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Thomas Hobbes felt that we needed strong government control in order to achieve
ethical behavior.
Labeling infertility surgery as "diagnostic surgery" in order to allow the patient to
recover the costs from an insurer is unethical.
A credo consists of how you define yourself by job title and income.
Winking tolerance is associated with what category of ethical dilemma?
a. Hiding or divulging information
b. Condoning unethical actions
c. False impression
d. Balancing ethical dilemmas
The suits against McDonald's for plaintiffs' obesity have been dismissed.
Peter Drucker believes that those who have more education should be held to higher
A living wage is not necessarily a part of human rights issues in labor practices.
Ms. Roehm was successful in her wrongful termination suit against Walmart.
Taking advantage of a party in a contract situation due to the party's inexperience, and
not due to any lack of disclosure on your part, is ethical.
The large, inflatable beer bottles have disappeared from spring break destinations.
R. Edward Freeman is a proponent of the stakeholder theory of the corporation.
Ayn Rand wrote The Moral Sentiments of Markets.
You had quite a night last night of partying. Because of excessive drinking, you are
unable to get to work today. When you call your supervisor you:
a. Should just say you have the flu.
b. Should just say you are sick.
c. Should disclose the prior night's activity.
d. None of the above
The "Monday morning beatings" referred to:
a. Staff meetings with Scrushy about numbers performance.
b. Staff meetings with Scrushy on facility upkeep and maintenance.
c. Staff meetings in which managers who violated rules were dressed down.
d. None of the above
Which of the following activities by Taser resulted in newspaper reports about company
a. Taser was hiding safety data about the problems with Taser products
b. Taser was paying police officer consultants with stock options
c. Taser had established a foundation for fallen police officers and their families
d. Taser was bribing city council members in order to have cities adopt the use of Tasers
by police officers
"Wiggle room" in minority-owned businesses means:
a. That a male business owner who has his wife own 51% of his business qualifies as a
women or minority-owned business.
b. That these businesses are not required to perform the contract according to industry
c. That very few businesses qualify for minority- or women-owned businesses.
d. That percentages of ownership or work time can be rounded up.
Which of the following is not true about Jon Corzine?
a. He is the former governor of New Jersey.
b. He is the former senator from New Jersey.
c. He is the former chairman of Goldman Sach's.
d. He was hands-off in his management style at MF Global.
Mr. Welch and Ms. Wetlaufer:
a. Own a 26,000 sq. ft. home in Boston.
b. Are married.
c. Write a column for Business Week.
d. Are co-authors on a book.
e. All of the above
Once Walmart executives became aware of the payments in Mexico:
a. It self-reported the problems to the U.S. Justice Department.
b. It issued a press release.
c. It conducted an investigation.
d. It stopped the payments.
What company changed Intel's reaction to the flawed chips?
a. Dell
b. Microsoft
c. IBM
d. Apple
Buckyballs have been:
a. Recalled and will be required to be reissued with a new warning.
b. Permanently recalled.
c. Made safer through new sizes and shapes.
d. Moved to off-shore production.
What was Marisa Baridis's job at Morgan Stanley?
a. She was a clerk
b. She was the legal compliance officer
c. She was a trader
d. She was a broker
The CEO of NASA:
a. Maintained that he never agreed to go ahead with the launch.
b. Said that the rocket explosion would cost his company 10 cents per share.
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
In The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith:
a. Says that not everyone is happy for our success.
b. Says that everyone can see situations in the same way.
c. That success is best earned gradually.
d. Both a and b
e. Both b and c
f. Both a and c
What was the former Beech-Nut CEO's sentence?
a. Five years in prison
b. Suspended sentence
c. Suspended sentence plus fines plus probation
d. 22 years
Which of the following feels that business is like a big poker game and that bluffing in
business is expected and acceptable?
a. Laura Nash
b. Peter Drucker
c. Ayn Rand
d. Albert Carr
What problems did Tylenol experience between 2010 and 2012?
a. A phantom recall
b. Shoddy manufacturing practices
c. A drop of 55% in Tylenol sales
d. All of the above
Which of the following are more likely to break the law?
a. Companies that are experiencing a downturn in sales
b. Companies that have had 7 consecutive quarters of losses
c. Companies that are high earnings performers
d. Companies that have just had a rapid changeover in leadership
Who of the following follows the Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper test?
a. Warren Buffett
b. John Locke
c. Robert Nozick
d. Peter Drucker
The Theory of Moral Sentiments:
a. Was written by Ayn Rand.
b. Was written by Thomas Hobbes.
c. Was written by Adam Smith.
d. None of the above
What auditor practice was stopped by Sarbanes-Oxley?
