Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 354

July 13, 2015
A skills resume lists in chronological order the experiences a person has had that
qualify him or her for a job.
In mixed punctuation, a colon follows the salutation and a comma follows the close.
When you have negatives, second-person is better you-attitude than third-person.
To better prepare for future job interviews, applicants should jot down notes about what
they learn.
Standard word-processing programs such as Word and Google Docs do not let you
control how your page looks.
Delivering bad news is especially tough when it comes to firing someone.
Virus titles are fairly specific and easy to identify.
For outgoing people, showing their enthusiasm seems like acting.
During interviews, job applicants must let their comments show their interest.
A bar chart or a line graph is best used to compare one item to another item, or items
over time.
What is the significance of transition words?
How long should a job application letter be?
_____ measures whether a voice uses sounds that are low or high.
Mention four pointers to remember while creating a video resume.
Define psychological description. How does it help?