Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 834 Homework

July 13, 2015
A verb is passive if the subject is acted upon.
In order to deemphasize a negative, you should put it in the last paragraph of your
Good listeners spend time evaluating a speakers message instead of just planning their
While giving bad news to peers and subordinates, you must always provide the
background, explaining the underlying factors that led to the specific problem.
Good listening is usually effortless and does not require energy.
When writing a long report, writers must list all the sections that the report will contain.
Baby Boomers and Millennials often get along just fine in the workplace, mostly
because they share the same values.
Mixed punctuation is faster to type than open punctuation.
In conflict situations, counterattacking always leads to the diffusion of conflict.
Understanding words-written or oral-takes lesser time than processing visuals.
To increase the number of matches or "hits," it is advisable to avoid the use of industry
buzzwords and jargon in resumes.
Different ethnic and national cultures have different preferences for gaining
When you use multiple-choice questions, make sure that only one answer fits in any
one category.
Which of the following is true with regard to endings in negative messages?
A. You should never mention an alternative in the ending, even if it is a good one.
B. The best endings look back to the past rather than to the future.
C. You should avoid using you-attitude in endings.
D. You should avoid endings that seem insincere.
E. Both A and B.
John surveyed a number of people about the feature they find most important in a
restaurant. The survey had the following five categories: food speciality of the
restaurant; ambiance of the restaurant; service at the restaurant; location of restaurant;
average cost for two people. The survey group had to choose from 1-5, 1 being "not
important," and 5 being "very important." The average score for each category is given
Food speciality of the restaurant - 3 Ambiance of the restaurant - 4.2 Service at the
restaurant - 4 Location of restaurant - 4 Average cost for two people - 2.6
Which of the following can be accurately inferred from the data?
A. The survey finds ambiance to be the most important feature of a restaurant.
B. The survey finds location and service to be the most important features of a
C. The survey finds the food speciality to be the most important feature of a restaurant.
D. The survey finds the average cost for two people to be the most important feature of
a restaurant.
E. The survey finds the food speciality to be the least important feature of a restaurant.
If youve never completed a degree beyond high school because you started working
right after high school, you should:
A. not include "Education" on your resume.
B. put "Education" as your first section on the first page.
C. put "Education" after work experience.
D. indicate on your resume that you will complete your education as soon as time
E. none of the above.
Martin is in a referral interview with a person who has the power to create a job
position for him. However, the persons secretary had informed him a day before that the
company was not hiring. Which of the following will be the most appropriate response
from him?
A. He should ask for a job since he knows the person has the power to create a job
B. He need not prepare for the interview as he would for an interview when he knows
the organization is hiring.
C. He should use his resume as an opportunity to show that he can help the
D. He can avoid learning about the general field or industry, or the company.
E. He should skip the interview in the belief that it wont earn him a job anyway.
Which of the following is a secondary purpose of negative messages?
A. To give the reader the bad news
B. To build a good image of the writers organization
C. To have the reader read, understand, and accept the message
D. To maintain as much goodwill as possible
E. None of the above
Which of the following guidelines should be followed while presenting informative
A. Do not repeat information from the first paragraph.
B. Present negative information negatively.
C. Exclude reader benefits.
D. Avoid using you-attitude.
E. Present details in the order of importance to the writer.
Which of the following words has a positive connotation?
A. Curious
B. Nosy
C. Haggle
D. Intrusive
E. Suspicious
Which of the following should be avoided while typing main headings in letters or
A. Making headings specific
B. Making each heading cover all the material until the next heading
C. Keeping headings parallel at any one level
D. Using uppercase for all the words in the heading
E. None of the above
Which of the following are not tax deductible expenses when looking for a different
position in the same occupation?
A. Postage costs
B. Photocopying expenses
C. Personal expenses
D. résumé preparation costs
E. None of the above
A separate document sent with a letter is referred to as a(n):
A. enclosure.
B. blind copy.
C. form letter.
D. secondary document.
E. none of the above.
The reader benefit of a car manufacturing company states: "If youre the kind of person
who enjoys being in the limelight and socializing with the rich and the famous, is
invited to the best events, is quoted in the newspapers as the best-dressed, then make a
stronger statement today by driving the new status symbol of the country: The Unicorn
Gold Series." In this instance, the company is trying to primarily inform and persuade
potential customers by appealing to their _____ needs.
A. physical
B. safety
C. sense of belonging
D. esteem
E. self-actualization
In which of the following sections of a proposal for a class research project would you
most likely explain why you are certain that a solution can be found in the time
A. Work schedule
B. Feasibility
C. Problems
D. Topics to investigate
E. Qualifications
Naomi is a recent college graduate planning to make a career in the marketing field.
With which of the following individuals should she consider scheduling referral
A. With marketing professors from her college
B. With her colleges alumni working in the marketing department
C. With her friends working in the marketing department of various organizations
D. With the marketing manager of a big company
E. With all of the above
Which of the following is a good question to ask an interviewer?
A. What kind of training programs do you have?
B. What happened to the last person who had this job?
C. How would you describe the companys culture?
D. This sounds like a great job-what are the drawbacks?
E. All of the above are good questions to ask an interviewer.
Psychological egoism refers to the phenomenon in which people respond to a limitation
of freedom by asserting their freedom in some other arena.
While looking at the draft of a document created by her, Anna realized that she had
mistakenly used the incorrect tense in a certain paragraph. Upon noticing it, she
promptly corrected the error replacing it with the appropriate tense. Which of the
following activities was Anna engaged in while correcting the original draft?
A. Planning
B. Gathering
C. Researching
D. Revising
E. None of the above
What is the difference between Cc and Bcc?
Why are intrinsic benefits better than extrinsic benefits?
What is the importance of planning in a collaborative writing project?
Provide guidelines to create and show visuals for presentations.
List in order the six steps usually followed in organizing problem-solving messages.
_____ reports interpret data but do not recommend action.
_____ format can be typed quickly because everything is lined up at the left margin.