Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 559

July 13, 2015
Block format creates a visually attractive page by moving the date and signature block
over into what would otherwise be empty white space.
If the title of a report does not contain the recommendation, then it does not indicate
what problem the report tries to solve.
You-attitude is not a matter of style.
If you prepare your document in a word processor, you should use two-inch side
margins to create short line lengths.
Using "and" in a Web search is a form of Boolean search.
Combining sentences focuses the readers attention on key points, thus sharpening the
relationship between ideas.
People who are naturally shy or reserved, should not show their enthusiasm.
When one wants to change career fields, answers like "I want a change" or "I need to
get out of a bad situation" convinces an employer that the person knows what he or she
is doing.
Which of the following sentences would be considered as having the highest level of
A. "Submit your itemized expenses by Friday."
B. "Please submit your itemized expenses by Friday."
C. "All expenses to be reimbursed must be submitted by Friday."
D. "Would you be able to submit your expense report by Friday?"
E. "Is there any chance of having your expense report by Friday?"
You work for a company whose workforce consists of seventy percent females.
However, there are few women in executive positions. In fact, there are only a few
female managers, even in departments that have more women than men. Which of the
following best explains this situation in the company?
A. Discrimination is likely, because obviously men throughout history have tried to
restrict the progress of women.
B. Discrimination is likely, because the ratio disproportionately reflects the workforce.
C. Discrimination is unlikely, because women are more likely to gravitate toward
clerical rather than managerial work.
D. Discrimination is unlikely, because women mostly prefer not to take up managerial
positions as they find it difficult to manage responsibilities both at home and at work.
E. There is not enough information to adequately determine if discrimination is at work.
Which of the following refers to an effective way of testing the functionality of a
documents design?
A. Test the document with the people who are most likely to have trouble with it.
B. Solicit feedback from the people who had designed the document.
C. Read the document thoroughly.
D. Use a grammar checker to spot any residual error.
E. Reduce visual variety.
Which of the following is one of the primary purposes of a simple informative
A. To build a good image of the writer
B. To build a good image of the writers organization
C. To give information or to reassure the reader
D. To cement a good relationship between the writer and reader
E. To reduce or eliminate future correspondence on the same subject
A business document should use:
A. no more than two fonts.
B. no less than three fonts.
C. three fonts.
D. four fonts.
E. five fonts.
Which of the following should be avoided in order to effectively deemphasize negative
information in a message?
A. Justifying negative information by giving a reason
B. Omitting negative information when the reader has access to it and the previous
C. Placing negative information at the bottom of the first page of a letter or memo that
runs several pages
D. Both A and B should be avoided in deemphasizing negatives
E. None of the above
When drafting content for the Web, you should:
A. avoid using thick paragraphs and too many hyperlinks.
B. use lengthy sentences to keep the readers sufficiently engaged.
C. not highlight hyperlinks in your draft.
D. not include links on a separate page.
E. use highly complex language.
To create goodwill with content, one must:
A. provide complete information.
B. anticipate and answer questions the reader is likely to have.
C. show why information included in a message is important despite the reader not
asking forit.
D. show readers how the subject of a message affects them.
E. All of the above are ways to create goodwill with content.
Which of the following is a primary purpose of negative messages?
A. To build a good image of the writer
B. To reduce or eliminate future correspondence on the same subject so the message
doesnt create more work for the writer
C. To have the reader read, understand, and accept the message
D. To build a good image of the writers organization
E. None of the above
While delivering a presentation, Tthe business head of a company in a presentation,
first spoke about the failure of the organizations foreign assignments. He then called the
audiences attention toward obvious solutions such as market research, mergers, and
hiring a consultant. But he also explained that these solutions wouldnt solve the
problem completely, hence the most appropriate solution would be to decentralize the
management. Which of the following patterns of organizing presentations does this best
A. Chronological
B. 1-2-3
C. Problem-Causes-Solution
D. Pro-con
E. Excluding alternatives
Tracy is presenting a proposal to the City Council at a public meeting. Which of the
following is her primary audience?
A. The TV journalists filming the presentation
B. The council members who will vote on the proposal
C. Her boss, who has promised her a raise if the proposal is accepted by the Council
D. The speakers following Tracy who will have a chance to criticize her proposal
E. None of the above
Daniel Sanders manages the sales team at Aspen Inc. At the time it was least expected,
one of the companys major clients, Graypin Solutions, severed business ties with Aspen
in favor of a cheaper alternative. Which of the following subject lines should Daniel use
in his e-mail to inform his team about this development?
B. "How did we lose Graypin?"
C. "Graypin Solutions"
D. "We Lost Graypin Solutions Account"
E. "We have to move on AFTER Graypin Solutions FAILURE"
Which of the following visuals will best allow a reader to compare the percentage of the
population of Hispanic-American, African-American, European-American, and
Asian-American employees within an organization ten years ago, five years ago, and at
A. A grouped bar chart
B. A line chart
C. A pie chart
D. A deviation bar chart
E. None of the above
If the reader is reluctant to grant the request in the writers justification report, he or she
A. not describe the organizational problem, but just focus on the disadvantages of the
readers solutions.
B. show why easier or less expensive solutions will not solve the problem.
C. always present thesolution personally.
D. ask for the action he or she wants before presenting the solution impersonally.
E. none of the above.
Based on his performance and his follow-up letter, John got a job offer from the
company that he was not so keen on joining. Although he was still waiting for an offer
from his dream company, he decided to respond to the employer who had already
offered him a job. Which of the following should John do?
A. He should immediately ask for a written confirmation letter.
B. He should call the employer and accept the offer over the phone.
C. He should ask the employer to increase the salary.
D. He should call his preferred company and ask for the status of his application.
E. He should decline the offer immediately.
When you give bad news to a superior, you should:
A. avoid turning the negative message into a persuasive one.
B. avoid describing the problem.
C. also recommend a way to deal with the problem.
D. also demand quick action.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following statements is true about pie charts?
A. They force the audience to measure length.
B. The data in any pie chart can be put in a bar chart.
C. They are best used when comparing one segment to another segment.
D. They are more effective when their segments are labeled inside the circle.
Solomon is in charge of designing a brochure for his company, Adwall Inc. The
brochure should look formal and use as few pages as possible. Since Solomon is
designing the brochure for well-educated clients who are also highly-skilled readers,
which of the following guidelines should he follow?
A. Use justified margins.
B. Use at least three different types of fonts in the document.
C. Reduce white space in the document to increase the density of the content.
D. Use full capitals for titles and headings because rectangular words aids readability.
E. Avoid using paragraphs of mixed lengths.
Presentation slides will be more effective and easier to read if you use _____ between
the words and the background.
What is the significance of a follow-up letter after an office visit?
A strategy report for a political party uses a _____ pattern of organization.
List some of the useful facts a person should know about an organization before the job
List some major activities of the writing process.
In interpersonal communication, _____ denotes perceiving sounds.
Making hostile statements, swearing, or insulting via e-mail is termed as _____.
What are the steps that you should follow for summarizing a document?
When handling questions in a presentation, what should a speaker typically avoid