Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 452

July 13, 2015
General to particular, a pattern for organizing information, starts with the problem as
the audience defines it and moves to larger issues of which the problem is a part.
People who listen looking for flaws, tend to focus on the substance of what the speaker
says, not his or her appearance or delivery.
The sentence, "Your order is currently being processed," exhibits you-attitude.
In a memorized sales presentation, the buyer typically talks about 80 percent of the
In a monologue presentation, rather than functioning as an expert with all the answers,
the speaker serves as a facilitator to help the audience tap its own knowledge.
Standard word-processing programs such as Word and WordPerfect cannot create
bulleted or numbered lists automatically.
Shifting your emphasis away from the message to the specific reader suggests that
serving the reader is not your real concern.
Freelancing is never considered as work experience.
Word choices usually do not make a difference in setting a letter apart from the other
letters that a company is likely to receive in response to an ad.