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Marianne M. Jennings
How many Jack-in-the-Box customers were affected by the E-Coli poisonings?
a. 100
b. 150
c. 300
d. 600
What happened when John Olson issued a skeptical report on Enron?
a. He was given a bonus
b. He was fired
c. He was recognized by the business press for his insight
d. Both a and c
What was the occupation of the author of "The Parable of the Sadhu" piece?
a. Minister
b. Professional mountain climber
c. Writer
d. Investment banker
Who said, "It's a pity that this happened. Jett could have made $2 to $3 million
a. The former head of the SEC who headed up the case against Kidder and Jett
b. Gary Lynch
c. Jack Welch
d. CBS Sixty Minutes
With reference to #32 above, which country is not represented among the climbing
a. New Zealand
b. Japanese
c. Swiss
d. US
e. All of these countries are represented among the climbing parties
Who was acquitted of charges for their work at Tyco?
a. Mark Belnick
b. Mark Swartz
c. Dennis Kozlowski
d. a and b
e. All of the above were acquitted or released because of a mistrial
Under Sarbanes-Oxley, how often must the auditor partner in charge of an audit client
be rotated?
a. Every year
b. Every two years
c. Every five years
d. There is no rotation requirement.
The Graduate Management Admissions Council announced that it would begin using a
"palm vein" scan to eliminate proxy test taking after the FBI broke up a ring of six test
takers who had taken the GMAT for 590 applicants, for a price of $3,000 each. Which
ethical category does the conduct of the proxy test takers fit into?
a. Taking something that does not belong to you
b. Giving or allowing false impression
c. Balancing ethical dilemmas
d. Organizational abuse
What happened to the Boeing employee who raised questions about the use of the
Lockheed Martin documents?
a. She was recognized for her efforts
b. She was reprimanded
c. She was terminated
d. She was transferred
What were the personal costs to Kearns of the decades-long litigation?
a. Failed marriage
b. Near nervous breakdown
c. He had none; his story is one of triumph of right over might
d. Both a and b
What were the NCAA sanctions imposed on Penn State?
a. The so-called death penalty plus a fine
b. There were no sanctions except a fine
c. A suspension of the football program
d. Penn State was stripped of all of Paterno's 112 wins
What affects company/organizational lapses?
a. Incentive plans
b. Individual ethical standards
c. Ethics codes
d. Ethics training
Which of the following is not a question in the Laura Nash model for resolution of
ethical dilemmas?
a. Could I discuss this issue with the parties affected?
b. What are my intentions in taking this action?
c. Could I discuss this action with my family and friends?
d. Is it legal?
e. All of the above are part of the Nash model.
With respect to #85, what rationalization did Matt Walsh follow?
a. "I was just following orders."
b. "Everybody does it."
c. "That's the way it has always been done."
d. All of the above
Which car that GM manufactured had issues similar to the Pinto?
a. Malibu
b. Corvette
c. Cadillac
d. Both a and b
Evaluate the following statement from a doctor, "I always do what's best for my
patients, and these gifts and dinners do not influence me."
a. The doctor has established that there is no conflict of interest
b. The doctor has established that there is a conflict of interest
c. The doctor has eliminated the conflict of interest with this disclosure
d. None of the above
Which of the following is similar to Kant's categorical imperative?
a. The Golden Rule
b. The Divine Command
c. Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper test
d. All of the above are similar
Which of the following phrases does not signal a potential ethical pitfall?
a. "That's the way it's always been done."
b. "If we don"t do it, someone else will."
c. "Your job is to be a team player, not ask questions."
d. All of the above signal an ethical pitfall.
Where was Enron incorporated?
a. Houston, Texas
b. Oregon
c. Delaware
d. New York
The Declaration of Independence relied on which ethical school of thought?
a. Utilitarianism
b. Divine Command
c. Ethical Egoism
d. Categorical Imperative
Dennis Kozlowski, Mark Swartz and Mark Belnick of Tyco:
a. All feel that because they did not break the law that they were ethical.
b. Were all convicted of various felonies.
c. Were fired for trying to raise issues.
d. None of the above
Who is Nils Hoyvald?
a. Beech-Nut's purchasing manager
b. Beech-Nut's CEO
c. Beech-Nut's head of chemistry
d. Beech-Nut's general counsel
When a company announces that an executive is "Leaving to spend more time with his
a. It means the executive is retiring.
b. It means that the executive has a health problem.
c. It means that the executive is probably leaving for a different reason.
d. It means that the executive is leaving to spend more time with his family.
