Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 482 Quiz

July 13, 2015
For e-mail messages, subject lines must be specific, concise, and catchy.
Audit reports are examples of analytical reports.
A way to create white space is to use headings.
Writers should substitute single words with wordy phrases.
In an information interview, inexperienced individuals such as recent college graduates
are interviewed to find out what their job expectations are.
Closed multiple-choice questions must never be used when handling potentially
embarrassing issues.
To create you-attitude, one must avoid using the word "you" in negative situations.
In business communication, phrases such as"I hope" and "I trust that" are typically used
to indicate a shift.
A suggestion to make documents bias-free is to avoid terms that suggest that competent
people are unusual.
The Internet provides excellent opportunities to network through e-mail and listservs.
Most readers are tolerant of the word "I" in e-mail messages.
An ideal job makes an employee even more employable in the future.
The word "fearful" has a negative connotation as opposed to the word "cautious" that
has a positive connotation.
Which of the following is true of a letterhead?
A. It refers to the section of a letter which contains the subject line.
B. It is preprinted stationery with the organizations name, logo, address, and phone
C. It refers the reader to the number used on the previous correspondence.
D. It tells what a letter is about.
E. It refers to the blind copy of a letter.
Your company has experienced a decrease in revenue over the past year. As your sales
employees are paid through a combination of a base salary plus commission based on
sales, they have felt the pinch. To reduce costs further, you decide to ask sales
employees to voluntarily take a 20% salary cut during this tough economic time. In the
subject line of your message, you write, "Would You Be Willing to Take a 20% Pay Cut
for the Company?" This is:
A. a good strategy because employees will see the big picture and realize whats good
for the company is also good for them.
B. a good strategy because it is a direct request.
C. a bad strategy because employees who are reluctant to the idea are immediately
given the opportunity to decline.
D. a bad strategy because it makes your stance on the issue clear with no scope for
E. a good strategy as it deemphasizes the you-attitude.
How should a candidate respond when asked to describe himself using one adjective?
A. He should pick a negative adjective and show that he is willing to convert it to a
B. He should pick a negative adjective that is unrelated to the job and buffer it with a
positive adjective.
C. He should pick a positive adjective that can be supported with a specific example.
D. He should pick a positive adjective that is related to his personal life.
If the title of a report does not contain the recommendation, it:
A. points out additional research that is necessary, if any.
B. includes thank you notes for the reader.
C. indicates the three highest levels of headings.
D. indicates what problem the report tries to solve.
Which of the following is true of the different stages of group development?
A. During formation, group members begin to define their tasks and goals.
B. The orientation stage of a groups development is dominated by conflicts among
group members.
C. Coordination is the longest phase, during which most of the groups work is done.
D. During formalization, conflicts arise as the group chooses a leader.
E. All of the above.
"I have negotiated an agreement that gives you a 10% discount on any flight ticket
bought using our corporate credit card." Which of the following is true with regard to
this sentence?
A. The sentence displays good you-attitude because it contains a reader benefit.
B. The sentence displays good you-attitude because it contains the word "you."
C. The sentence lacks you-attitude because it focuses on the writers actions.
D. The sentence lacks you-attitude because it uses an impersonal construction.
E. The sentence has enough potential to create goodwill between the writer and the
reader primarily because it focuses on the writers generosity.
Which of the following is true about compound sentences?
A. They have one main and one subordinate clause.
B. They sound vague when there are two clauses and the ideas are closely related.
C. They contain a single clause acting as the main clause.
D. They have two main clauses often joined with "and."
E. None of the above statements are true.
Calculate the mean of the sample below.
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55
A. 8
B. 55
C. 15.7
D. 10.5
E. 6.5
Writers should present advantages when they present reader benefits because:
A. new policies benefit only the organization.
B. intrinsic benefits do not appeal to readers.
C. few workers see their own interests as identical with the organizations.
D. employees are more concerned about extrinsic benefits than intrinsic benefits.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following is the best reason to use positive emphasis in a progress report?
A. To hope your teacher doesnt notice that you really havent done any work yet
B. To create an image of yourself as a capable, confident worker
C. To keep your boss from realizing until the project is complete that you have
completely changed the direction of your project
D. To deemphasize the fact that you have already used up all the money allocated to the
E. All of the above
How does an information interview help job hunters?
A. It can help improve their resume and application letter.
B. It could turn into a referral interview.
C. It can create a good image of them in the mind of the interviewer.
D. It can help them tap into the hidden job market.
E. All of the above are ways in which job hunters can benefit through an information
Which of the following will ensure that visuals are accurate?
A. Differentiating between actual and estimated or projected values
B. Using perspective and three-dimensional graphs
C. Combining graphs with different scales
D. Starting graphs with a negative base
E. Truncating a scale of a graph, without a break in the bars or in the background
Which of the following works best to overcome writer€s block according to
psychologist Robert Boice?
A. Participate actively in the organization and the community.
B. Talk positively to yourself.
C. Talk about writing to other people.
D. Practice writing regularly and in moderation.
E. A combination of all of the above actions works best to overcome writer€s block.
What should job applicants do to prepare for future job interviews after they get the job
that they want?
Creating Web logs, or _____, is an increasingly popular way of communicating on the
_____ never indent paragraphs.
In a _____ letter, asking for a job in the first paragraph is dangerous.
In its most basic sense, _____ means using precise words and asking questions about
what a person reads and hears.
How should you mark errors in a document when you do not have access to a
What guidelines should you follow if a memo runs two pages or more?