Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 786 Midterm

July 13, 2015
Stories and psychological description fail to build emotional appeal.
A root word followed by a minus (-) sign will yield other words that include the root
Explicit disagreement about a point being made in a meeting signals that the comment
is worth taking seriously.
Hidden negatives are words that are not negative in themselves but become negative in
When an employer offers the job to an applicant, the applicant should immediately
accept it or decline it on the phone.
Stories that tell the audience what they already know are good because they reinforce
the audiences confidence.
If you have bad news for the reader, it is best to put it before your explanation.
What are dangling modifiers and misplaced modifiers?
_____ benefits are rewards that are "added on;" they do not necessarily come from
using the product or doing the action.
What does a person who has been out of the job market for a while need to prove to a
potential employer?
How can a person be an effective meeting participant?
What are the two problems that reader benefits help overcome?
Applicants must write a _____ letter when they know that the company is hiring.
_____ refer to the issues to which your audience has a strong emotional response.
What is a comma splice? How can it be corrected?
Briefly explain the pattern that helps writers maintain goodwill while giving bad news
to customers or people outside their organization.