The penalties imposed for FCPA violations have been increasing.

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