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To whom did the internal auditor at WorldCom express concerns?
a. No one; the head of internal audit was indicted as well
b. Scott Sullivan
c. Audit committee and the board
d. Both b and c
Suppose that AmTrain, a U.S.-based company, is submitting bids for the construction of
a high-speed rail system in India by the Indian government. AmTrain has met with and
wants to hire Josh Griffin, an international consultant who has worked with many
Fortune 100 companies in their foreign business operations. AmTrain requires all of its
agents, consultants, and contractors who work with it on its international operations to
sign a statement in which they promise to comply with the FCPA. Griffin has refused to
sign the AmTrain FCPA form. Which of the following best describes AmTrain's position
when it receives the refusal?
a. The refusal is a red flag that would require AmTrain to at least do additional due
diligence on Griffin
b. AmTrain has not violated the FCPA if it hires Griffin and he does something its
agreement prohibits
c. AmTrain is not subject to the FCPA when contracts are with government agencies
and not private foreign companies
d. AmTrain has violated the FCPA by attempting to deal with Griffin
PwC, one of the "Big 4" accounting firms, was involved in a scuffle with Russia's
Federal Tax Service over one of its clients, Yukos. PwC did not want to turn over
confidential information about its client. However, the failure to cooperate with the
Federal Tax Service could result in the loss of its license to do business in Russia. What
questions should other companies consider before expanding their operations into
countries in which they have never done business?
a. Companies should consider the legal and cultural backdrops and customs in a country
before undertaking expansion into that country
b. Companies need to adapt to differing legal systems and simply comply with
government requests
c. Companies should turn to the International Court of Justice when country leaders and
agencies are violating professional standards
d. Companies should realize that doing business without engaging in bribery in certain
countries is not possible
Which category of ethical dilemma applies to dog walkers who do not scoop up after
their pets?
a. Conflict of interest
b. Not following the rules
c. Balancing ethical dilemmas
d. Saying things you know are not true
Which of the following influenced the behaviors of Cintas employees?
a. Per-piece goals
b. That managers ignored safety policies
c. That other plants ignored safety policies
d. All of the above
Who of the following were named CFOs of the year by CFO Magazine?
a. Mark Swartz
b. Andrew Fastow
c. Scott Sullivan
d. All of the above
Reverse mortgages are a form of subprime lending.
If I worked in purchasing in my company, it would be unethical for me to accept season
tickets for my city's NBA team from the company that has supplied catering for the
company's training sessions.
Violation of company rules would not be considered an ethical violation.
Attorneys who represent publicly traded companies need not report any financial fraud
to boards because of attorney-client privilege.
Kant is part of the utilitarian school of thought on ethics.
If I discovered that I unintentionally violated a federal environmental regulation, I
should just wait and see if anything happens before taking any action.
The Red Cross disclosed that 9-11-01 funds would be used for administrative purposes.
Autocratic leaders do not contribute to false financial reporting.
Chiquita stopped its mercenary payments in Colombia immediately after officials met
with the Justice Department.
A supplier has just been awarded a large contract by your company. As an employee in
purchasing, you were largely responsible for awarding that supplier the contract. The
supplier's sales representative has just called and would like to take you to lunch to
thank you for the support. Going to lunch with the sale representative does not present
any ethical problems.
Jeremy Bentham is a proponent of utilitarianism.
"Each time I see Jeff [Greenberg] I feel like I have a bull's eye on my forehead," was
the statement of a CEO's direct report. Discuss how the culture at MMC was similar to
the cultures of HealthSouth, Tyco, MiniScribe, Bausch & Lomb, and others.
An environmentalist stated, following the BP Prudhoe Bay pipe problems, "These
companies simply cannot behave responsibly," and went on to voice objection to
opening up ANWR for drilling. Discuss the long-term implications of BP's decision to
keep maintenance costs low.
Explain who stakeholders are.
"Per Dave " NO more shredding. We have been officially served for our documents." "
was the e-mail David Duncan's secretary sent to Andersen employees. Discuss the
ethical standard that was being followed during the shredding.
The Rights Theory is the same as the Theory of Justice.
Conduct may comply with the law but still be unethical.
Herman Miller abandoned the use of rain-forest woods over the objections of customers
and craftsmen.

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