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If whistleblowers do not have internal avenues for dealing with issues, they will quit or
turn to external avenues.
Alcohol ads carry the additional issues of safety for the users.
Goldman was originally founded as a partnership.
Attending a class on company time would be unethical.
Nonprofits have fallen victim to widespread Ponzi schemes.
Violation of company rules is not considered an ethical violation.
It is more ethical to remain silent about misdeeds.
An industry practice that permits bill-padding is ethical.
The fact that Dennis Kozlowski was not convicted in his first jury trial shows that he
did nothing unethical.
A supplier has just been awarded a large contract by your company. As an employee in
purchasing, you were largely responsible for awarding that supplier the contract. The
supplier's sales representative has just called and would like to take you to lunch to
thank you for the support. Going to lunch with the sale representative does not present
any ethical problems.
Self-interest is the same as selfishness.
One of the questions in the Laura Nash model is whether the proposed conduct is legal.
A county commissioner who makes decisions on construction permits and zoning
exceptions and approaches a hotel builder to lease space for her clothing store in his
new hotel while his application for zoning and construction are pending has done
nothing unethical.
Sweatshops are ethical so long as they are in compliance with the laws of the country in
which they are located.
A regulator who represented a company just prior to taking office cannot preside over
administrative hearings involving the company.
Henry Rauzi, the controller for Sunbeam, issued an offer to Linda Croce for an
entry-level accounting position at Sunbeam at a salary of $34,000 per year. Ms. Croce
accepted the offer and gave notice to her employer. When then-CEO of Sunbeam, Paul
Kazarian, was informed of the offer, he demanded that Mr. Rauzi rescind it because
Kazarian had not approved it prior to it being made. Mr. Rauzi called Ms. Croce at
10:00 P.M. three days before she was scheduled to being work and told her of Mr.
Kazarian's action. Ms. Croce had no job and remained unemployed for several months
while she searched for a new job.
Evaluate the legality and ethics of Sunbeam's officer's actions with respect to Ms.
Utilitarianism is described as the "greatest happiness principle".

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