Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 202 Quiz

July 13, 2015
Tone is the implied attitude of the speaker or writer toward what the words say.
A persons need to change career fields will become his or her major weakness, unless
the person has a good reason for choosing the field in which he or she is looking for
Semicolons are typically used to join two unrelated clauses in a sentence.
Case refers to the grammatical role a noun or pronoun plays in a sentence.
On the spot interviews should be accepted regardless of the time or place.
Perspective graphs are extremely easy for readers to interpret and should be used
Facts and chronologies of events should never be used as buffers.
One should avoid using parallel forms for names in formal letters.
Readable prose neither mixes sentence lengths nor varies sentence structure.
In the Table of Contents, the headings must be listed exactly as they appear in the body
of the report.
When a letter or memo runs several pages, the bottom of the first page is considered to
be a position of emphasis.
Listening to people is an indication that youre taking them seriously.
Reports generally use a fairly informal writing style with an occasional use of
To make the job application letter professional, the applicant should:
A. address the letter to a specific person.
B. add personal information even if it is not related to the job.
C. create a hand-written letter.
D. include the abilities that he or she lacks.
E. use an informal and friendly tone.
Which of the following guidelines should be followed for good business writing?
A. You should use more of long sentences rather than short sentences.
B. You should use abstract and scholarly words as much as possible.
C. You should use more passive verbs as compared to active verbs.
D. You should use wordy phrases.
E. You should use the direct approach to sound confident.
Which of the following patterns of organization is characterized by a recording of
events in the order in which they happened or are planned to happen?
A. Particular to general pattern
B. General to particular pattern
C. Elimination ofalternatives pattern
D. Problem-solving pattern
E. Chronological pattern
Bob Price is a nutrition scientist. He has recently developed a new protein mix,
primarily meant for early teens, to be sold in the form of chocolate bars. The product
satisfies both parents concern for their childrens health as well as childrens cravings for
a tasty snack. Which of the following should Bob do in order to develop an effective
reader benefit?
A. While developing the reader benefit, Bob should focus on multiple audiences.
B. Bob should not phrase the reader benefit in you-attitude.
C. In the reader benefit, Bob should avoid addressing different concerns of different
audiences at the same time.
D. Bob should include both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in the reader benefit.
E. Both A and D.
Which of the following best defines cycling?
A. The process of putting words into paper is known as cycling.
B. Cycling refers to an informal means of communication in which information is
disseminated primarily through word-of-mouth communication.
C. Cycling means making surface-level changes that make the document grammatically
D. Cycling means making changes that will better satisfy your purposes and your
E. The process of drafting, getting feedback, revising, and getting more feedback is
called cycling.
If a person is asked questions that put him or her on the defensive, the appropriate
response would be to:
A. rephrase them in less inflammatory terms.
B. treat them as requests for information.
C. leave the interview, as the questions are probably inappropriate.
D. do both A and B.
E. do both B and C.
Katie makes a follow-up call after her interview at Monee Works Inc. Though she
believes that her interview went well, she should:
A. tell the employer about the abilities she lacks.
B. overcome any negatives.
C. ask what the result of the interview is.
D. ask the employer if there is any other position available within the organization.
E. do all of the above.
"Are you satisfied with your universitys English courses? (yes/no)" This is an example
A. a closed question.
B. an open question.
C. a branching question.
D. a multiple choice question.
E. none of the above.
What should be done if a two-page document has only two lines on the second page?
A. Remove all margins and headers to make the text fit on a single page.
B. Do not make any changes and leave the document as it is.
C. Use a fixed font type and reduce the font size to 10-point.
D. Use full justification and reduce white space.
E. Use ragged right margins.
Elise has to write a common letter to the board of directors of her company. Their
names are Melissa Fischer, Robert Mayer, Samuel Anderson, and Susan Miller. Of these
people, Elise is comfortable talking to Melissa and Robert as they are her distant
cousins. In her letter to the directors, which of the following salutations should she use?
A. Mr. Samuel, Mrs. Susan, Melissa, and Robert
B. Ms. Fischer, Ms. Miller, Mr. Mayer, and Mr. Anderson
C. Melissa, Rob, Ms. Miller, and Mr. Anderson
D. Rob, Mel, Susie, and Sam
E. None of the above
A Millennial employee does not respond to her e-mails on time. The best channel to get
a faster response would be:
A. snail" mail.
B. voicemail.
C. a memo.
D. a text message.
E. none of the above.
Which of the following should be avoided in line graphs?
A. Using line graphs to show correlations
B. Putting time on the vertical axis when it is variable
C. Limiting the number of lines in a graph to three
D. Using line graphs to compare items over time
E. Labeling both the horizontal and vertical axes
Which of the following can be subpoenaed in a legal case?
A. Any information gathered from the grapevine
B. Any message that is recorded on paper
C. Rumor
D. Hearsay
E. Both A and C
An advantage of a prospecting letter is that:
A. it allows applicants to tell where they learned about the job.
B. it helps applicants to use their referrals to apply for a job.
C. it does not require applicants to catch the readers interest.
D. it guarantees an interview.
E. it allows applicants to tap into hidden job markets.
Explain the different kinds of visuals available based on the purpose of presenting the
List three guidelines for choosing the right level of formality for a specific document.
Mention the secondary purposes of a negative message.
Why should people refrain from writing e-mail messages when they are angry?
_____ messages are appropriate for routine messages to people the writer already
Employers almost always offer jobs _____.
What do goodwill endings primarily focus on?
How does the subject line for a positive e-mail message differ from that of a persuasive
e-mail message?
Informal or _____ visuals are inserted directly into the text; they do not have numbers
or titles.