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Tylenol's competitors were able to win customers when Tylenol's quality control
problem was revealed.
Both Kozlowski and Tyco were generous in their philanthropic activities.
Taking advantage of a party in a contract situation due to the party's inexperience, and
not due to any lack of disclosure on your part, is ethical.
There was bribery involved in the award of the Winter Olympics 2002 to Salt Lake
List five categories of ethical and moral development and explain each one and give an
example of each.
An agreement by an agent to accept a 10% commission from a seller who will sell
goods to the agent's employer is ethical so long as the agent would have chosen that
seller anyway.
A newspaper reporter is interviewing you about your experiences in working for a
member of Congress. You have indicated you have information about his private life
but will not share it. The reporter responds, "Tell me, just between you and me." You
share the information and a quote from you on the private life of the member of
Congress appears in the newspaper the next day. The reporter was unethical in violating
a trust.
Taking your current employer's supply chain management system to a prospective
employer is not a breach of trust.
Alan S. Noonan was fired from his job as a salesman at Staples, Inc. for allegedly
padding expense reports. A Staples executive then sent a mass e-mail to about 1,500
employees informing them that Noonan had been fired for violating the company's
travel and expense policy. Staples also denied Noonan his severance benefits and
refused to allow him to exercise his stock options, claiming that, under the terms of the
agreements setting forth the right to these benefits, Noonan was ineligible because he
had been fired "for cause." Discuss the ethical issues of both the employer and the
Hank Greenberg's ability to find a way around rules was evident from his conduct as a
soldier in London.
Home Depot changed its annual meeting procedures in response to shareholders.
The Cornell researchers did not have a conflict because the funding for their lung
cancer research did not come directly from the tobacco companies.
Ethics training is an effective way to curb employees' unethical conduct.
The failure to disclose a current employee's conduct that resulted in dismissal and harm
to a prospective employer is a breach of ethics.
Bribes to government officials are only unethical if the culture of a country does not
believe they are unethical.
With respect to #68, suppose you learn that other divisions within the company have
always engaged in this form of earnings shifting. The practice is still an ethical breach.
Temporary chaos can result as markets make adjustments under Adam Smith's theories.
Facilitation and grease payments are two different things.

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