Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 638 Midterm 1

July 13, 2015
If the recommendations will seem difficult or controversial, writers must simply list
them without comments or reasons.
Letters dont require subject lines.
Rules of good business writing include conventions adopted by an organization so that
its documents are consistent.
The word "guess" has a positive connotation as opposed to the word "assume" that has
a negative connotation.
Making assumptions always helps expedite the decision-making process, while asking
questions causes unnecessary delay.
Steve is preparing a business proposal that has to be sent to a prospective client. He is
concerned about putting adequate information in the proposal while maintaining quality
in terms of grammar and punctuation. Which of the following should Steve do?
A. Not worry about grammar and punctuation because it does not matter in business
B. Focus on getting the ideas and their organization right
C. Scan for and iron out grammar and punctuation errors in the first draft of the
proposal itself
D. Focus on using complex and ambiguous language
E. Use comma splice
How should visuals in a written document be used in a presentation?
Why is it important for a writer to provide advantages to the reader while presenting
reader benefits?
Why is it important to know how a recipients e-mail system works?
_____ are words that are not negative in themselves but become negative in context.
How does a chronological resume differ from a skills resume?
What are the several varieties of bar charts?
You should use _____ around words to indicate that you think the term is misleading.
According to Intels agendas that specify how decisions will be made, the _____
decision-making process requires discussions to continue until everyone can "buy into"
a decision.
_____ is a words literal or dictionary meaning.
Mention the strategies suggested by psychologist Robert Boice for overcoming writers