Who is the "Rain man"?
a. The man responsible for the losses at UBS
b. The man responsible for the losses at Chase
c. A nickname for Joseph Kett
d. A nickname for Robert Citron
Jack Grubman made a deal with Sandy Weill that affected his analysis of what
a. Citigroup
b. Salomon
c. AT & T
d. None of the above
What assets were the Ebbers permitted to keep when the court seized property to pay
Ebbers' fines?
a. $50,000
b. Their home
c. Their furniture
d. Their silverware
e. a, b, and c
f. a, c and d
g. All of the above
What happened to Donald Kennedy, the president of Stanford University, after the audit
of the school's overhead research costs?
a. He was made a U.S. Ambassador
b. He was charged criminally
c. He resigned as president of Stanford
d. He successfully challenged the government's position
Why did fellow employees demand Ms. Wetlaufer's resignation?
a. Because she had an affair with Jack Welch
b. Because she had a conflict of interest and had compromised her professional integrity
c. Because she was not qualified for the job
d. Because Mrs. Welch demanded her resignation
Which is the number one cause of mortgage foreclosures?
a. Loss of employment
b. Negative equity
c. Poor credit score
d. Low down payment
Former Governor Rod Blagojevich:
a. Was convicted of asking for kickbacks.
b. Was convicted of bribery.
c. Was convicted of lying to the FBI.
d. Was acquitted on all charges.
What temperature were most fast-food chains using at the time of the Jack-in-the-Box
E-Coli illnesses and deaths?
a. 140 degrees
b. 150 degrees
c. 155 degrees
d. 160 degrees
e. 165 degrees
Jerome Kerviel was sentenced to three years in prison for his activities at Socit General.
Explain what ethics is. Give a definition here.
The failure to disclose relevant information about a product or service is unethical.
It is not your responsibility to report a co-worker who leaves the office early each day
without taking time off.
The board waived Enron ethics code provisions at least three times.
Alice is a secretary in your department. Alice is also a member of the American Guild
of Organists. Alice has been placed in charge of the Guild's national convention. Each
time you pass by Alice's desk or go to her to have some work done, you notice she is on
the phone discussing or working on the convention. Alice's work on the convention
during work hours is an ethical violation.
It is plagiarism to rewrite the phrasing of another source and not use quotes or a
Tylenol did a rapid recall of its products when consumers reported black flecks were
present in the liquid product forms of the company's analgesics.
Giving preferential treatment in contract bidding to the daughter of a member of the
company board is not a conflict of interest.
You work for a school district as a facilities coordinator. You drive to the various
schools in the district and supervise construction and remodeling and assess various
building needs. When you are traveling around to the various schools, you use a district
vehicle that is clearly marked as such. One day you stop at the country club and have
lunch before heading to the next school since the country club is on the way. You also
stop at the bank drive-thru teller to do some personal banking business. Both the lunch
and the bank stop are ethical breaches.
Telling a customer he needs repair work done on a vehicle when the vehicle is in fine
condition is unethical and misrepresentation.
Employers should try to control the sexually suggestive content of worker e-mails.
Mr. Scrushy was very generous in giving funds to his home town and charitable causes.
Adding in additional home repairs for an insurance claim for damage to your home is
simply a shifted norm.
It is difficult for shareholders to have a voice in executive compensation.
Price Waterhouse Coopers' situation with the Russian government's request for release
of client information presents an ethical dilemma for PwC. However, apply the Laura
Nash question: How did they get into this situation in the first place? And discuss your
observations about PwC.
BP did not use a riskier design than the industry generally used on its Deepwater
Horizon rig.
A valid ethical barometer is the reaction of family and friends outside the business
setting to your proposed decision.
The Prudhoe Bay and BP refinery problems had no effect on BP's stock price.

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