Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

BUS 200 Quiz 3

July 13, 2015
Good business writing sounds like a person talking to another person.
In a summary of a conversation for internal use, you need not identify who does what
Workstations that allow face-to-face communication, opportunities to access social
networking sites, and increased use of mobile technologies, are attractive to many
A good paragraph typically discusses multiple ideas.
For submitting an e-mail letter with an attached resume, applicants must write the
subject line in all capital letters.
While giving bad news to customers, giving the reason for the refusal before the refusal
itself is advisable especially when you have a reason to believe that readers will
understand and accept.
Even in this age of Internet applications, paper resumes are still popular.
Generally, more informal interaction takes place when people meet electronically rather
than in person.
Once the problem is defined for the report, a purpose statement can be written.
Directed subject lines cannot be used as report titles.
Subject lines are mandatory in letters and optional in memos.
Assumptions are used to support conclusions and recommendations.
The statement, "Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to
call me or my colleagues," is a strong closing paragraph.
You-attitude and positive emphasis help candidates sound assertive without being
Emotional appeal works best when people are resistant to being persuaded.