a. Joint audit and consulting contracts for the same companies
b. Auditing the same company for two years in a row
c. CPA certification
d. Compensation of auditors by their audit clients
How many years was Jeffrey Skilling sentenced to?
a. 6 years
b. 11 years
c. 18.3 years
d. 24.4 years
What is the order of the stages in the regulatory cycle?
a. Latency, awareness, activism, and regulation/litigation
b. Latency, activism, awareness, regulation/litigation
c. Latency, activism, regulation/litigation, awareness
d. Latency, regulation/litigation, awareness, activism
Which of the following would be both legal and ethical acts in an international
a. Offering to pay a regulator for a favorable inspection report
b. Offering to pay a police officer for not writing a ticket
c. Offering to pay a government employee extra to speed up phone service connections
d. None of the above
The contractarians are best represented by:
a. Immanuel Kant.
b. Robert Nozick.
c. Thomas Hobbes.
d. John Rawls.
e. None of the above
Who objected to WorldCom's practice of capitalizing ordinary expenses?
a. Scott Sullivan
b. Cynthia Cooper
c. Bernie Ebbers
d. Jack Grubman
The "Chinese Wall" is:
a. The corruption barrier for businesses based outside of China.
b. The firewall in a company business.
c. The barrier between the deal brokers and the trading brokers of an investment banker.
d. None of the above
Who said, "I was hired to win . . . and I was going to do whatever it took to do it"?
a. Kenneth Branch
b. William Erskine
c. Frank Slazer
d. Tom Alexiou
What was the allegation about the TV show "Breaking Amish"?
a. That the people depicted were not really Amish
b. That the people depicted in the show had already left their Amish communities
before the show began
c. That the people depicted in the show never went to New York City as shown
d. All of the above are true
Which school of ethical thought is found in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged?
a. Utilitarianism
b. Divine Command
c. Ethical Egoism
d. Categorical Imperative
The shift of consumers from the use of computers to smart phones and its impact on
a. Was fully disclosed in the original prospectus for the company's IPO
b. Was not material for purposes of disclosure on its IPO
c. Was not fully disclosed in Facebook's prospectus
d. Was not relevant to Facebook's profitability
How long after the Facebook IPO was issued was litigation filed?
a. Two months
b. There is no litigation because the IPO was postponed indefinitely
c. Three months
d. Three days
Who said, "I felt like if I didn"t make the entries, I wouldn"t be working there"?
a. Troy Normand
b. Buford Yates
c. Betty Vinson
d. Cynthia Cooper
What was the American Bar Association's position on enhanced interrogation
techniques used during the Bush administration?
a. That the tactics were not in violation of either U.S. or international law.
b. That the tactics were in violation of U.S. and international law.
c. That the tactics were not in violation of U.S. law, but were in violation of
international law.
d. That the tactics were in violation of U.S. law, but were not in violation of
international law.
The crux of Mr. Blagojevich's defense was:
a. "That's the way it has always been done."
b. "It's a gray area."
c. There was no conflict.
d. Phone conversations are not evidence of a crime.
What happened to Mr. Skilling's case on appeal?
a. Some of the guilty verdicts were partially reversed
b. The verdicts and sentence were affirmed
c. The U.S. Supreme Court found that the trial should have been held in another state
d. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case
Compare and contrast the cases of Peanut Corporation of America and the Tylenol
Quality Control problem.
"Grease" or "facilitation payments," which are legal under the Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act can be considered ethical.
The failure to redesign a product with a safety flaw is a product liability issue.
Taking information from a confidential file accidentally left on your desk is not
It is not plagiarism to use facts obtained from several sources that are footnoted or listed
as sources.
John Locke is the creator of the Self-Interest Theory.
Employers are not liable if a baby is born with defects that resulted from its mother's
exposure to harm from chemicals at work.
You should disclose to your employer if a relative of yours has submitted a bid for work
with your company.
Explain the ethical and economic implications of paying above-market wages to factory
workers in developing countries.
Legal declaration of bankruptcy requires only a statement that debts exist.
If I discover that a fellow employee is reporting falsely his overtime hours, it is best for
me to say nothing and ignore the situation.
Incentive plans influence employees' choices on ethical dilemmas.
The federal government affected the entire oil industry with a temporary moratorium on
offshore drilling following BP's Deepwater Horizon spill.
Pump and dump is a means of taking unfair advantage.
If bankruptcy declaration is legal, then it is ethical.
Payments of royalties from drug sales by a pharmaceutical firm to the university where
a researcher conducting studies has validated the firm's claims is a conflict of interest.
Discuss what business and strategic issues PwC and Chiquita missed in making their
decisions on foreign operations.
The types of ads a newspaper and TV network accept have social responsibility issues.
Discuss the effect of the termination of a whistleblower on the culture of an

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