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Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings 8th Edition
Marianne M. Jennings
Goldman did not pay a fine to the SEC.
Explain the point George Lefcoe was making with his experience with the hams as
Selling component parts that could be used to construct weapons to a nation against
which an embargo on direct weapons sales is in place would be an ethical breach.
Compare Ed Cerullo as a boss to Dennis Kozlowski. Then discuss the culture at Kidder
and compare it with the cultures at Tyco, WorldCom, MiniScribe, Bausch and Lomb,
and Enron.
With respect to #68, a customer who agreed to help you with your shifting would not be
engaged in unethical behavior.
Applying ethical theories, discuss why you would not take food out in your pockets
from an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Ayn Rand was the philosophical thinker who developed the Divine Command Theory.
Hilton's legal counsel turned over the Starwood documents that were discovered in
Hilton's files.
Your college of business is sponsoring a case competition. All teams must watch the
other teams compete. The order of presentation is by luck of a draw. The team that is
the last to present left during one of the presentations, went to the computer room and
redid its PowerPoint slides and restructured its presentation based on what other teams
had presented. This team has done nothing wrong.
It would not be unethical for you to accept two employment offers in case one fell
The Diamond Walnuts case involved shifting earnings and expenses across years.
Nonprofits are exempt from ethical issues because their intent is philanthropic.
Ethical choices often prove costly to firms in the short term.
Outline the benefits and risks of the use of international suppliers.
Having loan applicants pay for the expenses of bank officer travel for purposes of
evaluating collateral is not a conflict of interest.

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