Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUSI 147 Test 2

July 13, 2015
General to particular, a pattern for organizing information, helps writers to redefine the
readers perception of a problem.
The symbol, "#" is used as a proofreading symbol to mark a portion of the text that has
to be deleted.
Psychological description is most likely to backfire when subjunctive verbs are used.
An opener and close developed in oral style uses shorter sentences and shorter, simpler
words than the written style does.
Every visual need not tell a story.
The mainstream U.S. culture shows attention and involvement by making eye contact,
leaning forward, and making acknowledgment responses.
Which of the following is not a good reason for omitting recommendations from the
title of a report?
A. There is only one recommendation.
B. There are too many recommendations.
C. There are no recommendations.
D. The recommendations are hard for the reader to accept.
E. All of the above.
In which of the following parts of a report should writers thank the reader for the
opportunity to do the work and offer to answer questions?
A. Title
B. List of Illustrations
C. Executive Summary
D. Memo of Transmittal
E. Introduction
The word "we" works well:
A. when the writer chooses to be presumptuous about the readers emotions or feelings.
B. when it includes the reader.
C. when the writer is keen on expressing his/her personal feelings in business letters.
D. when the reader has to be notified about the denial of a nominal but expected
E. None of the above.
Which of the following strategies helps avoid listening errors caused by inattention
during a meeting?
A. Memorize the agenda of the meeting.
B. Before the meeting, anticipate the answers you need to get.
C. Focus on the appearance of the speaker.
D. Make assumptions instead of paying close attention to what the speaker is saying.
E. None of the above.
Which of the following is true of good leaders?
A. Good leaders spend more time in listening to others and getting to know their
B. Good leaders believe that only certain people in the organization are worth listening
C. Good leaders show minimal involvement with the workforce.
D. All of the above.
John did not complete his undergraduate degree program and started working at Magna
Systems. Within a year, he quit Magna Systems. He has changed his job three times in
the past four years. He is looking for a new job again, and needs to prepare his resume.
He should:
A. use a skills resume.
B. use a chronological resume.
C. use a traditional resume.
D. use either b or c.
E. use none of the above.
How should a speaker not respond to a question he or she doesnt want to answer, or
thinks there is no answer to?
A. By asking if anyone in the room knows the answer
B. By embarrassing the questioner by stating that the point has already been discussed
C. By clearly saying that he or she doesnt know the answer
D. By re-directing the question to an expert, if present in the room
E. By looking up for the answer before the next session, if the purpose is to inform
Myra developed a reader benefit for her companys product and posted it on the
companys Web site. This Web site, primarily meant for the dealers, highlights features
of the product such as stylish colors, sleek lines, convenience, durability, and good
price. Which of the following can be concluded of the reader benefit?
A. The reader benefit is persuasive enough as it highlights the most appropriate features
considering the target audience.
B. The features highlighted do not match the audience.
C. The reader benefit is strong because it acknowledges that different audiences care
about different things.
D. The reader benefit highlights only the intrinsic benefits of the companys products.
E. None of the above conclusions are true.
Which of the following is the best subject line for telling subordinates that a project
titled "PalView" is past its deadline?
A. "PalView: Overdue"
B. "Bad news"
C. "Status of project PalView"
D. "The team will be working overtime for the next two weeks"
E. "Failed project"
Under which of the following situations is it advisable to withhold an immediate
response to an e-mail message?
A. When you have to inform your boss that you will arrive late to a meeting because of
a prior appointment with the doctor
B. When you receive a message that angers you and provokes you to retort
C. When you find that you have made an error while giving some vital information a
D. When you have to inform your team about approaching deadlines
E. All of the above
You are writing a purpose statement for a report on the lack of volunteers for
faculty-student committees on campus. All of the following are necessary components
of the statement except:
A. the definition of the problem.
B. specific questions which need to be answered.
C. whether the report is a recommendation, a request, a proposal, or an explanation.
D. extensive research work on specific alternatives mentioned in the report.
E. recommendation on how to handle the problem.
You have to persuade a reluctant but photogenic customer to sign a release so that her
image can be used in an upcoming magazine ad of your company. As youve only
recently been hired by the company and youre in an entry-level position, your best
strategy for building credibility in your message is to:
A. exaggerate as she doesnt yet know who you are.
B. highlight the negative aspects so that she does not feel like being manipulated.
C. be specific about your requirements.
D. deemphasize the you-attitude.
E. hide the facts and increase her curiosity.
If all of a persons experience has been in his or her familys business, then the person
should avoid using the name of a(n) _____ as a reference to his or her work.
How should a reserved person show enthusiasm?
What are the points to remember when formulating the budget for a project?
A(n) _____ is a structured conversation with someone who will be able to give you
useful information.
What purposes do meetings have in an organization?