Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 600 Test

July 13, 2015
Using prepositional phrases or introductory clauses helps avoid beginning a sentence
with "I."
An example of a high-context culture is German culture.
It is critical to have a good budget to make a winning bid with a funder.
A full formal report must always contain references and appendixes.
Expert writers seem to use different processes than novice writers.
If an applicant has a scannable resume, there is no need to prepare a conventional one.
Any message that is recorded-on paper, on a disk or hard drive, or on voice mail-can be
subpoenaed in a legal case.
What is white space? How can it be created in documents?
Why should writers include Methods in the introduction of a long report?
To know whether your design is functional, you should test it with your _____.
In a(n) _____, the speaker presents the questions or issues that both speaker and
audience have agreed on in advance.
"Present disciplinary notices and negative performance appraisals directly, with no
buffer." Briefly explain the statement.
Word-processing programs have a _____ feature that changes "hte" to "the," "(c)" to
"©," and so forth.
What are the guidelines for using color in visuals?
Provide tips for networking in both small and large group settings.
What are the different meanings of critical thinking?
Briefly explain the importance of acknowledgement responses.